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THE MAHABHARATHA : A Child's View (Part-II)

THE MAHABHARATHA : A  Child's View (Part-II)
Item Code: IDG557
Author: Samhita Arni
Publisher: Tara Publishing.
Language: English
Edition: 2002
ISBN: 8186211713
Pages: 168
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 11.0" X 8.5"

About the Book :

"I love mythoilogy," says twelve year old Samhita Arni "because the stories never end." Her version of the Mahabharatha is bold and unorthodox in its depiction of character and it the critical tone it adopts with the epic's main theme: war. Illustrated with charming and intricate line drawings, this best-selling book offers children and adults a fresh perspective on the timeless epic.

Part-I begins with the story of Santanu, and takes the reader up to the exile of the Pandavas. This volume (Part II) concludes the epic with the Great War.


"a wonderful way to learn about Indian mythology … this is a small masterpiece which deserves nothing but the highest recommendation."
Academy for children's Literature and Media, Germany

"A celebration of the wonder that is childhood and a reaffirmation of the existence of sheer talent in this county's young."
Sagari Chhabra, Book Review

"You could definitely ask your child to read you this at bedtime."
Vatsala Kaul, Biblio ":……The wealth of detail, the originality and charm of the illustrations lend the work an air of distinction."
Sharada Bhanu, Indian Review of Books


The Second Part 4
The Book of War5
1The Departure of the Pandavas7
2The Forest of Kamyaka10
3Maitreya's Curse12
4Duryodhana's Shame14
5Arjuna's Decision16
6Shiva and Arjuna18
7The Deadly Pond21
8Preparation for the Years of Disguise24
10Duryodhana's Military Strategy29
11The Battle Between Duryodhana and Arjuna33
12The Return of Victorious Duo36
13The Pandavas Reveal Their Indentities39
14The War Council43
15Duryodhana's Refusal46
17A Charioteer or His Army?50
18Kunthi's Son52
20Karna's Abdication56
21Arjuna's Sorrow58
22Yudhistira's Request63
23Bhishma's Promise65
24Battle for Nine Days67
25Bhishma Lies Down70
26Commander-in-Chief Drona74
27The Samsaptakas77
28The Young Boy80
29The Oath83
31The Trick91
32The Night Battle93
34Gatotkacha and the Indra Astra101
35The Death of the Brahmin104
37The Sixteenth Day112
38Shalya the Charioteer114
39Dushasana's Death118
40The Duel 120
41The Chariot Wheel123
43The Prowess of Shalya128
44The Fight Between Bhima and Duryodhana131
45The Burning of the Camp134
46The Last Moments of Duryodhana137
47Ashwathama's Jewel139
48The Grief-stricken Parents141
49 "We have Killed Our Brother!"144
50Bhishma's Wisdom148
51Uttara's Child150
52The End of the Yadavas152
53The Elders Pass Away155
54The Last Journey of the Pandavas158
55After the Pandavas163
The Pandava Alliance166
The Kaurava Alliance167

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