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Manual of Zen Buddhism

Manual of Zen Buddhism
Item Code: IDC897
Author: Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki
Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8121509653
Pages: 192
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.6" x 10.2"
(illus.: 32 pages)
From the Jacket:

Manual of Zen Buddhism's main object is to inform the readers to various literary materials relating to the monastery life. It also tells us about those edicts which the Zen monks read before the Buddha in daily service in the different quarters of institution.



I. Gathas and Prayers:

1. On opening the Sutra.
2. Confession
3. The threefold refuge
4. The four great vows
5. The worshipping of the Sarira
6. The teaching of the seven Buddhas
7. The Gatha of impermanence
8. The Yemmei Kwannon ten-clause Sutra
9. Prayer on the occasion of feeding the hungry ghosts
10. General prayer
11. Prayer of the bell

II. The Dharanis:

1. Dharani of removing disasters
2. Dharani of the great compassionate one
3. Dharani of the victorious Buddha-crown

III. The Sutras:

1. The Prajnaparamita-hridaya-sutra, or Shingyo (complete)
2. The Kwannongyo, or "Samantamukha Parivarta" (complete)
3. The Kongokyo, or Vajracchedika (the first half and extracts from the second half)
4. The Lankavatara sutra, or Ryogakyo (extracts)
5. The Ryogonkyo, or Surangama Sutra (resume)

IV. From the Chinese Zen Masters:

1. Bodhidharma on the two fold entrance to the Tao
2. The third patriarch on "Believing Mind"
3. From Hui-neng's Tan-ching
4. Yoka Daishi's "Song of Enlightenment"
5. Baso (Ma-tsu) and Sekito (Shih-tou)
6. Obaku's (Huang-po) Sermon from "Treatise on the essentials of the Transmission of mind"
7. Gensha on the three invalids (from the Hekiganshu or Pi-yen Chi)
8. The ten oxherding pictures, I. The ten oxherding pictures, II

V. From the Japanese Zen Masters:

1. Daio Kokushi on Zen
2. Daio Kokushi's admonition
3. Daito Kokushi's admonition and last poem
4. Kwanzan Kokushi's admonition
5. Muso Kokushi's admonition
6. Hakuin's "Song of Meditation"

 VI. The Buddhist Statues and Pictures in a Zen Monastery:

1. Buddhas
2. Bodhisattvas
3. Arhats
4. Protecting Gods
5. Historical figures


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