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Kundalini and Kriya Yoga

Kundalini and Kriya Yoga
Item Code: IDK197
Author: Dharam Vir Mangla
Publisher: Wisome Books India
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 81880435509
Pages: 277 (36 B/W Illustration)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.4"
weight of the book: 343 gms
From the Book:

After the success and appreciation of my first book "God and Self- Realization" (Scientific and Spiritual View), published in 2002,many valued readers suggested the need to the practical techniques about "Kundalini& kriya Yoga". This book is based upon my whole life yogic experiences, spiritual studies and blessings of the great saints.

The most of the books available on this subject are neither according to the scriptures, nor concise and nor comprehensive. Some have diverted the main topic and have added too much superfluous information like the details of human anatomy, unlimited description of miner chakras and innumerable nadis in the body. This creates confusion and takes us away from the real goal of self-Realization. Some have ignored, distorted and twisted the most essential aphorisms of Yama & Niyama and have added their own objectionable views to misguide the innocent readers. Although the subject is very vast, still I have tried my best to be concise and to cover the entire necessary information on the subject, in an easy to understand language with yogic terms.

"Kundalini & Kriya Yoga" covers both theoretical and practical knowledge in the search of God. It is journey of soul back to God. It is based upon the Holy Scriptures and the direct experiences of realized saints. All the saints have variety of subtle divine experience of awakening of Kundalini.

I am fortunate that I was born in India in a spiritual environment and got the blessings of great saints. India is a country, which has given the greatest gift like Holy Scriptures, Avataras, so many realized saints many religions to the world. The theoretical & practical knowledge of the great Vedas and Scriptures is easily available to the seekers of God in their easy to understand languages in India, but the west deprived of it. In India aspirants have also an advantage to get the direct, contact, interaction and guidance of the great Gurus in seeking their spiritual path. I am fortunate to have the blessings of the great saints like Sri. Paramhansa Yogananda, Sri Amar jyoti Babaji, Sri Mahavtar Babaji and Sri Sathya Sai Babaji.

I am indebted for the great computer help in typing editing designing and in providing the various spiritual ideas and though to my wife Vimla Devi, daughter jai Shree and son Raju Gupta.

I am thankful for a lot of help, inspiration, guidance and discussion on the related topics in this book from many God-devoted persons likes Sh. Ashok Verdhan Dewan, EX-D. D. E; Mr.& Mrs. Prem Bhandari Head of Third Eye Mission; Sh. R. K. Gupta, Head of National Informatics Centre (NIC) And Dr.Archana Gupta, Sr. Scientist & Addl. Director Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR).

I can never forget the help of all the persons in the publishing and printing of this book.

About the Author

Sh.D.V. Mangla, M.Sc. M.Ed. PGDCA got his masters degrees form university of Delhi. Since his birth he was of scientific bent of mind. He joined his Ph.D. in Mathematics at Delhi University in 1969.since his childhood he used to study the religious book. He used to discuss about God Shastras and the science with saints and learned people. In 1969 a divine miracle of Sri Sathya Sai Baba transformed his soul, life, philosophy and thinking. He becomes a perfect theist with a firm faith and conviction in God. He totally surrendered himself to God.

After that he was fully interested in knowing and seeking God. He devoted all his energies in the pursuit of God, spirited studies and Yoga practices. This book is based upon his 36 yrs long practical experience of Asanas, pranayama & Meditation learned form various advanced saints in Himalayas and YSS. During 1976-78 he served as lecturer in Mathematics at University of Aden. Since 1996 he is working as the principal, of a Sr. Sec. School in Delhi.

The Yogoda Satsanga Society (YSS) of India initiated him in 1989 in 'Kriya Yoga'. He is a scholar of Science, Mathematics, Educations, Philosophy and Yoga. He has the ability to correlation the Sciences, Shastras, Spiritual Science and God. The book is useful to all categories of men, believers, non - believers and the wavering minds about God. I hope this book will help the "Seekers" of the Ultimate Truth" as a complete practical guide at home


' "Kundalini & Kriya Yoga" is a complete, comprehensive practical guide & work-book, which covers in detail all the eight aphorism of Patanjali Yoga-Sutras: Yam, Niyama, Asana Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi, Bandhas Mudras, Granthis, Nadia, Chakras, Siddhis, & Riddhis Mantras, Yantras and the sacred technique of Kriya - Yoga.

Due to advancement of culture and education the life of man has become too busy and very first. Time has becomes the biggest limitation of man. To remain in the direct company of a self-realized guru at his ashram has become a great limitation. But alternatively, this book will work as an instant search-light to guide the seekers of God, sitting at their homes at their convenient time. If followed properly with devotion the "Kundalini & Kriya Yoga' will surely help the aspirants to realize God and the Absolute Knowledge. They will be blessed with joy, Bliss, peace and may get mystical powers knows as Saiddhis and Riddhis.

