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Item Code: IDF784
Author: DR. K. P. A. MENON
Publisher: Nag Publisher
Language: Text with Introduction & English Translation
Edition: 2003
Pages: 892
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.7" X 6.0"
About the Book:

Narayaniyam is undoubtedly the most widely read among the Sanskrit compositions of Kerala origin. In the course of a little over four centuries after its dedication to the Lord of Guruvayur, it appears to have become a highly cherished household possession among the devotees and scholars in Kerala. In this condensed version of the Bhagavata Purana in 10 Dasakas of ten verses or more, the poet is addressing himself directly to the Lord whom he is trying to propitiate through the devotional lyric. Narayana Bhattatiri, the composer of the poem who had become afflicted with a severe ailment and had lost all hopes of recovery had a miraculous cure by the time he completed the work which ends with a prayer for health, happiness and longevity to all devotees.

The poem whose circulation had earlier been confined to Kerala has gained wide popularity during the latter half of this century. Overtopping the Western Ghats and crossing the Vindhyan ranges it has reached the original home of Sanskrit and its popularity is progressively increasing. Though translations have come in many of the modern Indian languages and in English too, this is the first time a translation has been attempted in poetry form in English by a writer who has to his credit a large number of such translations.

About the Author:

Dr. K. P. A. Menon Chancellor of the Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, New Delhi is an eminent scholar scientist and administrator who has held many important assignments in the governments including the post of Defence Secretary to the Govt. of India Epic poetry and dramas have been his special field of interest and he is also trying to unearth the vast treasure contained in Sanskrit literature in diverse fields like agriculture science and technology , politics etc: He is the recipient of a large number of national of international awards including the honorary Fellowship of the Biographical Academy of the commonwealth & international Biographical Centre, Cambridge Award of he American Biographical Institute, Albert Einstein Memorial Medal as well as the Sahitya-nikasa and the Kalidasa Awards for his Sanskrit Writings.


