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Marriage, Parenthood and Enlightenment

Marriage, Parenthood and Enlightenment
Item Code: IDC999
Author: Swami Rama
Publisher: The Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy
Edition: 1988
ISBN: 0893890219
Pages: 113
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.3" x 4.3"
From the back of the Book

"We marry our mates for their uniqueness and then want them to be like us."

Swami Rama, who grew up in the Himalayan cave-monasteries, began his synthesis of Eastern and Western traditions with his research work at the Menninger Clinic in 1970. in Marriage, Parenthood and Enlightenment he gives us a relevant, practical system for attaining happiness in the most crucial relationships-between marriage partners, parents and children. It is both a philosophy and a guide for inner development based on the premise that "the root causes of unhappiness in personal selfishness." Throughout this book the underlying theme is that real strength comes in our relationship when we cultivate love and selflessness towards others.

About the Author

Born in 1925, Swami Rama was ordained a monk in his early childhood and was initiated by a great Yogi and Saint of Bengal. He practiced various aspects of yoga science and philosophy in different monasteries of the Himalayas.

He received his higher education in Prayaga and Varanasi. From 1938 he started teaching Hindu and Buddhist scriptures in several monasteries. In the year 1949 he was installed on the Gaddi of Shankaracharya of Karvirpitham, South India, which he renounced in the year 1952. He lived in Germany and Europe for three years studying western psychology and philosophy.

Swami Rama has written several books and founded center of the Himalayan International Institute in India, Japan, the United States and Europe. He is most well known for the scientific investigation of the effects of yoga and meditation in conjunction with research facilities such as the Menninger Foundation and the Institute of Living. His work has done much to open western eyes to the value of yoga and meditation.


From Sexual Attraction to Understanding

The aim of Life


Stages of Growth

Spiritual Fulfillment

About the Author

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