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Panchakarma and Ayurvedic Massage

Panchakarma and Ayurvedic Massage
Item Code: IDE290
Author: Prof. Dr. Subhash Ranade & Prof. Dr. Avinash
Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Edition: 2004
Pages: 250 (Figures: 81)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.8" X 5.8"
Similarity between universe and man, primordial elements, Theory of Bio-humors, Body constituents : dosha-dhatu-mala, Tissues, Waste Product, Srotas-body channels
2.Introduction to Panchakarma8
Role of Panchakarma procedures in purification, Scope of Panchakarma, Chronological order period of Panchakarma, Indications for Panchakarma, Contra-indications for Panchakarma, Benefits of Panchakarma
3.Basic Principles of Panchakarma 12
Purification procedures and body elements, Action of Panchakarma, Benefits of Panchakarma, Clinical diagnosis, Tenfold Examination of Patient, Systemic Examination
4.Treatment Method17
Objective of Panchakarma
5.Classical Panchakarma Therapy28
6.Digestive Therapy31
7.Snehana-Oleation Therapy33
Definition, Concept of oleation, Types and subtypes of oleating substances, Ghee, Seasme oil, Vasa, Majja, Indications for oleation, Snehapana vidhi, Complications Shamana/brimhana snehana, External Oleation, abhyanga, Indication for abhynaga, Contra-indication for abhynaga, Oils for massage, Benefits of abhyanga
8.Swedana-Sudation 14
Definition, concept, Qualities, Herbs used for swedana, types, thirteen types according to Charaka, 1. Shankara, 2. Prastara, 3. Nadi, 4. Parisheka, 5. Abagaha, 6. Kumbhi, 7. Jentaka, 8. Kuti, 9. Ashmaghana, 10. Karshu, 11. Bhu, 12. Kupa, 13. Holaka. Four types according to Sushruta and Vagbhata, 1. Tapa sweda, 2. Drava sweda, 3. Upanaha sweda, 4. Ushma sweda. Indiacation for fomentation, Contraindication for fomentation, Complications of fomentation, Actions of fomentation
9.Vamana-Medicated Smoking 66
Definition, Concept, Various herbs used for vamana, Indication of vamana vidhi, Observation by the physician, Treatment, Vamana vyapad, Post-emesis regimen, Complication of medicated emesis
10.Virechana-Medicated Purgation 76
Definition, Concept, Indication Concept, Indication of virechana, Contra,-indication of virechana, Benefits of drug induced purgation, substances used for Virechana, Selection of appropriate herbs for purgatin, Types of virechana, Virechana vidhi, Virechan vyaad, Post procedure
11.Basti-Medicated Enema 85
Definition, How it acts, Type of medicated enema, Classification of medicated enemas, Herbs used for decoction or cleansing enema, Contra-indications of cleansing medicated enema, Indications ofr cleansing medicated enema, Indication for anuvasana medicated enema, Contra-indications of anuvasana enema, Preparation of decoction medicated enema, Method of administration, Treatment, Method of administration of anuvasana enema, some useful medicated enemas, Post anuvasana procedure, Benefit of basti
12.Nasya-Nasal Medication 101
Definition, Substances used for nasya, Type of nasal medication, Indications of nasya, Contra-indications of nasya, Types of nasya, Nasya vidhi, Complications of nasya, Benefits of nasya
13.Samsarjana Karma-Detox dier 108
Post Panchakarma regimen
14.Raktamokshan-Bloodletting 110
Definition, Types, Jalauka, Method of application of leeches, Indications of bloodletting, Contra-indications of bloodletting, Venesection, Method of administration of Venesection, Method of administration of venesection, Selective siravyadha for specific diseases
15.Seasonal Panchakarma 119
Classic Panchakarma regimen
16.Panchakarma Therapy for specific Diseases122
Asthma, Multiple sclerosis, Back pain, Constipation, Depression, Facial palsy, Flatulence, Headache, Hemiplegia, Hypertension, Obesity, Pre-mentstrual syndrome, Poly arthrities, Psoriasis, Rheumatis, Sciatica. Sinusitis, Meno-pausal syndrome
17.Additional Panchakarma Procedures 164
Gargling therapy-gandusha and kavalgraha, Herbal smoke, Shirobasti, Shirodhara, Netra basti, Murdha tail or shirastarpana, Katibasti, Some Kerala Panchakarma procdures
18.Ayurvedic Massage Techniques 179
Massage, Marma and marma points, self-massage, oil massage nad the doshas, body constitution and different massage techniques, How to do massage? Some basic styles of massage, Massage in disease, Types of massage, Abhyanga, Ayurvedic facial massage, Udvartana-udgharshana-utsadana, Uses of udgharshana, Benefits of utsadana
19.Herbs Index194
20.Research Work on Panchakarma in India199
21.Research Work on Panchakarma - Abbreviations used222
22.Glossary of Technical Terms224

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