Limbu Folklore: A Collection of Oral Folklore from the Limbu People of Northeast Nepal

Limbu Folklore: A Collection of Oral Folklore from the Limbu People of Northeast Nepal

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Author: Melanie Pappadis
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8177691899
Pages: 95
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 6"X4.5"
About the Book:

Limbu Folklore by Melanie Pappadis is a first hand study of the traditions and culture of one of the many ethnic groups that constitute the Nepal nation. This survey traces the origins and the gradual development of these people within the framework of the greater Nepalese nation.

Working closely with Nepali scholars the author visited and lived with the Limbu people over an extended period. She has enjoyed their hospitality and observed them at work and play. Her study is a candid compilation of their complicated folklore delving deep into their socio-religious activities. Through this study she has been able to discover their history, tradition life-style, eating habits, religious beliefs, social traits and close association with their adopted habitat. It also shows the inner aspects of the life of the Limbu people and how these have remained undisturbed over the years allowing them to maintain their individual identity within the whole gamut of culture that have coagulated into the collage of what we now know as Nepal.

About the Author:

Melanie Pappadis studied with the School for International Training in Nepal in 1993 and completed her Independent Research Project: to collect and translate Limbu oral folklore. She later moved to Cuenca, Ecuador where she spent time teaching English. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, she is currently living and teaching in New York City where she obtained her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the New School. She has completed her first novel and is continuing to work on translation projects.


Research Methodology5-11
Research Findings:
Title of folklore attributed for purpose of
identification only
All Limbu words written phonetically
Limbu Myth of Creation12-13
Creation Myth14-16
Human Beings19-21
Photographs Listed23-48
Limbu Dance and Music49-49
The Clever Brother50-51
Paddy Dance and Romance52-54
Flower Death55-56
The King's Sons57-61
Limbu Beliefs62-63
Budha Subba64-65
Gaukuri Cave68-69
Pig's Head in the Simbra River70-70
Human Nature72-74
Animal Spirits75-75
A Son's Loss76-76
"Semetwa" 77-78
The "Papoo" Fish79-80
Power and Aggression81-81
"Kirati Manghim": Kirate House of God82-83
The Clever King84-84
Jewels to Throne85-87
Glossary of Terms and Names93-94
Sources Cited95-97
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