Manamala By Acyutakrsnanandatirtha with Ramananda's Commentary

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Author: Pandit V. Krishnamacharya English Translation and Notes by S. Revathy
Publisher: The Adyar Library and Research Centre
Edition: 1994
ISBN: 8185141134
Pages: 60
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.1" X 5.5
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The Manamala of Acyuta Krsnananda is a short work of 45 Anustubh verses on epistemology of orthodox schools of Indian philosophy in general. Pandit V. Krishnamacharya edited it with the available Vivarana commentary of Ramananda Bhiksu for the first 20 verses, and the editor's own commentary for the rest in ALB, 1951. this was also issued as a separate pamphlet (No. 26). Now S. Revathy, Lecturer in Sanskrit, University of Madras has made an English translation and expository notes bases on the commentaries. This is published in ALB, 1993. We have great pleasure in issuing both these in a single volume as pamphlet No. 46 in the Adyar Library Pamphlet Series.

The text and the incomplete commentary by Ramananda Bhiksu were edited on the basis of a unique manuscript in the Adyar Library. The author Acyuta Krsnanandatirtha was a follower of Samkara's Advaita and has many works to his credit. He was the pupil of Svayamprakasananda Sarasvati; another pupil of the teacher was Vedanti Mahadeva who wrote the visnusahasranamatika in Sam 1750 (equivalent to 1694 A. D.). So Acyutakrsnananda must have flourished in the second half of the seventeenth century.

Among the other works of Acyuta Krsnanandatirtha are:

1. Krsnalankara commentary on Siddhantalesasangraha.
2. Vanamala commentary on Taittiriyopanisadbhasya.
3. Bhavadipika commentary on Bhamati.
4. Commentary on Bhasyaratnaprabha of Govindananda
The expository notes give prominence to the Nyaya approach also. This may be helpful to students to get a comparative picture. Those who are interested in delving deeper into Advaita epistemology can refer to the Vedantaparibhasa of Dharmaraja-dhvarin published by the Adyar Library with English translation and notes by S. S. Suryanarayana Sastri.

Sanskrit Text With Commentary In Sanskrit1
English Translation23
Verse No.
Invocation 1-323
Categories According to Advaita424
Nature of the knower and the objects known525
Knowledge-Its Nature and divisions6-725
Definition of Pramana826
Instrument of Inferential cognition13-1429
Definition of Vyapti15-1831
Inference for others1932
Types of Hetu2035
Fallacies of Hetu2138
Comparison (Upamana)22-2338
Verbal Testimony (Sabda)2439
Nature of Significative Power (Sakti)2540
The Significance of a Sentence26-2742
The Significance of the Sacred Tests28-2943
The Mimamsaka's view3043
The Advaitin's view31-3344
Secondary Signification and the ground for its adoption 34-3546
Classification of Secondary Signification36-3948
Vyanjana and Gauni-Vrtti40-4150
Presumption (Arthapatti)42-4351
Non-Apprehension (Anupalabdhi)4452
Index of Verses55
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