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Love Has Seven Colors (Heart- Centered Practices for The Energy Centers)

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Love Has Seven Colors (Heart- Centered Practices for The Energy Centers)
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Item Code: NAQ988
Author: Jack Angelo
Publisher: Bears and Company, Vermont
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9781591432753
Pages: 160
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
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About the Book

Each of us has a light body connecting the spiritual, emotional, and physical levels of our being. When we live in a heart-centered way and choose love as the basis for our actions rather than fen each of the 7 energy centers of the light body opens to the wisdom of our soul and radiates with a different color , making us a walking rainbow of unconditional love and soul guidance.

Presenting the Inner Circle Teachings on heart-centeredness from the ancient mystery schools, Jack Angelo explains how unconditional love positively affects our subtle energy system and allows our 7 energy centers to form the full rainbow of connection between our heart, mind, and soul. Describing the location and color of each energy center and the ways they can affect our physical, emotional, and mental well-being, he shows how the 7 energy centers control the flow of energy to and from the multiple levels of our being and process the energies generated by specific life issues.

Providing 29 breathing, relaxation, meditation, and visualization exercises, the author explores how to open each energy center to the intelligence of the heart and retrain the mind to approach life with love instead of fear. He explains the role of the heart center in healing and how to balance the masculine intelligence of the mind with the feminine intelligence of the heart. Once the energies of these two polarities are balanced we become truly heart centered, radiating the 7 colors of love and following the wisdom of our soul to discover the spiritual reality of our sacred self.

About the Author

JACK ANGELO is a well-known healer and teacher of subtle energy medicine and natural spirituality who has w8rked with individuals and groups for more than 25 -years. He lectures and gives workshops internationally and is the author of several books, including Hands-On Healing, Self-Healing with Breathwork, and The Healing Wisdom Mary Magdalene. He lives in Gwent, South Wales.


Journeying To Heart-Centeredness

Love Has Seven Colors presents the core wisdom practice of the ancient mystery schools-the Inner Circle Teachings on heart-centeredness-in an approach tailored to our times. The ancient teachings stress that the human mind alone cannot find the way forward out of our human dilemmas. This means retraining the mind s that it can facilitate the love-based rather than the fear-based response. The solution is to become heart centered and guided by the wisdom of the soul.

Love Has Seven Colors explains how unconditional love positively affects one's subtle energy system, especially the energy centers (chakras). In each center, these effects dispel our various illusions about life and present positive challenges for change. This book offers a powerful path to physical, psychological, and spiritual healing and wholeness. With an emphasis on personal experience, the exercises (Pilgrimage Actions) guide you through the process of achieving heart-centeredness and recovering soul presence.

Journeying Together

Soul assures us that the meaning of life is in the living, that life itself is a sacred journey, for some a pilgrimage. Pilgrimage has been known down the centuries as a journey from one place to another, from one physical place on the Earth to another. Such journeys have always symbolized our inner need to journey from one state of consciousness to another-from that of the personality-mind to the sacred within. And on this quest, since life within our universe is a process, you will need to welcome the unpredictable, the unplanned, the temporary, the strange, the unfamiliar, the ambiguous, and the provisional.

The practice of heart-centeredness recovers your own sacred, unclouded vision. You will develop a connection between your brain and your heart center as those areas of the human brain that are still underused, despite thousands of years of evolution, become activated. Soul teaches that the brain has areas of underuse because human activities have not been guided by the heart but by the dominance of conditioned minds. Your practice will reveal a vision of soul, your heart, and cash energy center, building a new vision of yourself and the world.

Keep An Experience Journal

In all my books I suggest keeping a journal because it becomes more than a record of your experiences, also providing a useful focus, even a theme, for your progress. Your journal is ccord. It can include reflections and comments, accounts of meet - ups with others, and things that resonate for you. When you may not want to use words, your own drawings, images, objects you come across, and of course, anything that evokes serendipity are called for.

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