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Mundane to Spiritual

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Mundane to Spiritual

Mundane to Spiritual

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Item Code: NAC953
Author: Swami Satchidananda
Publisher: Anandashram Kerala
Language: English
Edition: 1998
Pages: 218
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.7 Inch X 5.7 Inch
weight of the book: 237 gms
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About the Author

Pujya Swami Satchidanandaji, known as Anantasivan in Parvashram, after a period of struggles and trials in his early life, came under the spell of the unique personality of Beloved Papa (Swami Ramdas) in l949. His age then was 30. Beloved Papa saw a keen aspirant in him and Anantasivan found his Guru in Beloved Papa. At the behest of Beloved Papa, he took to the order of Sanyas and dedicated his entire life to the service of God by loving and serving others. Beloved Papa and Pujya Mataji through their loving care and concern hastened his march towards the Source of all sources. The path he adopted to attain the Ultimate was Nama Japa, Guru Seva and dedicated service to all. Since then he served the great masters, Beloved Papa and Mataji, throughout their life time.

After the Mahasamadhi of Beloved Papa in 1963, Swamiji assisted Pujya Mataji in the day to day affairs of the Ashram. Pujya Mataji was silently grooming Swamiji to equip him Silly for carrying out the noble mission they had started. In 1989, when Pujya Mataji cast off the mortal coil, the mantle of running the Ashram fell on Pujya Swamiji.

True to the divine Sankalpa of Beloved Papa and Pujya Mataji, Swamiji, with his exemplary qualities, has become the guiding spirit of the Ashram, following the foorsteps of these great Masters.


Publisher’s Note

We have immense pleasure in bringing out this book ‘Mundane to Spiritual’ coinciding with the birthday of Pujya Swami Satchidanandaji. Part I of this book contains pointed hints culled out from Pujya Swamiji’s letters to devotees while Part II covers the gist of messages delivered by Swamiji on various occasions.

Pujya Swamiji lays great emphasis on the fact that in the life of an aspirant everything is spiritual and therefore there is nothing that can be called mundane. Swamiji adds that this state can be achieved by divinising all our thoughts, words and actions, i.e. bringing in God in each and every sphere of one’s life, following the life and teachings of the great masters-Beloved Papa and Pujya Mataji.

Pujya Swamiji refers to Sadguru Swami Ramdas as Beloved Papa and Mother Krishnabai as Pujya Mataji. As God and Guru are one, Beloved Papa is also referred to as the almighty Lord of the universe, wherever the occasion arises in these compilations.

We are sure, by making an earnest attempt to translate the teachings of Swamiji into our work-a-day life, we will be moving towards divinising our thought and action thus paving the way for attaining the Ultimate.



Though it is not in my nature to give lectures or discourses, it became necessary to address friends who gather on special occasions like the Jayanthi and Mahasamadhi days of Beloved Param Pujya Papa and Param Pujya Mataji. It is also necessary daily to reply to quite a few letters from friends seeking advice on certain complicated matte which they considered serious. In most cases they were mundane while in some cases they related to Sadhana.

This book is a collection of the synopsis of the short talks referred to above and extracts from the replies to various letters.

It will be observed that most of the problems of an individual arise because of the disturbed state of mind. A mind in turmoil finds it difficult to face the battle of life successfully and is so much agitated that it reaches almost a state of frustration. A calm and cool mind alone can think properly and arrive at the right decision. So the solution is to make the mind calm. The way suggested for the same and repeated in my replies is to take to the chanting of God’s Name.

Only when human efforts fail and force us to succumb to the trying conditions, we realise that we should not depend upon mundane things for real and everlasting happiness but should invoke divine intervention by catching hold of the Lord’s feet. To get at His lotus feet and hold on to them, the easiest way is to chant His holy and all powerful Name as much as possible with all love and devotion and with a prayer coming from the bottom of the heart to intervene in the matter and save us from the perilous predicament. Sincere prayers are sure to be answered.

This practice will also give us the experience that communing with God as often as possible and ultimately without break is the only way to live peacefully and happily making life flow smoothly, carrying God with us always, or rather to be conscious of God’s eternal presence. Total dependence upon God will free us completely from the worldly worries and anxieties and ultimately lead to a state where everything is Divine- Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma





