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The Philosophical Approach to Religion

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The Philosophical Approach to Religion
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The Philosophical Approach to Religion

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Item Code: NAO534
Author: Eric S. Waterhouse
Publisher: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788180903687
Pages: 194
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 380 gms
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My purpose has been to afford an outline of some of the fundamentals of the philosophical approach to religion for the general reader of theology, as well as for the students in my own College. That will be sufficient to explain the limitations of what I have written, in some degree at least, for I have desired to make the treatment sufficiently simple for the reader unversed in philosophy, whilst including the main problems of the subject. No one knows better than I do how such limitations afford material for the critical. I have left undone many things that should have been done, as well as done many things that should not have been done in an adequate, let alone an ideal, treatment of the subject. But if those who read will not expect more than my limits allow me to offer, realizing that simplification means omission of much that should be inserted, and an abbreviation of much else, as well as a certain false perspective in other ways, they will perhaps be kindly tolerant. Many statements that are disputable have necessarily been expressed summarily, without discussion, and thus may appear unfair to the side that does not accept them. Other subjects have been treated too briefly to envisage all the aspects of importance they possess. But this has been needful in order to keep the book within limits, and as there are a number of fuller and more adequate treatments of the subject available for all, it is to be hoped that those who want more will turn to them, for what I cannot offer, whilst those who want such an elementary treatment of the subject as this, will find here something towards their needs.

I should like to express my indebtedness to my son, Rev. J. W. Waterhouse, B.A., B.D., for reading the proofs, and making many valuable suggestions.


  Preface 9
I The Fact of Religion: Religion's Origin - The Definition of Religion - The Relation of religion to Human Life and Interests - Religion and Science - Relgion and Philosophy - Religion and Art- Religion and Morality. 13
2 The Purpose of Philosophy: The Field of Philosphy - The Nature of Knowledge - Institutionism - Empiricism - Pragmatism - Religious Knowledge - Scepticism and Agnosticism - Ancient Scepticism - Mdern Scepticism or Agnosticism - Criticism of Agnosticism 38
3 The Idea of God: God and Human Reason Reason - The Beginnings of Thism - The Growth of Christian Theism - The Groweth of Christian Theism - The first Questionigs - The Theistic Proofs - The Ontological Argument - The cosmological Argument - The Teleological Argument - The Moral Arguments - Belief in God as its own Guarantee - God's Nature and Attributes - Some Modern Quasi - Theistms 59
4 The Idea of the Universe: Theistic Conceptions - Dualism - Philosophical Dualism - Monism - Monism and Religion - Pluralism - Materialism - Realism and Idealism 93
5 The Idea of Man: The Moral Nsature of Man - The Relation of the Individual to Society - The Personality and Freedom of Man 118
6 The Ideaof the Good: The scope of Ethics - Theories of the Good - Pleasure as the Good - Perfection as the Good - Evolutionary Ethics - Ethical Intuitionism - The Basis of Moral Authority 131
7 God and The World: The Polytheistic Stage - The Pantheistic Conception - The Deistic Conception - Monotheistic Doctrines of God- The Idea of Creation - The Ideaof Providence - Immanence and Transendence 145
8 God and Man: Reason and Revelation - The conception of Natural Theology - The Meaning of Revelation - The function of Reson - the Relation of Reason and Revelation - The relation of God to Humanity - Creation and Limitation - The problem of Evil 163
9 Immortality - Early Beliefs - Later Development of the Idea of Immortality - Objections- The arguments for Immortality - the Nature of Immortality 175
  Appendix: Some Modern Trends in Philosopy 187
  Index of Proper Names 193


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