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The Oxford Anthology of Raj Stories

The Oxford Anthology of Raj Stories
Item Code: IDD645
Author: Ed. By. Saros Cowasjee
Publisher: Oxford India Paperbacks
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 0195658493
Pages: 357
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
About the Book:

A legacy of the British Raj in India is the literature produced by it. This comprehensive and wide-ranging anthology includes not only the work of masters such as Kipling and Orwell but also of several lesser known - but equally compelling - writers whose stories provide a vivid portrait of colonial India. The evocation of the interaction between British rulers and their Indian subjects through a mix of ironic, entertaining and even eerie tales is especially interesting. They also reveal the British themselves and their varied perceptions of the Raj as it moved from confidence to despair. Undoubtedly of interest to students of literature and historians, this collection is also for general readers curious about India's colonial past.

About the Author:

Saros Cowasjee is Professor Emeritus at the University of Regina, Canada

Excerpts from Reviews

'This robustly bound anthology, edited with care by Saros Cowasjee, brings together in one volume some of the best shorts stories of the Raj.'

-The Indian Express

'Taken together, these stories provide an effective and honest self-portrait of the British in India; the effects of power on the rulers themselves…the racism, the weariness and waste, the desire to understand and belong, the endless task of civilization.'

-The Pioneer

'…[this collection] showcases the way in which the Empire constructed itself, filtered through the daily life of appearances.'

-The Hindu

'All in all, a good addition to one's library.'

-The Book Review



Flora Annie Steel

    The Doll-Maker
    At the Great Durbar
    The Gift of Battle
Bithia Mary Croker'
        Jack Straw's Castle

Sara Jeannette Duncan
        A Mother in India

Rudyard Kipling

    The Head of the District
    At the End of the Passage
Alice Perrin
    The Rise of Ram Din
    The Centipede
    The White Tiger
    Mary Jones
    Caulfield's Crime
Maud Diver
        The Gods of the East

Lionel James
        The Honour of Daud Khan

Edmund Candler
        The Testimony of Bhagwan Singh Otto Rothfeld
        In the Twilight

Leonard Woolf
        Pearls and Swine
        A Tale Told by Moonlight

George Orwell
        A Hanging
        Shooting an Elephant

Christine Weston
        A Game of Halma
        The Devil Has the Moon
        The Mud Horse

Philip Mason
        The Box
        The Crook

Joseph Hitrec
        The Fearless Will Always Have It
        Whiteness Is All

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