  Part I
  Pujya Swamiji answers
1. No difference between mundane and spiritual life
2. All are He only
3. The world is exactly as it should be
4. Have always loving attitude
5. All happen by God’s will
6. Accept what saints say unreservedly
7. God’s ways are mysterious
8. Everything is pre-ordained
9. Go beyond the surface
10. No planning for the future
11. Be watchful of Ego’s play
12. A Real Aspirant
13. Sadhaka’s attitude in Ashram life
14. Be soft-hearted
15. Deal with sympathetic calmness
16. Carry Ashram atmosphere
17. Enrich life while in Ashram
18. Thou art the doer or the non-doer
19. Doing Sadhana at home
20. Adjust to all conditions cheerfully
21. Individual will and Divine will
22. Significance of Namaskar
23. Mind and ego after God-realisation
24. Truth experienced only with pure-mind
25. Realisation not depending on age
26. Be happy at all times
27. Antidote to Enmity
28. Don’t overstay with the Guru
29. Sadhakas find fault with the Guru
30. Custom in olden days
31. Ego daily crushed by the Guru
32. Long stay— Attachment to the Guru
33. Long stay—advantages
34. Receptivity—a stage of progress
35. Guru is only One
36. Taking another Guru after Initiation
37. Surrender— easy to say
38. God’s Grace flows through the Guru
39. God-remembrance possible for householders
40. Mahatmas may give only a glimpse of God-realisation
41. Prepared aspirants alone may get experiences
42. Contact of saints does not go in vain
43. Experience God in saints’ presence
44. Jnani has all qualities
45. Papa’s ‘righteous indignation’
46. One cannot know saint by books
47. Swamiji’s Sadhana in the Ashram
48. The inner struggle of Swamiji
49. Awakening during arm life
50. Papa inducing Swamiji to take Sannyas
51. “External” Sannyas protects the Sadhaka
52. Swamiji’s accepting the world as a family
53. Ram Nam chanting during meditation
54. Get over the feeling of unwantedness
55. Constant Ram Nam chanting needs no japa male
56. Using the mala, if helpful
57. Bring out the best while working
58. Attitude while engaged in an institution
59. Synchronising tongue and mind
60. Tongue, mind and hands—one with Papa
61. Eyes seeing Papa everywhere
62. Hands doing all work for Papa
63. Women’s true role—at home
64. Women’s housework dedicated to God
65. Internal Sannyas
66. Meaning of the ochre robe
67. Devotion to God
68. Mutual love, giving up of ego sense
69. Sadhana for Realising God
70. Respecting elders
71. Mutual understanding and Love
72. Work itself becomes its reward
73. Passing exams not the criterion to success in life
74. Right behaviour in trying situations
75. Avoid divorce
76. Dealing with an alcoholic parent
77. God will never let us down
78. Have a detached view
79. Identification with the atman and Surrender
80. World drama—a projection of God
81. God puts on the mask of ignorance
82. God removes the mask of ignorance
83. Witnessing the world- Lila
84. Leave the results to God
85. Attachment turns to pure love
86. Value of right involvement
87. Difficulties in life—remedies
88. Sufferings caused by past Karma
89. Transferring all burdens unto God
90. Facing adverse situations
91. Evil spirits—powerless
92. Forgiving or not noticing others’ faults
93. Facing tension and worries—remedies
94. Be positive in your approach
95. Happenings are unchangeable
96. Spiritual aspirants respecting Dharma
97. Divinise all activities
98. Nama, Japa, Sadhana
99. Long Sadhana, yielding no fruits
100. Ram Nam serving to fulfil desires
101. Crave for God
102. Barometer to evaluate spiritual progress
103. State of mind reveals spiritual progress
104. Sweetness of Ram Nam
105. No instant reaction to situations
106. Prayer for strength to do work
107. Chant Ram Nam before reacting
108. How to become His devotee
109. Plunge only when aspiration is strong
110. Intensifying Sadhana
111. Higher life comes on realising hollowness of the worldly attainments
112. Purushottama
113. Sadhaka to be understood as spiritual aspirant only
114. Right attitude in social service
115. Miracles
116. God will decide future
117. A detached view
118. We make our future
119. One gets what one is destined to
120. Everything in the world transient
121. Ponder over the inevitable
122. On rebirth
123. Advice to a girl on marriage
124. Papa and Mataji reacting, differently
125. Taking the mind within
126. Distaste for worldly things doesn’t result in inefficiency
127. Vairagya due to domestic problems
128. Practising prayers silently
129. God-remembrance
130. Sadhana in critical situations
131. One type of Sadhana only
132. Disharmony in Ashram
133. Settle differences smoothly
134. Serve the Guru
135. Become a model for others
136. Mantra Initiation
137. Miracles Happening by God’s will
138. To recognize a realized soul
139. Searching for God without/within
140. Difficulties to understand saints
141. Sadhana removes dirt in mind
142. Perfect purification of the mind is a ‘must’
143. Mind-purification by God remembrance
144. Process of mind-purification
145. Destroy ego-sense, not body
146. Mind-control by Nama Japa
147. Reality/Unreality of the body
148. Dealing with colleagues
149. Avoiding rebirth (by God-remembrance)
150. How to face critical situations
151. Draw strength from Ram Nam
152. Love versus jealousy
153. Make life happy by accepting to God’s will
154. Difficult to understand saints
155. Identification of the Atman
156. Suffering in married life
157. Sadhana in daily life
158. Seeing God in others
159. Depression & remedies
160. Ego-Sense
161. Ram Nam chanting in crisis
162. On inter-caste marriage
163. God as Guru
164. Individual—part of the universal
165. Overcoming the ego and ego-sense
166. Conquering ambitions
