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चलदूरवाणी: The Mobile Phone- A Poem in a Sanskrit

About Book

The poem Chaldoorvani is a new attempt and relevant contribution in Sanskrit literature.

The poem is full of humour and runs like a novel. Every verse is fresh and weaved in a unique way. Simple language, beautiful expression, poetic rhyme and cap- tivating style of the poem inspire younger generation for Sanskrit learning. Poet has been successful in developing appetite and enthu- siasm in readers for Sanskrit poetry. This poem proves that everything is a theme for a poet and any thing can be expressed very sweetly through medium of Sanskrit.

Presenting a good picture of modern days and new technology the poem aims at improving the living condition of people and cautions that the cell phone should be used for progress. It is very useful in day today life for earning, learning, enjoying and winning the race. Thus this poem accomplishes many goals.


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