Now the humanity has becomes more educated and well civilized. We have begun to ask fascinating and subtle questions like who really we are? From where, we have come to his temporary world? Who has imprisoned us in a wondrous body to act forcibly in this world like a puppet? What will happen after our death? Where will I go after my death? Will I take anther birth? What is the real purpose of my life? What is my mysterious universe around us? Who made the scientific laws governing the matter and universe us? Who made the scientific laws governing the matter and universe? What is the purpose behind the creation of the universe? What is God? Is it possible to contact God? How to know God and how to contact Him? The present book answers both theoretically and practically to all such eternal quarries of. The author has explained systematically the subtlest in an easy to understand practical way.

We hope this book will be most useful to achieve the sound health free form diseases and spiritual enlightenment by anybody, irrespective of cast, religion faith, age, sex, and guru.

Back of book

"It is a complete practical guide to the seekers of God for mystic techniques of awakening the Kundalini & Kriya Yoga. It covers all the eight aphorisms of maharishi patanjali".

Piyush Garg B. Tech. M. B. A Jersey City, USA "This book may work as a 'Searchlight at home in place of Guru" to the aspirant, who are not able to spare much of their time in the company of a realized -guru".

Jai shree M. Sc. Jersey City USA "It is Useful for all physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual development of the human. It can bring health, peace, harmony and joy in the life of readers and the world".

Rajeev singhal Dy. Director (I. E. S) CWC Govt. of India "This is an extraordinary book, which transform the mind, intellect and the soul of the soul of reader. This is a rare attempt of author to get rid of misconceptions of humans and to make them understand the ultimate eternal truth, scientifically and logically. The author has touched those topics, which the scientists are ignoring intentionally"

