The Legendary Glory of Hanuman (An Anthology Based on Hanuman Bahuk, Ashtak, Chalisa, Bajarangnan, Vinaipatrika, Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and Other Miscellaneous Works)

The Legendary Glory of Hanuman (An Anthology Based on Hanuman Bahuk, Ashtak, Chalisa, Bajarangnan, Vinaipatrika, Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and Other Miscellaneous Works)

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Author: Ajai Kumar Chhawchharia
Publisher: Abhishek Prakashan, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 818390002X
Pages: 94 (B & W Illus: 5, B & W Figure: 3)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5"X 5.5
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About the Book

Legendary glory of Hanuman This is also an anthology based book on Hanuman. It contains Tulsidas' works on Hanuman (Bajrang Baan, Hanuman Bahuk, Astak and Chalisa), magnificent Sanskrit Slokas (text and translation), extracts from Vedas, Upanishads, Vinai Patrika etc. This book also highlights significance of Hanuman's Name, tail, burning of Lanka etc.

About the Author

Name Ajai Kumar Chhawchharia
Father's Name Late Sri Shankar Prasad Chhawchharia
Date of Birth 08/08/1955
Qualifications Senior-Cambridge, B. Sc. (Silver Medalist), M. A. (Pub. administration), Post Graduate Dip. Tourism and Hotel Management (Raj. University, Jaipur), Post Graduate Dip. Law (Taxation), (Anna University, Tamil Nadu) Dip. In transport Management, Dip. In Homeo-pathy (MHM), Certificate in Vedanta with distinction (CIF, Mumbai) [Ex. Secretary Zoo, Association, University Science College, Jaipur Recipient of Award for Highest Marks (Zoology) B. Sc. Exam.].

Present Occupation Working as an Honorary Sevak of Kanak Bhavan Temple, Ayodhya.
Honours Ram Kinkar Samman by Ramayan Trust, Ayodhya for translation with commentaries of Tulsidas works into English.
Books Published
(a) Biography of Lord Sri Ram with Vairagya Sandipani-An Anthology.
(b) Legendary Glory of Hanuman-An Anthology.
(c) Tulsidas - Dohawali, Kavitawali, Vinai Patrika, geetawali + Barvai Ramayan with Ram Raksha Stotra.

Books Proposal
(a) Adhyatma Ramayan (original Sanskrit)-from Brahmanand Puran, written by Veda Vyas [this is the basis of Tulsidas, Ram Charit Manas]
(b) Ram Purva Taponishad
(c) Ram Uttar Taponishad
(d) Ram Rahasya Upanishad (Sanskrit +English +Hindi)
These Books are Dictated by Lord Ram, Hanumanji is the Writer, My Fingers are only an Instrument like an ordinary Pen. Credit goes to them. And the Fame goes to Abhishek Prakashan c/o Raman Choudhary, Delhi for publishing them.


Sri Hanuman has been so closely associated with divine legend of Sri Ram that to think of the latter as distinctive from the former is almost like thinking of fish detached from water and a flag without its mast.

If ever there was one who could carry aloft the flag of Sri Ram's glory; who could steal the thunder, as it were, of all the worldly exploits of Sri Ram; who could realize the true nature of Sri Ram as being the other form, or a resonance as it were, of the absolute formless Eternal All Pervading Blissful Truth called Braham; whose whole life, very existence, every pore of body, every hair, breath, thought was immersed and steeped in the wisdom of Sri Ram; who could qualify himself to the exalted pedestal of making Sri Ram feel indebted towards him and be called Ram's foster-son; and who showed by deeds what it really means by devotion, faith, loyalty, service, knowledge, wisdom, courage, strength, humility, surrender, persevearance etc. then surely it was none other than Hanuman.

His virtues and wisdom are legendary, and so are his valour, devotion, fame and steadfastness of purpose.

Like a cup dipped in ocean can only collect a sample of the vast, measureless, fathomless water, even so no one can la claim ever to narrate all that is there to be narrated about the glories of Sri Ram and Hanuman. But like that symbolic cup of water, this compilation still represents an humble attempt at trying out what essentially is immense, eternal and beyond mesurement.

