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Patient, Disease and The Humble Servant (Rogi Rog Upcharak)

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Author: G. C. Agarwal
Publisher: Acupressure Shodh Prashikshan Evam Upchar Sansthan
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2016
Pages: 136 (15 B/w Illustrations)
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Book Description


We are feeling happy in presenting this exceptional book to you "Patient, Disease & The Humble Servant", written by Dr. G. C. Agarwal engaged for the last twenty eight years in teaching of the Motilal Nehru Medical College, Allahabad, being the Head of the Department of Physiology.

One who is a great healer, he does not work alone, when and where he works, the serves a God sent servant.

Great healers have great capability for diagnosis and treatment of disease. And this strength is achieved after a long experience. For the benefit of this strength to be available to a large mass of society, their experience is compiled in book(s). These books function as a heritage and library to the coming generation. I am confident that this book patient, disease & the humble servant will be of immense value to the therapists of allopathic and alternative treatment therapy practitioners.

Where is the pain and where is the root of the disease? By seeing the pathological and other reports, diagnosis of the ailment, is the ailment reducing or is there no relief to the ailment is analysed. If there is relief, then how much etc. To know all these and other things has been given in this book

In this second edition of the book, by seeing the X-ray, method to diagnose the ailment has been explained and detailed information has been given of computed Acupressure Research Training and Treatment Sansthan and investigation diseases". These will specially help the therapists in diagnosis with the eight new chapters included, this book will be even more helpful to the therapists.

This book will be of immense help and benefit to the practitioners of Allopathic, Acupunctured, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Recci, Pranic and other pathys. The author Dr. G. C. Agarwal using the word "Humble Servant" for the therapists, has expressed that the therapists being the servant has to have the ability, strength and devotion needed for the work and at the same time has to have patience, empathy, sensitivity and culture.

Health Servant you have become treat life by life.

Accept your and pantients respective prarabh, control your thoughts. You have accepted the patient as important and he has accepted you as important.

Happiness of the patient, satisfaction is your right.

We heartily congratulate Dr. G. C. Agarwal on this very useful and thought producing book.


"I Dressed Him, God Healed Him"

The above teaching was stated by Ambrose Parre, a doctor for four French Kings in the 16th Century and towards the end of that century, accepting the depth of that teaching, the medical world requested the adoption of that teaching. "I treat, thou cures". These four words send message to the therapist to remain ever humble - :A healer remains a humble servant of God no matter how much he is popular and successful in the field of 'Art of Healing'.

The 'Art of Healing' is dependant on doctor's deep knowledge and experience. In the history of diseases, there are several such diseases, which were recognised after unifying decades of different doctor's experiences - e.g., Selcus (50-25 B.C.) gave four cardinal signs to identify inflammation - Color, Dolor, Ruber, Tumor (Heat, Pain, Redness, Swelling); in this the fifth sign 'Function Base' (loss of function) was added by Gellen in 130-200 A.D. Hence it is the duty, way respect to the Guru, that the therapist should keep writing his daily experience for the future.

Each disease should be investigated by a definite interrogation and examination pattern and this system be adopted in day to day working that no important information leading to the correct diagnosis is left out. However, in the begining, the therapists will find it difficult to adopt this style but after sometime this will assume a simple and easy process. Therapists who are over confident or over burdened may not be able to follow this system and even though they are competent, success remains far from them whereas a therapist following this system is like an open book which is not at all difficult to follow.

It is essential to tell in the very begining as to how to reach the correct diagnosis. Each book or person to tell this is itself incomplete. Based on examination and experience, complications have always remained right from the beginning in the diagnosis. We predict rain based on analysis after seing the barometer whereas a washerman predicts rain based on just watching the behaviour of his pet donkey. The methods may be different but to be scientific, they should be comprehensive and concise.

Self confidence of the therapist and to obtain confidence of the patient determines success of that therapist. Your politeness and attentiveness to the patient are the two knots that be the patient to the therapist. Investigation of a medical case means :

i) The therapist is able to make a diagnosis

ii) Fate of the patient is clarified

iii) Able to give correct treatment to the patient

The diagnosis of the ailment will depend on your balanced decision whose foundation is based on the following :

i) Patient's complaints / symptoms

ii) Patient's health history - present, past, personal

iii) Physical examination - information available from patient's physical wellbeing

iv) Special investigation - Blood, urine, sputum etc.

Patient's own Symptoms / Complaints

Generally, we become bored and nervous when waiting to see the therapist. But patient's waiting before his meeting with the therapist is a compulsory part of treatment therapy. IN this, the patient becomes composed and before his body examination, his coming to resting condition is essential.

The patient tells the therapist his most troublesome ailment first and then the lesser ailments. The therapist must write down in a chronological order the ailments - one which is oldest first, less older then and soon. For example :

i) Fever - Base - 3 Days

ii) Cough - 1 Day

iii) No Apetite - 1 Day

Thus, you are able to recognise that cough and non-apetite are fever oriented. Sometimes, you may find that there is no corelation in the complaints stated by the patient.

i) Fever - last 7 Days

ii) Tinnitus in both ears - 7 Days

iii) Blood in stool - 7 Days

In the above mentioned, tinnitus is not related to the illness. This is learnt by the therapist in due course of time. The patient should be given full time to state his ailments. An intelligent patient is able to express his ailments to the point so that the therapist does not take time to diagnosis. For example, pain in the upper chest radiating to his left arm or is it due to physical effort is it of cardiac origin - can be diagnosed as it is of cardiac origin or not. While another patient is unable to express his abdominal pain.

Among many symptoms, given by a patient, all are not of equal diagnostic importance. The one symptom which helps in diagnosis, is called as - The presenting symptom. Some important presenting symptoms are detailed ahead.

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