Mohini Vilasa Kuravanchi (A Dance Drama by Mahakavi Saptarshi)
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Mohini Vilasa Kuravanchi (A Dance Drama by Mahakavi Saptarshi)

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Item Code: NZK124
Author: Sri N. Srinivasan
Publisher: Saraswathi Mahal Library, Tamil Nadu
Language: Sanskrit Text With Tamil Translation
Edition: 1985
Pages: 90
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 120 gm


The Sarasvati Mahal Library. Thanjavur is a renowned treasure house of rare manuscripts of yore in Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi languages. The Library had so far published 204 rare manuscripts in Sanskrit and other language with the financial aid from the Government of India and the Government of Tamilnadu. The hook under publication is 'Kuravanchi' in Sankrit. ‘Kuravanchi' is a form of poetic grammar particularly known and seen in the rich treasure of Tamil literature This form of poetic drama was introduced in Sanskrit language by the poet. Saptharishi. He was poet laureate of the king Shaji' Court. This has been written under the caption in Sanskrit as 'Mohini Vilasa Kuravanchi. The King Shaji has been addressed and adored in the poetic drama.

Thiru N. Srinivasan. Sanskrit Pandit of this Library was entrusted with the work of editing this book. He has given explanatory notes in Tamil to explain the grammatic comparison of both the language. Tamil and Sanskrit to help the readers appreciate the fine composing of the poet. This Institution is bound to express its gratitude to the Government of India and the Government. of Tamilnadu for the financial aid, continuously given to this Institution to en courage in bringing out the treasure hidden in manuscripts, to the knowledge of the public. As the Director of the Library I convey the gratitude to the Government of India and Government of Tamilnadu.

It gives me pleasure to release this publication and it is hoped that it will win the appreciation of the scholars and the commoners as well.



Shahaji II (1684-1710) was a great admirer of Arts and literature. He caused many a poets to creat new types of "Kavyas" and" Dramas". He himself was a good poet. He had also created Many creative works. Some of the great poets of his court wrote some works adorning him as the hero of the poem. They are valuable, because they throw lighet on historical facts.

One such work is "Mohini Vilasa Kuravanji". This was written by Saptarishi a poet in the court of Shahaji II. The remarkable feature of his poem is that this work has been written both in Tamil and Sanskrit. A blend of Sanskrit and Tamil in the same stanza or in the same sentence of a prose is a common feature in the Vaishnavite literature. But separates stanzas for both these languages are devoted in this work. This paper Manuscript has been written in Devanagari script. even the Tamil language is also transliterated d transcribed in Devanagari. By this one can hake a study on the phonological system of Tamil language in 18th century.

Further the most striking point is that the prosody of Tamil language is applied to the Sanskrit language. The poet opted this choice to check up the application of prosody of a language to another language and he has also succeeded in this attempt. The Tamil prosody like "Aruscir Viruttam" "Enscir Viruttam" " Kattalai Kalithurai” "Agavarpa" “ Venba" " Mattu Viruttam ". .. Daru and padam " are aptly applied to Sanskrit language.

The form of poem Kuravanji in Tamil is popularly known to the Tamil knowing people. This type of lyric can be had only in Tamil. It has been introduced to Sanskrit by the poet. Normally it deals with love in separation and the Union of lovers with the intervention of Kurathi Singi" and Kuravan .. Singan" foretelling the heroine and hero respectively regarding this inseparable union in future.

Here the Kurathi is described without a basket in the left hand and the "Kuravan ' is introduced directly as if he were in search of Kurathi '. This kind of deviation is not seen this any of the Tamil Kuravanji.

Apart from the literary point of view it is most important in the historical study. It gives some fragments of History of Shahji. He narrates the incident of seeking help of from Shahji by Rajaram, the son of the great Shivaji to fight with Aurangazebs army lead by zulfiqar khan Shahji sends his army and wins over the moghal Invasion.

This valuable manuscript was donate to the Library in 1927, by Mr. R. Ry. Atmaram Goswami of Thanjavur, ill memory of his father which were the collection of his grand father Mr. R. Ry. Tb yagaraja Goswarni.

This now published by the Library with Tamil introduction and critical study. My thanks are due to the District collector and Director of this Library Mrs. O. P. Sosamma. 1. A. S. for having given permission to edit. I am also thankful to the present District Collector and Director Mr. T. R. Ramaswami. I. A• S, for having given a preface to this book. It will not fulfil my duty if I fail to record my heartful thanks to Thiru A. Panchanathan. M. A. B. Lib. Sc., Administrative Officer i/c, for making all arrangements to bring out this work. I am also indebted to all the members of the Library staff and the press for their co-operation in writing this book and printing it.


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