Raju Gupta


Contents VIII-XIII
About the Author XVII
Preface XVIII- XIX
How to use this book XX
1. Introduction to yoga 1-28
Prayer 3
what is yoga? 4
the Ultimate Aim of Yoga 7
The Types of Yoga 10
Yoga- Sutras of maharishi patanjali: 12-18
Types of Samadhies: Sabhikalpa & Nrvikalpa 18
Kundalini & Shakti is the Spiritual Energy to Unite Soul with God (Involution of soul) 20
Do not be Afraid of awakening of Kundalini 22
Impact of Maya can be Removed after Awakening of the Kundalini 22
Universe is a Great Though in the mind God 23
so called psychology is not a Yogic science 25
Only mental Renunciation and not the Sanyias is needed by an Aspirant 26
2 The Basic Concept of Kundalini Yoga 29-60
prayer 31
The Theory of Kundalini Yoga 32
what about Tibetan Buddhism? 38
Did Tibetan know from Kundalini? 38
LIFE Energy is different from physical Energies 39
Physical Body is not as it looks to our Senses 39
The Bodies of men and other Living Beings are Bodies Chemical Industries 40
Physical & mental work are different 41
Do not over - eat but must Do Regular Exercises 42
many Prohibitions for an Aspirant 43
what are Grant his? 46
How to Increase the Reception and Retention of life force? 46
Vegetarian Food is Full of Life -Energy 49
Devotion & Love for God is must for awakening the Kundalini 50
Never Forget God 52
Om, Anahat Sound & Laya Yoga 53
Harmony with Nature & Becoming One with All 55
Harmony with Five Gross Element of Creation 56
Possession of a Human Soul by some other Soul 58
3. The Basics of Kriya & Bhakti Yoga 61-76
Prayer 62
Yogiraj Sri Mahavatar Babaji (Revivalist of the science of kriya Yoga) 63
The Basics of kriya Yoga 66
The Basics of Bhakti Yoga 73
4. The Life - Force, Nadis & Chakras 77-96
prayer 78
Know your spinal column 79
Body Cell Need Regular Recharging 80
what are Nadis? 1.Ida 2.Pinga 3. Subhuman 80-83
Cross - section of Sushumana Nadi 82
The Symptoms of Sushumana Nadi Activation 83
Our Body has been Given an Ego 'I' 83
Five Types of Prana and sub - pranas in Body 85
What Happens to Prana After Death? 86
Medulla Oblongata and Seven Chakras 87
Reception & Distribution of pranas 89
Saharan (the Reservoir of life Energy) 89
Position of Nadis & Chakras in Astral 90
Chakras: Aggyia Chakra vishuddha chakra Anahat Chakra, Manipur Chakra, Swadhisthan chakra, muladhara chakra 91-95
5. Asanas, Exercises, Mudras & Bandhas for Awakening The Kundalini 97-118
prayer 99
what are Asanas 99
Sitting - posture Asanas Useful for japa & Meditation 101
Selected Asanas Useful for awakening Kundalini, sarvangasana, matsyasana(Fish posture ), poschimottan asana Ardha- matsyendra , asana Vajra -asana Bhujang -Asana, Dhanur -Asana and Marudand -Asana, shav- asana (corps Asana) 102-110
Some Useful Exercises (for spine ) :Neck Rotation, massage of the Scalp &, Medulla Oblongata, Eyes Rotation Exercises 111-112
Useful Instruction for Asanas & Pranayama and Exercises 112
Mudras & Bandhas: Mula Bandha, Jalandhara Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha (Nauli kriya ) Maha-Mudra Maha Bandha Khechri Mudra shakti Chalana Mudra and Jyoti Mudra 112-127
Yoga is Equally important for women 118
6. Purification of Body, Nadis, Mind and Intellect 119-136
prayer 121
Purification of Body, Nadis, mind, and Intellect 121
Useful Yoga Practices for Purification of Physical Body: Dhauti Basti, Jal -Neti Nauli Tratake , Kapalbhati 122-127
Pranayama Exercises: 128
1. Nadi Suddhi (purification of Nadis ) 128
2. Sukha Purvaka exercise 129
3. Bhastrika 130
4. Ujjayi 131
5. Suryabhedi 132
6. Plavini 132
7. Pranic Heading (the secret of Reiki) 133
8. The Distance Pranic Heading Reiki 134
7. Techniques of Awakening Kundalini 137-158
prayer 139
The Necessity of a Spiritual Guru 140
Kundalini Shakti is the Spiritual Energy for Involution 141
Relation of Yogi with God 143
What Happens during the Meditation? 144
concentration is Different from Meditation 145
When and how to Meditate? 147
Meditation Techniques for awakening Kundalini 150
Listening & Mediation on Anahata Sounds (Laya Yoga) or Surat Shabda Yoga 151
Bhakti - Yoga (Yoga with Devotion Worshiping) 153
The Technique of Kriya Yoga in Brief 154
8. Experience After Awakening Kundalini 159-196
prayer 161
Exercises After Awakening of The Kundalini 162
The Symptoms of Awakening the Kundalini 163
Flow an Aspirant should Live Awakening the Kundalini 167
How an Aspirant should Live Awakening of Kundalini 169
Misconceptions of Awakening Kundalini by Major Authors 170
Eight Major Siddhis after Awakening 175
Many minor Siddhis (Riddhis ) 176
General Precaution to be taken care off, after awakening the Kundalini 179
What happens when following Chakras are opened? 180-191
Muladhara, Sawasrara, Manipur Anahata, Vishuddha and Aggyai
Description of Sahasrara charka as observed 190
What happens when the Kundalini, Pierces the Sahasrara? 191
problems of Improper Awakening of Kundalini 196
Does Kundalini awakening Means self Realization or the Enlightenment? 196
9. Granthis: the Psychic Knots 197-205
prayer 198
Granthis: The Psychic Knots 199
Brahma Granthi 200
Vishnu Granthi 203
Rudra Granthi, Maha Mrituanjia Manta 205
Shaktipat 206-214
prayer 207
Initiation of Disciple by Shaktipat 208
Warning About Shaktipat by Quack 212
Restrictions for Shakupat 213
11. Important Powerful Mantras 215-226
prayer 217
Mantras for Awakening the Kundalini 217
The Chanting for Worshiping of: Brahman, Vishnu, Shiva Guru ma Devi Durga maha Laxmi and Ganesha 218-221
Mantas for pacifying the effect of Nine planets 221
Single Manta for the Worship of Nine planets 222
Separtate Mantras for Nine Planets mantras for sun (surya ), moon ( chandra ), mars ( mangal ), Mercury (Buddha), Jupiter (Guru), Venus (Shukra ), Saturn (shani), Rahu and Ketu 223
Mantras for Pease 223
Mantras for joy & Bliss 223
Maha Gayatri Mantra Other Mantras 224
Sri Yantra 225
12. Useful & Important Information 227-232
Evolution of five Gross Element from Brahman 228
Dissolution of Five Gross Element into Brahman 228
Five Basic Pranas 229
The Nine Mani Elements in the Living Beings 229
Vital Energies & Regions Responsible for 229
The Gross Body's main elements 230
The Gross Body's Element Produces Further Characteristics 230
God-Realization Foundation (G R F) Aims & Ideals 231
How to become the member of G R F 232
Glossary 233-250
Bibliography 251-253
Index 254-257

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