Neck Pain: Causes, Prevention and Treatment (A Straight talking, no-nonsense, practical guide to treating and preventing neck pain)

Neck Pain: Causes, Prevention and Treatment (A Straight talking, no-nonsense, practical guide to treating and preventing neck pain)

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Author: Arthur Winter MD, FICS & Ruth Winter MS
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 8122202888
Pages: 144 (Figures: 37)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 7.1" X 4.75"
From the Jacket :

Neck has been exquisitely engineered by nature to take all kinds of stress and strain. Yet many of us are likely to suffer neck pain, at some time or the other, during our life.

Neck pain is a subtle offender and can cause such varied symptoms as dizziness, headaches, blurred vision or numbness in a limb.

Successful treatment depends as much on accurate diagnosis as on active personal participation. Some of the most effective treatments are related to our daily habits and our daily lives.

Concise, comprehensive, and medically sound, this book provides helpful ideas and practical tips on preventing and eliminating neck pain.

Whether deciding on preventive exercises, selecting a neck collar, or considering professional help, this book is your personal guide.

About the Author :

Dr. Arthur Winter is a Neurosurgeon and Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey. He has been adjunct Professor of Biomedical Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA.

He earned his MD from University of Montreal, Canada, and received postdoctoral training in Neurological Surgery at Baylor Medical College, Houston, Texas, Under renowned Dr Michael DeBakey, and in Paediatric Neurology at Harvard Medical School and Yale University School of Medicine, New York.

At present he is the Director of NJ Neurological Institute, USA, and is attached to St. Barnabas Medical Centre, New Jersey. He has a number of patents to his credit, has authored many books, and his articles have frequently been published in professional medical journals.

Ruth Winter, MS, is a well-known writer on health-related issues, and is a widely published columnist. She has been on the faculty of Rutgers University School of Journalism, and is a recipient of numerous awards, including American Medical Writers Eric Martin Memorial Award, American Academy of General Practice Award, and American Osteopathic Association Award.


1.No Wonder Your Neck Hurts
How the Neck is Made
The Vertebrae
Neck: The Vital Communication Link
Diagnosing Neck Pain
2.When Wear and Tear Give You a Pain in the Neck
The Intervertebral Discs
Ageing and the Disc
The Herniated Disc
Diagnosing Herniated Disc
When Arthritis Gets You in the Neck
Treating Arthritic Neck
3.When Sports Give a Painful Neck
Horse Riding
Car Racing
Judo and Karate
Cycling and Gymnastics
Determining If Neck Injury is Serious
Neck Injury: What You Can Do Before Professional Help Arrives
4.Whiplash - The Dangerous Jerk
Whiplash Injury in Car Accidents
Symptoms of Whiplash Neck Injury
Traumatic Cervical Syndrome
What Can be Done to Prevent Whiplash?
5.Dizziness - When Things Spin Around
How Is Dizziness Related to the Neck?
Neck Injury and Dizziness
Arthritis and Dizziness
Vascular Neck Pain
How Do You Know When It's Vascular?
6.When Lumps in the Neck Cause Pain
Lymph Nodes: The Early Warning System
Sick Salivary Glands
Cancer of the Thyroid
Brain Tumours
Harmless Cysts and Other Causes
Diagnosing a Lump in the Neck
7.Stiff Neck - Torticollis and Fibromyalgia
The Torture of Torticollis
Diagnosis and Treatment
Fibromyalgia and the Neck
Diagnosis and Treatment
8.Tension Neckaches and Headaches
Tension Headaches
Migraines and the Neck
9.Scalenus Anticus Syndrome
How Scalenus Anticus Syndrome Causes Neck Pain
Symptoms of Scalenus Anticus Syndrome
10.Diagnosing Neck Pain
Nature of Current Complaints
Medical History
Daily Habits and Lifestyle
What To Tell Your Doctor
Neck (Pain) Syndromes
Diagnostic Tests
11.How to Get Rid of a Pain in the Neck
Should You Take to Bed Rest?
Some Like it Hot
Some Like it Cold
Going to Cold Extremes
Neck Collars
Injection of Anaesthetic
Cervical Traction
Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation (TNS)
Biofeedback - Taking Control
12.If You Need Surgery
Surgery: A Safe Option
13.How to Prevent a Pain in Your Neck
At Work or at Home
When Driving
When Lifting Heavy Objects
When Reading
General Precautions
Leisure Activities
Computer Crunches and Creaks
Sleep Right Not Tight
A Few Things to Avoid
14.Neck Conditioning Exercises115

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