167. Judge by watching the mind
168. Synchronising Japa and thought
169. Chanting Ram Nam and results
170. Self-sacrifice in married life
171. Renouncing sense of doership
172. God does everything for our good
173. Experience God by chanting Ram Nam
174. Chant any name of God
175. Be content with His Darshan, even in dream
176. Divine love is an inner experience
177. Spiritual practice itself is joy
178. Significance of celebrations
179. The right vision
180. Feel God’s presence always and everywhere
181. Maintain unbroken remembrance
182. Working out one’s Prarabdha
183. Having a ‘‘Clean Slate” before death
184. Sadhana prompted by Guru’s grace
185. Worldly things drop off by themselves
186. Worshipping the Formless through forms
187. Self-inquiry or self-surrender
188. To be free from worry and tension
189. Real love
190. Realising oneness with the Guru
191. Vyabhicharini Bhakti
192. Feeling of separation
193. Don’t hurt others’ feelings
194. God does everything inproper time
195. Ups and down in Sadhana and its remedy
196. Sadhana for happy life
197. Worship in temples
198. See God in every being
199. God will come to the rescue
200. When and where we can meet a true saint
201. Never have ill—feelings
202. Make best use of difficulties
203. Be free from tension by loving all
204. Advice to a newly married girl
205. Method of prayer
206. Struggle in a Sadhaka’s life
207. Intense aspiration needed
208. The best way to erase the ego
209. Chant Ram Nam in all your waking hours
210. Individual will and Divine will
210. Homes for destitute—code of conduct
211. To control mind—Faith and practice
212. Study the mind and choose your life
213. God’s Name— the powerful weapon
214. Samadhi
215. Saints feel one with entire humanity
216. Harmony and love in the family
217. Have equal respect towards all temples
218. God’s will is supreme
219. For peace and happiness in the house
220. “Contentment is a perpetual feast”
221. Better to have Sannyas in the traditional way
222. Eschew siddhis
223. Personal and impersonal God
224. Brahmacharya
225. Name—panacea for all ills of life
226. Everyone is God Himself
227. Free yourself from anger
228. God-realisation
229. The inexhaustible source of power; Mind arid ego after God-realisation
230. Be conscious of Hi eternal presence
231. Take to one Mantra
232. Two aspects of the Divine
233. Spiritual progress not so fast
234. Prepare the mind for Dhyana—Chant Ram Nam
235. Make the house itself a Temple
236. Pray for one-pointed love and devotion
237. Satsang—the best way to get over depression
238. Differences in family life
239. There is nothing but God
240. Studies are for gaining knowledge
241. For abiding peace and happiness
242. God grants only whatever is good
243. God is guiding you
244. Identify each thought with Beloved Papa
245. Become conscious of God’s presence
246. No need to be attentive to Kundalini
247. How to follow the spiritual path
248. The goal o Life
249. Saguna and Nirguna
250. Marriage—No bar to God-realisation
251. Embrace Infinity
252. Desire is our worst enemy
253. Advice to elderly people
254. Ignore people’s criticism of saints
255. Assert when necessary
256. Guru only gives the Mantra
257. Get over pangs of separation
258. To feel for lapses—the right step
259. To nullify ill— effects of our behavior
260. Chanting the name of the Guru
261. Maintain love and harmony in the family
262. On grief over death of a dear one
263. Convey spiritual message through drama
264. Everything is Divine
265. Prepare for higher experiences
266. Advice to an expectant mother
267. Spiritual attainment for eternal happiness
268. He causes events for the good of all
269. Commune with the “stillness”
270. Writing the Mantra
271. Sadhana itself makes you joyous
272. Be childlike and not childish
273. Assert your divinity
274. God protects only on total surrender
275. Basic approach of a Sadhaka
276. Right attitude towards destiny
277. Accepting the world as it is
278. Work is His worship
279. Glimpse of God-realisation
280. After God-realisation
281. Initiation by Guru’s representative
282. Realisation is not so easy
283. Different methods of concentration during Nama Japa
284. Control of temper- by chanting Ram Nam
285. Saint awakens the ignorant ones
286. Sadhana in worldly life
  Part II
  Messages and articles of Pujya Swamiji
287. Evaluate progress in Sadhana on birthdays
288. Samsaric life and Adhyatmic life not separate
289. Treat oneself as a Research station
290. Shift priority in life to know our real goal
291. To the youth
292. Expand your Love-circle
293. Disseminate universality of religion
294. Best type of Worship to the Guru
295. What Gurupurnimaday conveys
296. Reply to birthday felicitation
297. Translate the teachings of the Mahatmas into the work-a-day life
298. On sense of doership
299. Sri Ramalinga Swami (Vallalar)
300. Choice is ours
301. Become real Bhaktas
302. Nursing the sick-great Seva
303. Dos and don’ts for a pure life
304. Preservation of Dharma
305. The have’s should help the have-nots
306. Problems of the aged
307. Divine life
308. Value of Satsang
309. Prepare yourselves to prepare others
310. On adoption of Sannyas
311. Life of Beloved Papa-a source of inspiration
312. High standard of renunciation necessary
313. On surrender
314. Papa’s Sannyas-its uniquenes
315. True renunciation leads ultimately to eternal happiness
316. Pujya Mataji’s devoted service
317. Pujya Mataji’s wonderful personality
318. This is our Mataji
319. Pujya Mataji’s concern
320. Memorable days with Beloved Papa and Pujya Mataji
321. Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj

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