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Mars and Marriage

Mars and Marriage
Item Code: IDL063
Author: P. Khurrana
Publisher: Crest Publishing House
Edition: 2002
ISBN: 8124202273
Pages: 192 (23 Charts)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
About The Author
Astrologer grandee P. Khurrana has pursued the science of Astrology, Tantrism, Mantrism and Yantrism with great passion. The author has excelled in occult and spiritual practices. He is captured by the philosophy of Karma and his essential discourse and teaching are non-technical and logical. A systematic, ever-smiling P. Khurrana always give true guidelines to his clients which has earned him a large and devoted following of young generation. P. Khurrana's devotional episodes about Truth God and Karma earned him millions of devotees from every walk of life in India and abroad.

To this day who met P. Khurrana remembers his sincerity and nectar of love which compels the clients to visit him again and again to have his glance at his residence 1109, Sector 2, Panchkula (Haryana) where he gives free advice to his devotees on his Gaddi on Sunday only.

Those who understand astrology can easily understand that my approach will make the process of searching a suitable match much easier if followed and understood properly and most of the couple will be able to lead a very happy, successful and long married life.

Matching chart for marriage has its own scope and also its limitations. Chart which shows loss of spouse within months or a year or a year or two after marriage can benefit from astrological; counseling through matching and manage to push the eventuality to a reasonably distant future time. Since a chart is bound by KARMIC parameters, matching cannot bring out miracles. But it can be an effective tool fight premature loss of spouses.

The present practise4 of matching of horoscopes is faulty and misleading. I have observed in certain that there is good compatibility but Bhav Melapak is absent resulting in unhappiness in marital life. On the contrary there are cases when the horoscopes are weak in compatibility but marital life is quite happy if Bhava Melapak is present. Most of the astrologers attribute "MARS" (Mangal) for an unhappy union. It is better not to mach the horoscopes merely on the basis of Mars being in unhappy house.

It has been found that in spite of a tally of 30 Gunas out of 36 Gunas with on Dosha the couple is leading a miserable married life. In another case the tally of Gunas has given a happy married life. Such case have disappointed the believer in Astrology. The reason is that matching has not been done properly for one reason or the other viz. mental affinity, sexual compatibility, domestic happiness etc. Whereas 1 sincerely believe that wise and judicious matching of horoscopes can lead to a fairly stable and happy marriage. I use the world "fairly" because no marriages is perfects; even no man upon earth is perfect save great souls, sages and incarnations.

Marriage counselling is a complicated affair. On the one hand it is the most popular and constructive aspect of astrology. On the other, it raises the question of thwarting any possible planetary impact. It also involves the question of the significance of marriage self. What is the meaning of harmony in marital life? What is the purpose of marriages also needs to be taken into account and above all, the astrologer should also be very clear in his mind as to what he is striving for? Is he trying to warn his client of the impending danger, or is going to indicate the possible consequences and adjustment problems likely to be faced in a given marriage partnership? What are the possible difficulties in marriages and low how can the contracting parties meet those difficulties? And above all, what is the meaning of marriage itself from a deeper standpoint? These are some of the questions which the astrologers ought to aware of before venturing into the realm of marriage counselling.

A recent trend among some Indian astrologers is to relate large number of natal charts of married partners or of contracting parties indicating their personal weaknesses and justifying them on the basis as astrological or planetary combinationship. If someone has been indulging in extra-marital relationship, there must have been some planetary combination which had led the person to that situation. But could there be any other implication of such combination which if known by the person concern could lead him to overcome those difficulties? If extra-material relationship or any other deviation from the socially approved norm is wrong then planetary forces (Which infact are benevolent impulse of the Devine or the evolution of the individual ego) could not induce him to get trapped in those unfortunate events. It is needed a normal duty of the (Hindu) astrologers capable of comprehending the planetary impulses on an individual's intimate life, to find out the deeper impactions of those forces and how the individual could transmute those physical conditions (or sex arousing impulses) towards higher end.

In this way, the task of marriage counselling is indeed of very onerous responsibility which P.Khurrana has been discharging with conscience and sincerity. He has brought out a marvellous book as a practical guide for astrologers and for every human being to bring harmony and love in the lives of the suffering souls at the behest of Mars.

Back of The Book
Marriage is one of the most important events in human life. A happy marriage means a lot while an unhappy marriage can spoil the whole life. Mars is selected for misery in married life because this planet is malefic fiery, passionate, disastrous, and cam play havoc in cringing extramarital affair, dispute, injury, divorce, accident, burns and even murder.

Is Mars really destructive? Can manglik and non-manglik marry with each other? Does horoscope matching really help? How can we achieve material bliss? The author, P Khurrana has brought out the myth about matching of horoscope and astro-analysis into marital happiness. The book is ready-reckoner for people of every field.

Esteemed P.Khurrana Resident Astrologer, Hotel Shivalikview, Chandigarh is held in high reverence by the people and members of his own profession. He is writing "Daily Forecast" and "Bi-Monthly forecast" for Chandigarh Newsline (Indian Express Group) and Chandigarh Club's Newsletter respectively. His prediction in the public and personal spheres have been singularly accurate over the years.


1.About the Author7
5.Blessing from Guru Swami S. Chandra Jee13
6.Mars Appearance14
7.Mars in the Eye of Astronomers19
8.Rulership of Mars21
9.Mars in the Signs30
10.Mars in the Houses38
11.Mars in 5th and Marital Maladies49
12.Mars in the Twelfth Bhava57
13.Marriage Focus in Other Planets60
14.History of Matching Horoscopes68
15.Changing Concepts in Matching Horoscopes72
16.Selecting Marriage Partners77
17.Research into Marital Happiness81
18.Match Making and Sun Signs97
19.Vivah Mahurta115
20.How to Perform Marriage Ceremony125
21.How Time is important131
22.Number Nine Symbol of Mars144
23.The Supreme Number 9157
24.From Astrologer's Desk173
25.Indian Astrologer and Marriage185
26.Mahamritanje Mantra190

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