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Moon Signs (Picking the Right Time for Everything You Want to Do)

Moon Signs (Picking the Right Time for Everything You Want to Do)
Item Code: NAT354
Author: Sabine Heideweg
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8170306914
Pages: 164
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.2 kg
About the Book

Find the right timing for all kinds of events and activities and enhance many important areas of your life -all by understanding and effectively taking advantage of the moon's power.

Easily locate the topics that interest you in the A to Z section. The best time to start a diet is the first day after a full moon, for instance, while the ideal days for planning a budget are when the moon is in the sign of Taurus or Virgo. Next learn the significance of the different lunar signs. Look up the moon in Sagittarius and you'll see that when it's full there's a great opportunity for realiz-ing far-reaching visions. and life plans.

Finally, consult the lunar tables starting with the year 1920, from which you can cal-culate the lunar position of past events. Not only is this fun, but it can lead to rewarding insights. A calendar of moon positions through the year 2020 is included


The power of the moon works wonders. This is not a question of faith but of experience, and I can illustrate this with countless examples from my many years of practice as a psychological consultant. It is not only people with an especially romantic disposition who react to the moon. Its power affects everyone.

The moon travels into a different zodiac sign approximately every two and a half days. Finding the appropriate timing for many occasions big and small depends on how the power of the moon is influenced by the sign the moon is passing through at the time, as well as the phase of the moon and its position. In this book you will find everything you want to know on this subject. All you need to do is look up the thing you want to do-or heal-and you will find suggestions for the best time to go about it. If you want to plan a trip or a wedding, for example, to take place on a day when the moon will be working with you, you can start by looking up the dates when this will happen. Soon this perpetual calendar of lunar power will become one of your most valued resources.

Almanacs often list the phase of the moon in which to do certain kinds of gardening, but the effects of the moon are not limited to planting and harvesting. They apply to all important areas of life. It is up to us to understand the symbolism of the moon and to used its power effectively.

In the first part of this book you will learn how best to profit from the power of the moon in each of the important areas of life from A to Z. The second part deals with the significance of the individual lunar signs, so that you can determine for yourself how to use your energies most effectively. In the third part you will find lunar tables for the years 1920-1996, by means of which you can calculate the moon's position for past events. There as well you will find the lunar calendar for the years 1997-2020.

I especially want to thank Johannes Fiebig for his valuable tips regarding the use and interpretation of the power of the moon.



The full moon is the most exciting of the lunar phases. Many people have trouble sleeping when the moon is full. Sleepwalking is a common feature of this period. Some animals are restless; dogs bark through half the night. Herbs and roots harvested on this day will be especially effective. The number of victims of alcohol abuse also reaches its peak. More children are born during this than in any of the other lunar phases.

The main characteristics of the full moon are profound emotions and a noticeable restlessness. The moon and the sun are positioned directly across from each other in the sky and as far apart as they can get. Feelings of abandonment and other fears may present themselves, which do not necessarily originate in the present, but may resurface from previous times.

During the full moon, the earth's satellite reflects more of the sun's light to the earth than at any other time. Domains of darkness are suddenly illuminated. Repressed memories may appear, and ideas or desires that we have never had the courage to realize may make their presence felt.

While it is true that the period of the full moon is a phase of restlessness-and this might result in a delay in the processes of healing-how we evaluate this fact depends on our point of view. Of course, a sleepless night is not pleasant. But when forgotten wishes and fears reappear, or when new ideas and insights are born, it is often more important, healthier, and more worthwhile than undisturbed sleep.

The full moon, aside from all the agitation it creates, has from ancient times been thought the right time for an inner turnaround, for reconciliation and forgiveness, and for new friendships. It is also a time of solution and deliverance.

■ THE NEW MOON The new moon makes itself felt less strongly, or at least less direct-ly, than the full moon. It is excellent for new beginnings. Yet the darkness that accompanies the new moon awakens fears as well. You need the courage to step out into new spiritual territory in order to appreciate the new moon as a creative time. If you can muster this courage, the new moon will bless you with new powers. It will be as if your spiritual energies were being recharged and given another chance. If you want to rid yourself of problems, there is no better time than during the new moon. Whether you want to say goodbye to bad habits, to outgrown relationships, or to outdated beliefs, the new moon will support you in the best way. The new moon, of course, is also very appropriate for fasting and purification.

■ THE WANING MOON When the moon is waning, its natural and spiritual powers are dwindling. Just as, when we're exerting ourselves physically, we need to exhale, so the waning moon supports us in deploying our energies. Among the wonderful secrets of lunar power is its ability to renew itself cyclically. That's why we do not have to fear a loss of energy when we exhaust ourselves in this phase. The moon is a mirror; it reflects the sunlight. And perhaps it is also a mirror in a figurative sense. It gives us back as much energy as we ourselves have invested. The waning 'moon is a phase in which we can concentrate on life's essentials-what is useful and what is necessary.

■ THE WAXING MOON New energies accumulate. Nature takes in, builds up, and strength-ens itself. You may read that the waxing moon is above all a time for relaxation and recreation, but this is not necessarily the case. New natural and spiritual powers are maturing during the waxing moon. The soul opens further and further until the full moon is reached. You can now acquire insight into strangers, events in the distant past, or developments taking place beneath the surface of things. Nothing human is foreign to you when you take advantage of the opportuni-ties offered by the waxing moon and the full moon. It is not always easy, but it is fulfilling and enriching when your soul grows wings.

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