So, in this book glories of Hanuman and legends attached with his have been sung in a very modest way, using various related woks of Goswami Tulsidas, Vedas and host of others. The presentation gives a panoramic view of the great deeds of Hanuman, as well as his great qualities. As far as possible, simple, to the point, verse by verse translation and explanation is done.

As a prologue, the author uses on verses from Vinai Patrika as a means of prayer as well as submission before the Lord. The actual text starts with 'Invocational Prayers' (Chapter No. 1) consisting of assorted Sanskrit verses with full text and translation from Ram Charit Manas, Vedas, Narad Puran, Anand Ramayan Etc.

Tulsidas 'major separate works on Hanuman are contained in Chapter 2-5 viz., - Hanuman Bahuk, Astak, chalisa and Bajrang Baan. Then follows a chapter (No. 6) on marvelous Sanskrit verses called Stotras, such as Panch Ratna (by sankaracharya), Hanumat Stotra (by Vibhishan) Maruti and Sankat Mochan Stotras. This is followed by Chapter-7 which has devotion full verses from Vinai Patrika. Chapter-8 throws light on Hanuman with reference to Vedas and Upanishads. Interesting and amazing facts about Hanuman relating to his birth, name, boons, wisdom, weapons, mounts, age, anecdotes-are all contained in Chapter-9 titled 'The legend of Hanuman'.

For epilogue, another verse from Vinai Patrika seeks forgiveness for all commissions and omissions. The 'Gospel of Hanuman' is culled from Hanuman Sanhita while the author's own prayer sums up the essential motivation for the book.

Along with the author's other books (Biography of Lord Sri Ram with complete Vairagya Sandipani, Dohawali, Kavitawali, Vinai-Patrika and Geetawali), this work would serve to present a comprehensive picture on the subject - legends of Sri Ram and Hanuman as visioned by Goswami Tulsidas and other. The books would act as the wheels of the chariot, as it were, to carry forward the fame and glory of Ram & Hanuman.

With all humility and sincerity the author begs forgiveness for all errors of omission and commission, considering the fact that Ram's holy name and Hanuman's fame are so glorious and self luminous that they do not require any attempt by anyone to highlight their splendous. It's like showing lamp to the Sun.

It's just to purity his pen, his thoughts, his mind, his time, his intellect and just as well as a Thanksgiving to his Lord that the author gathered courage to write these two books; these are like offerings to his dear Ram and the revered guru Hanuman, as it were.

He also seeks the blessings of all who go through the pages of these two books, and would regard his efforts rewarded when the reader tastes the nectar and enjoys its ethereal and everlasting sweetness. Amen.


S. N   Page
1 Preface (i)
2 Submission (Prologue) 1
3 Chapter-1: Invocational Prayer 2
4 Chapter-2: Hanuman Bahuk 5
5 Chapter-3: Bajrang Bann 26
6 Chapter-4: Hanuman Ashtak 30
7 Chapter-5: Hanuman Chalisa 34
8 Chapter-6: Strotras 40
  (a) Hanumat Panch-Ratna 40
  (b) Sankatmochan Stotra 41
  (c) Maruti Stotra 43
  (d) Vibhishan's Hanumat Stotra 44
9 Chapter-7: Vinai Patrika 48
10 Chapter-8: Hanuman in Vedas & Upanishads 62
  (a) Vedas 62
  (b) Upanishad 68
11 Chapter-9: Legend of Hanuman 69
  Name 69
  Was Hanuman a monkey ? 72
  Tail 75
  Hanuman as a 'Prophet' 75
  Birth & Birth-Chart 75
  Boons 79
  Wisdom 81
  Weapons 85
  Mount 86
  Valmiki's Ramayan 87
12 Epilogue 92
13 Appendix-A (Other books by Author) 93
14 Gospel of Hanuman Back Cover
15 Prayer Inside Back Cover
16 Hanuman's Instructions Inside front Cover

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