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Item Code: IDH033
Author: M.K. GUPTA
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8122301172
Pages: 120 (Illustrated with Figure B & W Figure )
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.4" X 5.4"
About the Book

This book first explains in layman's terms the structure and functions of your heart. Then it goes on to explain what can go wrong in your heart along with the diagnosis of heart ailments. It points out in detail the enemies of your heart. The most talked about matters nowadays like Cholesterol, Stress and their effects on heart are discussed in detail.

Later chapters of the book are about the treatment of the heart by various approaches such as yoga, exercises, breathing, diet and miscellaneous nature cure methods, in addition to medical approach.

The book at the end gives clarifications about various myths which are rampant in our society. The book is filled with many useful charts, tables and figures.

About The Author

The author of this book, Mr. M.K. Gupta although an engineer by profession, has a great aptitude and interest in health matters. According to him, health awareness is an area which is important for everybody irrespective of his profession. However, he felt the need of such types of books which can be understood and relished by a layman. The normal medical text books can't be understood by a common man.

Prompted by these feelings, he has endeavoured to prepare a series of books for layman relating to physical and mental health. This is one of the books in the series. Since heart ailments are on increase, he chose this topic on priority for his books.

Being an engineer himself, his method of writing is very scientific, methodical and practical which the layman can easily grasped by the layman. this book is the result of his extensive study and interaction with many medical professionals .


1Know about your Heart 1
2What can Go Wrong in the Heart10
3Where Do You Stand With Respect to Risk of Heart Diseases?12
4Diagnosis of Heart Diseases14
5Types of Heart Diseases20
6What is Killing Your Heart?
(Heart's Enemies)
7Stress and Heart43
8Blood Cholesterol and Heart 62
9Medical Approach for Treatment of 71
10Breathing and Heart76
11Yoga and Nature Cure Treatments for
Heart Diseases
12Common Myths and Their Clarifications103
13Glossary of Terms Related to Heart106

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