Preface iii-v
Introduction vii-xlviii
Canto 1 The Glory and Form of the Lord 3-11
Canto 2 The Lord's form and the greatness of Bhakti 13-21
Canto 3 Carving for Bhakti 23-29
Canto 4 The Eight-fold Yoga How to Attain it 31-39
Canto 5 Evolution of the Cosmic Form 41-47
Canto 6 Lord's Cosmic Form 49-55
Canto 7 Brahma's Penances and the View of Vaikuntha 57-65
Canto 8 The Deluge and Brahma's Emergence from the Navel Lotus 67-75
Canto 9 Brahma's Penances and the Beginning of Creation 77-85
Canto 10 Diversity of Creation 87-93
Canto 11 Hiranaksa and Hiranyakasipu 95-101
Canto 12 Incarnation as Cosmic Boar 103-109
Canto 13 Hiranaksa Slaughtered 111-117
Canto 14 Incarnation as Kapila 119-125
Canto 15 The Message of Kapila 127-135
Canto 16 Incarnation as Nara and Narayana Daksayaga 137-143
Canto 17 The Story of Dhruva 145-151
Canto 18 The Story of Prthu 153-159
Canto 19 The Story of Precates 161-167
Canto 20 The Story of Rsabha 169-175
Canto 21 Diverse Forms of Worship in Different Regions and Islands 177-183
Canto 22 The liberation of Ajamila 185-191
Canto 23 Daksa and Citraketu 193-199
Canto 24 The Story of Prahlada 201-207
Canto 25 Incarnation as the Man Lion 209-215
Canto 26 Liberation of the Lordly Elephant 217-223
Canto 27 The Churning of the Ocean and Incarnation of Tortoise 225-231
Canto 28 Laksim's Wedding and Gifts of the Ocean 233-239
Canto 29 Theft of Amrta and the Slaughter of Asuras 241-247
Canto 30 The Incarnation as Vamana 249-255
Canto 31 Dispelling the Arrogance of Bali 257-265
Canto 32 The Incarnation as fish 267-273
Canto 33 The Story of Ambarisa 275-281
Canto 34 The Incarnation as Rama-I 283-291
Canto 35 The Incarnation as Rama-II 293-301
Canto 36 The Story of Parasurama 303-313
Canto 37 Prelude to Srikrsna Incarnation 315-323
Canto 38 The Incarnation of Krsna 325-331
Canto 39 The Emergence of Yogamaya 333-339
Canto 40 Liberation of Putana 341-347
Canto 41 Cremation of Putana 349-355
Canto 42 Destruction of Sakatasura 357-363
Canto 43 The Slaying of Trnavarta 365-371
Canto 44 Naming and Casting of Horoscope 373-379
Canto 45 Childhood Pranks 381-387
Canto 46 Yasoda Seeing the Universe in Krsna's Mouth 389-395
Canto 47 Krsna Tied to the morlar 397-403
Canto 48 Release to Nalakubara and Manigriva 405-411
Canto 49 Trek to Vrdavana 413-419
Canto 50 Killing of the Asuras, Vatsa and Baka 421-427
Canto 51 Destruction of Aghasura 429-435
Canto 52 Despelling Brahma's Ego 437-443
Canto 53 Killing os Dhenuka 445-451
Canto 54 Krsna revives the Gopas and Cows 453-459
Canto 55 The Suppression of Kaliya 467
Canto 56 Bestowal of Grace on Kaliya 469-475
Canto 57 Destruction of Pralambasura 477-483
Canto 58 Rescuing from the Forest-fire 485-491
Canto 59 The Melody of the Flute 493-499
Canto 60 Robbing Gopis of their Robes 501-507
Canto 61 Bestowing grace on the wives of Brahmanas 509-515
Canto 62 Offering of Oblations to Mount Govardhana 517-523
Canto 63 Lifting of Govardhana 525-531
Canto 64 Consecration as Govinda 533-539
Canto 65 Gopics Solicit the Lord 541-545
Canto 66 Propitiating the Gopics 547-553
Canto 67 Lord's Disappearance and Return 555-561
Canto 68 Gopikas in Ecstacy 563-569
Canto 69 The Dalliance with Gopikas 571-581
Canto 70 About sudarsana, Sankhacuda and Arista 583-589
Canto 71 The Slaying of Kesi and Vyoma 591-597
Canto 72 Akrura's Arrival 599-605
Canto 73 Lord's Journey to Mathura 607-613
Canto 74 Lord's Entry into the City of Mathura 615-623
Canto 75 Killing of Kamsa 625-633
Canto 76 Uddhava as Emissary 635-641
Canto 77 Birth of Upasloka and the Confrontation with Jarasandha 643-651
Canto 78 Rukmini's message to krsna in Dvaraka 653-659
Canto 79 Carrying Away Rukmini 661-667
Canto 80 The Episode of Syamantaka 669-675
Canto 81 The Slaying of Narakasura 677-685
Canto 82 The Combat with Bana and Nrga's Salvation 687-693
Canto 83 Killing of Paundraka and Vivida 695-701
Canto 84 Journey to Samantapanacaka 703-709
Canto 85 Killing of Jarasandha and Sisupala 711-721
Canto 86 Killing of Salva and the kuruksetra War 723-733
Canto 87 The Story of Kucela 735-741
Canto 88 Redtoring the Children 743-753
Canto 89 Vrkasura, the Episode of Bhrgu 755-761
Canto 90 The Greatness of Visnu 763-769
Canto 91 The Greatness of Bhakti 771-779
Canto 92 Kriyayoga and Bhakti 781-789
Canto 93 The 24 Preceptors 791-799
Canto 94 Mind's Illumination through Bhakti 801-809
Canto 95 The Path of Devotion 811-819
Canto 96 The Greatness of the Lord and of Bhakti 821-829
Canto 97 Craving for Bhakti; The Story of Markandeya 831-839
Canto 98 In Praise of the Impersonal absolute 841-851
Canto 99 In Praise pf Vishnu 853-861
Canto 100 The Vision of the Lord and the description from head to foot 863-873
Sloka Index 874-891

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