Learn To Speak And Write Hindi

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Item Code: IHK051
Author: P.K Agarwal
Publisher: Lotus Press
Language: hindi
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 818382062X
Pages: 152
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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23 years in business
About the Book

Hindi is the main link language in India. Keeping in view of its immense popularly this book has been specially designed for the Non Hindi peoples especially the tourists and the businessmen within the country and from other parts of the world. The main emphasis of this book is on self learning and therefore the reader can easily learn to speak and write Hindi for everyday use. Enjoy learning…

About the Author

Mr. P.K Agarwal is a renowned writer and a linguist. He possesses a fairly good knowledge of English and Hind languages. He has done a lot of work in the field of translation between the two languages during last 28 years. He is associated with a number of activities in this area and regularly contributing to it in the form of lectures writeups and as an editor. He has many awards to his credit for creative writing. He believes that the language is the only bridge to bring the world together.


Out books on languages have been designed keeping in mind the increasing number of tourists businessmen and other who visit these countries very often.

These books can also serve as a basis for more complete study of these languages.

Learners who use these books can easily make them selves understood where these language are spoken. By reading these books one is not required to learn a long list of grammatical rules.

The vocabularies in these books have been carefully selected to give every learner the words that are needed in all aspects of everyday life.

We at Lotus Press are pretty confident that these books will give the learners a useful introduction to these languages as they are spoken and written. This can eventually as lead the learners to achieve a complete mastery on their chosen language.

Learn to speak and write Hind helps you to get acquainted with the Hindi language. This will surely enable you to speak and write Hindi as fluently just the way the typical Indians do. Happy learning…


Part I: Basics of Hindi Language
Chapter 1Alphabets and Pronunciation
(Vowels, Consonants and Phonetics)
Chapter 2Combining letters 14
Chapter 3Basic grammar 16
Chapter 4 Numbers and Numerals 20
I. Counting II. Ordinal Numbers
III. Quantitative Numbers IV. Fractions
Part II: Words in Daily Use
Chapter 5 Animals / Animals in water /
Birds / worms & Insects/
Younglings of Animals
Chapter 6 Cereals & food Stuff / Flowers /
Fruits and Dry Fruits / Spices / Trees and its
Contents / Vegetables
Chapter 7 Personality / Professions &
Occupations / Relations
Chapter 8 Diseases & physical Defects / parts of
Human Body
Chapter 9 Dresses / Metal & Stones / Ornaments
Make up & Jewels / world of nature
Chapter 10 Colors / Directions / months / planets /
Seasons / surrounding / time denoting
words / weekdays
Chapter 11Building & Its parts / Household articles 64
Chapter 12 Army and war / items of stationery /
Musical Instruments / tools
Part III: General Conversation
Chapter 13Common Sentences 76
Chapter 14Greetings / invitation / Meeting and
parting / gratitude / congratulations
and good wishes / request /
permission / instructions
Chapter 15Encouragement and consent / anger and
quarrel / apologies / Time / weather /
Education / Health/ some Do’s
some Don’ts
Chapter 16Important conversations
At the shop / tourist office / Railway
station / enquiry at station / at bus stop /
As guest / on arrival / with taxi
Driver / At a hotel
Part IV: Miscellaneous Expressions
Chapter 17Idioms and phrases 118
Chapter 18Adjectives / verbs in daily use /
Chapter 19Similar words having different
Chapter 20Some more expressions 141
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