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The Life and Times of Gopal Krishna Gokhale

The Life and Times of Gopal Krishna Gokhale
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Author: Mamta Kumari
Publisher: Ocean Books Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788184303544
Pages: 174
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This proclamation of Gopal Krishna Gokhale heralded the struggle for freedom of India. Who influenced whom and how this struggle began is written in the annals of history. There are many freedom fighters who advocated British rule but few dominated the scene as Gopal Krishna Gokhale. His impact on the course of Indian National Movement was considerable. He awakened Indians, especially the youth and motivated them to arise and fight for their rights and freedom of the country.

A very important biography for everyone to know about this great freedom fighter.

About The Author

Mamta Kumari is a versatile writer who has authored several books on varied topics such as self-development, current issues and biographies of great personalities. Besides this, she is a regular contributor to columns for newspapers and magazines.


Gopal Krishna Gokhale was born on 9 May 1866 at Kotluk village of Ratnagiri district in an ordinary family. He was a great freedom fighter, social servant, philosopher and reformist. Gopal Krishna, the student of Mahadev Govind Ranade, was called 'Gladstone of India', due to his unparalleled understanding of financial matters and capacity to discuss the same with authority. He was the most famous moderate-styled leader of Indian National Congress. In 1905, he established 'Servants of India Society', in agreement with character building so that youth can be trained for public life. He considered scientific and technological education as India's significant need.

Subordination and dependence of country kept on pinching Gopal Krishna. An eve flowing currently of patriotism always kept on running in his conscious mind. That is why he kept on working under the confluence of trishades of true zeal, faith and dutifulness.

Gopal Krishna, the worthy son of Mother India, will always be remembered for simplicity of his character and conduct, intellectual capability and long selfless service to the nation. Dedication to Those Unknown Revolution asks, owing to whom we are breathing in a free India?


Gopal Krishna Gokhale was born on 9 May 1866 at a place called Kotluk in Maharashtra in a Brahmin family. After acquiring graduation degree in 1884, Gokhale became the member of the society called 'Deccan Education Society', which was established by Justice Ranade. Gopal Krishna Gokhale, who was the pupil of Mahadev Govind Ranade, was entitled as 'Socrates of Maharashtra' and guide 'GURU' of Mahatma Gandhi also.

In 1888, Gokhale entered into the politics through Congress session at Allahabad. In 1897, as a member of 'Deccan Education Committee', Gokhale and Wacha were asked to bear testimony at 'Welby Commission' in England. In 1902, Gokhale was selected as a member of Imperial Legislative Council. He raised issues of assigning more seats into the government jobs, about salt tax, compulsory primary education in the council there.

An aggressive section criticised his patience very much. Often he was introduced as a relaxed liberal person, while on the other hand, the British Government called him an aggressive ideas' follower and a disguised rebel.

Gokhale was a nationalist also along with being a moderate. He used to consider devotion to English equal to patriotism. Gokhale could not dream of any progress in India possible without English empire. Thinking of ill-consequences of the challenging English empire made him a big supporter of English empire. H2trdinge told Gokhale, "If English left India to more away from it, then Indian leaders will them via wireless to return even before British could reach their native country. The aggressive section called him a weak hearted, liberal and disguised disloyal. In 1905, he chaired the Congress session at Banaras and he cooperated to form '1909 Morley Minto Reform Act'. Gokhale remained as the Chairman of Indian Public Service Commission from 1912 to 1925. Gokhale established 'Servants of India Society', on 12 June 1905 to train national propagators for the service of the nation. P. Shrinivas Shastri, G.K. Deodhar, N.M. Joshi, Pandit Haridaya Nath Kunjru, etc. were prominent social servants coming from this society. Gokhale edited the magazine/journal of 'Pune Public Society' and he was also the editor of Sudharak."

Mahatma Gandhi said about his this political 'Guru', "Sir Firozeshah Mehta appeared like Himalaya to me, which cannot be scaled and Lokmanya Tilak did look like like ocean which none can fathom easily. But Gokhale was k e the Ganges which calls out to everybody to it."

Tilak called Gokhale 'Diamond of India', 'Worthy Son r Maharashtra' and kind of workers bestowing praise on him.

This book is an attempt to throw light on the personality and accomplishment of Gokhale.

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