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LINGA PURANA (Sanskrit Edition)

LINGA PURANA (Sanskrit Edition)
Item Code: NAB334
Author: Ed. by Prof. J. L. SHASTRI
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 1980
Pages: 259
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 13" X 9.2"



  1. Introductory
  2. Index of Content
  3. Primary Creation
  4. Inauguration of Creation
  5. Creation
  6. Glory of Siva
  7. The Manus, Vyasas, Yogesvaras and their disciples
  8. The Eight Zones of Yoga
  9. Obstacles and Portents
  10. Means of Direct Perception
  11. Glory of Sadyojata
  12. Glory of Vamadeva
  13. Glory of Tatpurusa
  14. Origin of Aghora
  15. Glory of Aghoresa
  16. Glory of Isana
  17. The Origin of the Linga
  18. Visnu's praise of Siva
  19. Enlightenment of Visnu
  20. Enlightenment of Brahma
  21. Eulogy of Lord Visnu
  22. Creation of Rudras
  23. Various Kalpas
  24. Incarnations of Siva
  25. Method of Ablution and Acamana
  26. Procedure of Sacred Ablution
  27. Worship of Linga
  28. Mental worship of Siva
  29. Victory over Death
  30. The Story of Sage Sveta
  31. Hymn to Siva
  32. Hymn to Lord Siva
  33. Statement of the Sages
  34. Praise of the Yogin
  35. Defeat of King Ksupa
  36. Dialogue between Ksupa and Dadhica
  37. Grant of boons to Brahma
  38. Creation of Brahma
  39. Specific Dharmas of four Yugas
  40. Extent of four Yugas
  41. Nativity of Brahma
  42. The Origin of Nandisvara
  43. Coronation of Nandisvara
  44. Coronation of Nandisvara
  45. Description of Nether Worlds
  46. Dvipas and their lords
  47. Bharata Sub-continent
  48. The Mountain Meru
  49. Ilavrta sub-continent
  50. The abodes of Devas
  51. Various Continents
  52. Geography of the World
  53. Geography of the World
  54. Movements of Luminaries
  55. The Sun's Chariot
  56. Description of the Moon
  57. Movements of the Planets
  58. Coronation of the Sun and others
  59. The form of solar rays
  60. The Solar Sphere
  61. On the planets
  62. The Position of Dhruva
  63. On the Origin of Devas
  64. Grant of Boons to Pulastya
  65. Thousand names of Siva
  66. The narrative of Yayati
  67. The narrative of Yayati
  68. The race of Jyamagha
  69. Lord Krsna, his birth and life
  70. Various Creations
  71. The statement of Nandikesvara
  72. Construction of Rudra's chariot and the praise of Brahma
  73. Glory of worshipping Siva
  74. Description of Siva Linga
  75. Monism of Siva
  76. Installation of Siva image
  77. The temples of Siva
  78. Scrubbing and cleaning the shrine of Siva
  79. The mode of worship of Siva
  80. The holy Pasupata rite
  81. The holy rite for the release of atman
  82. Hymn of Purification
  83. The holy rites of Siva
  84. The holy rites of Uma-Mahesvara
  85. The glory of the five-syllabled mantra
  86. Sacrifice of Meditation
  87. Suppression of delusion
  88. Review of Pasupatta Yoga
  89. Traits of good conduct
  90. The expiatory rule for the ascetics
  91. Portentous phenomena
  92. Glory of Srisaila
  93. The narrative of the Asura Andhaka
  94. Uplifting the Earth
  95. The exploits of Nrsimha the Man-lion
  96. Prayer to Siva
  97. Death of Jalandhara
  98. Thousand names of Siva
  99. Destruction of Daksa's sacrifice
  100. Destruction of Daksa's sacrifice
  101. Destruction of Kama
  102. The penance of Uma
  103. The wedding of Siva-Parvati
  104. The eulogy of the lord
  105. The Birth of Vinayaka
  106. Tandava dance of Siva
  107. The Story of Upamanyu
  108. Glory of the Pasupata Vrata


  1. The greatness of Narayana
  2. The glory of the Visnu
  3. Achievement of the Science of Music by Narada
  4. The description of a devotee of Visnu
  5. The anecdote of Srimati
  6. The Origin and activities of Alaksmi
  7. The twelve-syllabled Mantra
  8. The eight-syllabled Mantra
  9. The holy rite of Pasupata
  10. The greatness of the consort of Uma
  11. The superhuman magnificence of Siva
  12. The Cosmic form of Siva
  13. The Eight Forms of Siva
  14. The five Brahmans
  15. The form of the Supreme Lord
  16. The Principle of Siva
  17. The greatness of Siva
  18. The holy Pasupata rite
  19. The mode of Siva's worship
  20. The means of worshipping Siva
  21. The mode of Initiation
  22. The Consecration of the Tattvas
  23. The mode of worship of Siva
  24. The mode of worship of Siva
  25. The holy rites of fire pertaining to Siva
  26. The mode of worshipping Aghora
  27. The description of the Jaya ablution
  28. The mode of charitable gifts
  29. The mode of charitable gift of Hiranyagarbha
  30. The mode of gifting the mountain of gingelly seeds
  31. The mode of gifting the subtle mountain of gingelly seeds
  32. The gift of golden earth
  33. The mode of gifting the Kalpa tree
  34. The mode of gifting Visvesvara
  35. The mode of gifting the golden cow
  36. The mode of gifting Laksmi
  37. The mode of gifting the cow along with gingelly seeds
  38. The mode of offering thousand cows as gift
  39. The procedure for the gift of golden horse
  40. The mode of gifting a virgin
  41. The gift of the golden bull
  42. The mode of gifting an elephant
  43. The mode of gifting the eight guardians of the quarters
  44. The mode of gifting Visnu
  45. The mode of performing Jivacchraddha rite
  46. Installation of the Linga
  47. Installation of the Linga
  48. The different varieties of Gayatri
  49. Installation of the Aghoresa
  50. Mastering the mantra of Aghora
  51. The Vidhya of Vajresvari
  52. Rites for enslaving, fascinating, etc.
  53. The rite of conquering Death
  54. Worship with Triyambaka mantra
  55. The mode of propitiating Siva and for the attainment of liberation

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