Kumara Sambhavam of Kalidasa (Fifth Canto)
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Kumara Sambhavam of Kalidasa (Fifth Canto)

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Author: R.K. Panda
Publisher: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 818605023X
Pages: 166
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.0 inch x 4.5 inch
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About the Book


The present edition of the Kumarasambhavam (V Canto) of Kalidasa is prepared for students who find a great difficulty for their study in the absence of a suitable text-book. It embodies all important information about the great poet Kalidasa, his life, date and works as well as his poetic art in the Introduction which is comprehensive and critical. It also contains the Sanskrit text with translation both in English and Hindi Notes. The translation both in English and Hindi is so rendered as to explain the text easily. A Bibliography some appendices and some suktis about the great poet given at the end of the work will be very much useful to the students of Kalidasa.




In bringing out the present edition of the Kumarasambhava (fifth canto) and thus swelling the number of already annotated editions of this poem the editor owes an apology to the savants of Sanskrit literature. The existing editions have excellences of their own but the problem is that most of the good editions are not available. The objective of preparing the present edition is to fulfil the need of the students who find a great difficulty for their study in the absence of a suitable text-book. The Editor, therefore, has taken, special care to see that the requirements of the university students are adequately met with. But, he, however, claims no originality but only the credit of collecting all important information about the great poet Kalidasa, his Life, Date and Works and putting them together in this work. The translation both in English & Hindi is so rendered as to explain the text intelligibly.


It is hoped that the student-world will find a great deal of new information in this edition. It will help them in understanding Kalidasa and his poetry easily and clearly.


I am very much thankful to Professor R.L. Nanavati, Director, Oriental Institute, M.S. University,' Baroda for correcting the English Translation of 46 Verses of the second half of the Fifth Canto and Notes thereof. In fact he is the person who initiated the idea of preparing such a work and provided inspiration and help.


My thanks are due to Prof. Dr. Uma S. Deshpande, Head, Department of Sanskrit, Pali & Prakrit for her advice and guidance.


I am thankful to my wife Dr. Sweta for her help and encouragements.


My thanks are due to Miss Preeti V. Adhiya for preparing the Hindi Translation of this Canto and helping me in the preparation of the Text.


The Proprietor of the Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, C.P. Gautama, Delhi, deserves heartfelt thanks for the publication of this book in an efficient manner.








Scheme of Transliteration






Kalidasa: His Life, Date and Works



Kalidasa, The Prince of Poets



Personal Life of Kalidasa



Date of Kalidasa



Place of Birth of Kalidasa



Works Of Kalidasa



1. Khandakavyas



(A) Rtusamgara



(B) Meghaduta:



2. Raghuvamsa



Chronology of Kalidasa's Works



Kalidasa as a Poet



Kalidasa as a Dramatist



Scholarship of Kalidasa



Kalidasa' s Personality:




Fifth Canto


Kumarasambhava: The Great Poem



Title of the Poem



The Story of the Kumarasambhava (I-VIII) in Brief



Sources of the Kumarasambhava



The Size of the Poem



Commentaries on the Kumarasambhava



Characters in the Kumarasambhava



Conto-Wise Summary of the Kumarasambhava



Special Summary of the Fifth Canto



Penance Of Parvati



The Dialogue Between Brahmacarin and Parvati



Dramatic Element in the Kumarasambhava



Humour of Kalidasa with Special Reference to Fifth Canto



Characteristics of a Mahakavya



Evaluation of Kumarasambhava As a Mahakavya


 Fifth Canto






 पंचमसर्ग (सरल हिंदी अनुवाद)






Prasastis, Verses in Appreciation of Kalidasa



Subhasitas in the Fifth Canto of the Kumarasambhava



Alamkaras in the Fifth Canto






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