Menopausal Syndrome- Homoeopathic Approach (Disease Monograph- 3)
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Menopausal Syndrome- Homoeopathic Approach (Disease Monograph- 3)

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Publisher: Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2011
Pages: 198
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'There is no more creative force in the world than the menopausal women with zest"- Margaret Mead.

Menopause is an important epoch in the life of a female. It is not a disease, but a crucial change in a woman's life. The apprehension oflosing one's fertility and insecurity of getting old will enhance the burden of this inevitable physiological transition. While it is possible for few women to tide over this transition uneventfully, majority have to fight against these hormonal changes with its resultant physical and emotional outcome which are very distressing and unpleasant. The frequency, intensity and duration of the symptoms differ Tom individual to individual. Arriving carefully at the characteristic totality in every case is necessary to relieve the menopausal distress in an effective manner with homoeopathic treatment. All these symptoms can be easily treated with the constitutional medicines. Hence the appropriate management of menopause should be individualized and holistic. Along with the administration of the constitutional medicine, the patient should also be counseled about the importance of the change in life style, dietary supplements, fibre rich diet, which will help her to mitigate the effects of menopausal distress. Counseling and supportive measures reassure the patient and relieve her symptoms. The family members and their support playa vital role in minimizing her agony.

This monograph is intended to disseminate information regarding various aspects of menopause and sensitize the professionals and public about the challenges in managing menopause, a "Physiological event". This monograph focuses on research findings of the multicentre study undertaken by CCRH over a period of 4 years. It encapsulates the contributions of the eminent experts in their concerned specialty. Certainly it will enlighten the readers and enable them to understand the intricacies of menopause and provide an opportunity to perceive the importance of understanding its proper perspective with reference to management of this common health problem affecting millions of women in India.

The information in the monograph comprises of the following:
-General information on menopause including its physiology; idiopathic and iatrogenic menopause; common clinical issues during peri-menopause and beyond; disease risks in general and urogenital problems in particular; clinical evaluation and management.

-Concepts of health and disease in homoeopathy in general and evolution of menopause in particular; miasmatic expressions in menopause; concepts of management of menopause through Homoeopathy; therapeutics and repertory related to menopause.

This monograph enumerates the research work done by CCRH through a multicentre study and Contributions by other researchers in the field of homoeopathic management of menopause. Our endeavour will be successful if the monograph will be of use to the researchers, clinicians, teachers, students and most importantly the suffering women.

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