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Madhur Sri Madanateshwara Vinaayaka Temple

Madhur Sri Madanateshwara Vinaayaka Temple
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Author: Srikant
Publisher: Integral Books, Kerala
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 818610724X
Pages: 24 (6 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 9.0 inch X 6.0 inch
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About the Book

Lord Ganesha of this shrine is called Siddhi Vinaayaka – the supreme possessor of mystic powers and the bestower of boons. The spiritual power of the vigraham deepens faith in the devotees though their personal experience.

Although the main Deity is Sri Madananteshwara (Lord Shiva), the temple is renowned for the mystic power of the vigraham of Lord Ganesha. Devotess feel a friendly merciful Power from the mystic depths of the universe emanating from it and guiding and looking after them. The communion is readily felt by the earnest heart and the Grace is bountiful.



In these days when intellectual knowledge is given too much importance, spiritual truths often get eclipsed. Some people consider the spirtual values that can elevate humanity to cultural heights as mere superstitious imagination. In this context, efforts as this which throw new light on the life-elevating aspects of our spiritual culture deserve encouragement.

The unique culture of India is reflected in our music, architecture, dance, drama, literature and philosophy, Our ancient Rishis were very much aware of the relevance of arts in refining and expanding human mind to a dimension of unity and universality. In its peak, the joy deriving from arts is equivalent to Brahmanandam- the Bliss of Brahman.

The temple architecture and arts have unique and distinctive influence bestowing peace and a sense of auspiciousness to human mind. Temples have a vibrant spiritual aura that has a soothing influence on the people who come in their vicinity. Temples can be rightly called the light houses that guide the human mind. Varahamihira in his Bhrihathsamhita describes in detail the methods to select the places to build temple. Relating to the architectural features, Vasthu-vidya mentions about twenty types of temples. Sagas Kashyapa, a Master in the science of temple construction sates that the forest areas, river banks, mountainous regions, vicinities of waterfalls, flower gardens, etc. are pleasing to the Divinities.

In Sri Madanateshwara Vinayaka temple the main Deity I Lord Shiva. As the Divine Power and Grace flow to the devotees through the huge vigraham of Shree Mahaa Ganapathi, the temple is more renowned as the shrine of Siddhi Vinaayaka in whose Presence thousands receive solace, strength and spiritual wisdom.

The Moodappa Seva is a rare and momentous ritual, which is prescribed to be performed in every sixty years to reinforce the spiritual power of the vigraham of Sri Maha Ganapathi. However, after 150 years of discontinuity the ritual was performed with immense public participation in the year 1962. With their hearts filled with piety, the devotes worshipped Sri Vighneshwara, whose pleasing countenance was brimming with Grace and power. They felt that the Lord was telling them: “Forgetting all your pains, take refuge completely in Me, who is your Supreme Reality.” Let us remember the words of the Lord in the Bhagavad-gita: “ I look after the spiritual and material welfare of all those who take total refuge in Me.” The realization of this reassurance one gets in this temple. Devotion is an effective means to wash away the dirts from the mind and purify it for realizing the Divinity within.

The persisting and determined efforts of the late Sri B.S. Kakkilaya, who was the Managing Trustee of the temple and Sri Sankar Rao, the Secretary of Siddi Vinaayaka Seva Sangham, for the renovation of Secretary of Siddi Vinaayaka Seva Sangham, for the renovation of the temple and the performance of Moodappa Seva in 1962 are to be specially mentioned here.

As the great festival of Moodappa Seva was about to begin the Secretary of the Siddhi Vinaayaka Seva Sangham was gripped with anxiety, because of the considerable shortage of funds for its successful completion. In such a helpless state of mind, one morning he had a distinctive dream of money pouring like a rain from the sky. By the Grace of Siddhi Vinayaka there was eventually a surplus fund, which was utilized for temple renovation and for buying agricultural land required for the temple maintenance. May the Grace of Lord Siddhi Vinaayaka guide our country and the world for peace and prosperity.

I appeal to all not to neglect the spiritual power in temples that bestows us happiness, peace and guidance and to actively maintain that spiritual power for the benefit of all. The protection and maintenance of temples are our sacred duty to God, Nature and humanity.


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