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Item Code: IDF864
Publisher: Sat Sahitya Sahayogi Sangh
Language: English
Edition: 2004
Pages: 519
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 7.5" X 5.0"
From the Back of the Book:

Nature Cure Philosophy and Principles revised and enlarged . Devoted to an analysis of the true nature of Health and disease. Lays bedrock foundation for scientific methods of healing. Dispels for all time the confusing dogmas of the old schools of medicine and of faddists; establishes with exact certitude the primary laws of Health and Longevity, and traces with marvelous clearness the various phenomena following obedience to these laws; furnishes an unfailing standard of determining the value of any and all methods of treatment for acute and chronic disease. Indispensable to the sick and the well.

Explains Unity of Diseases and Cure; Law of Dual effect; Healing Crises; periodicity; Effects of Suppression of acute inflammatory diseases, tonsillitis, typhoid fever etc.

Revolutionizes prevalent theories as to the nature and activity of bacteria and white blood corpuscles. Dispels illusions concerning women's suffering, vaccination, serums, antitoxins, drugs etc. outlines the true scope of medicine. Furnishes the key to the seemingly marvelous results of metaphysical healing.

Explains the laws governing the course of acute disease as well as the course of improvement and cure of chronic disease under natural treatment . Metaphysical Therapeutics its legitimate scope. The prayer of faith. Positive affirmations. Strengthening of Will Power and Self control.

Announcement vii
To progressive Physicians of the Age 1
The Upas Tree of Disease 8
1 Missing Links 9
2 What Is Nature Cure? 18
3 Catechism of Nature Cure 22
4 What is Life? 28
5 The Primary Cause of Disease and Its manifestations 37
6 The Unity of Acute Disease 49
7 The Laws of Cure 60
8 Suppression versus Elimination 68
9 Inflammation 82
10 The Discovery of Microzyma 100
11 Results of Suppression 110
12 Surgery 122
13 Appendicitis 129
14 Vaccination 145
15 The Diphtheria Antitoxin 169
16 Suppressive Surgical Treatment of Tonsilitis and Enlarged Adenoids 181
17 Woman's Suffering 187
18 Cancer 202
19 What About the Chronic 227
20 Diagnosis and Prognosis 236
21 Treatment of Chronic Diseases 244
22 Crises 255
23 Periodicity 267
24 The True Scope of Medicine 289
25 Homeopathy 307
26 Natural Dietetics 319
27 Fasting 322
28 What is Positive, What is Negative? 332
29 Health is Positive, Disease Negative 344
30 Conservation of Vitality 370
31 Onanism or Masturbation 387
32 Spinal Manipulation and Adjustment 399
33 Neurotherapy 417
34 Magnetic Treatment 425
35 The Legitimate Scope and Natural Limitations of Mental and Metaphysical Healing 445
36 The Difference between Functional and Organic Disease 454
37 The Twofold Attitude of Mind and Soul 459
38 The Symphony of Life 463
39 The Threefold constitution of Man 465
40 Mental Therapeutics 470
41 How Shall We Pray 479
42 Scientific Relaxation and normal suggestion 485
43 Man's Demands Are God's Commands 491

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