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Philosophy of Wittgenstein: Indian Responses

Philosophy of Wittgenstein: Indian Responses
Item Code: IDD141
Author: Ed. By. R.C. Pradhan
Publisher: Decent Books
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 818692115X
Pages: 221
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.8" X 5.8"
From the Jacket:

The book is an open-minded evaluation of Wittgenstein's philosophy of language from fresh perspectives to bring out its contemporary significance. Including papers presented by noted Indian philosophers at a national seminar, it examines the special place of Wittgenstein in the development of philosophy in the west in the twentieth century.

The papers offer an in-depth critique of Wittgenstein's theories on the limits and structure of language, operationalism in philosophy of language, idea of a private language, necessity of mathematics and logical truths, grammar of the language of emotions and language as a liberating force. Throughout the attempt is to analyse Wittgenstein's contributions vis-a-vis Indian Philosophical thinking and trace the similarities between him and Indian thinkers. The work, for instance, includes a detailed study of Wittgenstein's' notion of silence and its affiliations with silence as interpreted in the Nyaya system and identifying the common factors in Gandhi and Wittgenstein's' approach to western civilisation. It also presents a radically different understanding - from what is traditionally understood of the Wittgensteinian concept of picture.

The work will prove immensely useful to scholars concerned with linguistic representation and meaning in general and Wittgenstein's contributions to philosophy of language in particular.

About the Author:

Ramesh Chandra Pradhan, Ph.D., presently member-secretary of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, specialises in philosophy of language and meaning with particular reference to Wittgenstein. He is credited with authoring scholarly works on the subject, namely, Language and Experience: An Interpretation of the Later Philosophy of Wittgenstein; Truth, Meaning and Understanding; and Philosophy of Meaning and Representation.


1.Attacking Modern Western Civilisation: Mahatma Gandhi and Ludwig Wittgenstein
    - Suresh Chandra
2. Speech and Silence in Western Philosophy: Critique of Wittgenstein from an Indian Point of View
    - Srinivasa Rao
3. Language-game, Grounding and the Metaphysics of Meaning
    -Ahmed Nizar
4. Criteria and the Conceptual Structure
    - Amitabha Dasgupta
5. On the Problem of Communication: Wittgenstein versus Habermas
    - S. Paneerselvam
6. Wittgenstein on Private Language
    - P.R. Bhat
7. Kripke - McGinn Controversy on Rule and Rule-following
    - Ganesh Prasad Das
8. Wittgenstein on Necessity and Objectivity in Mathematics and Logic
    - Sadhan Chakraborti
9. Logical Necessity, Conventionalism and Forms of Life: Wittgenstein's Philosophy Revisited
    - R.C. Pradhan
10. Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Language:
A Feminist Response
    - Shefali Moitra
11. The Language of Face: Wittgenstein on Cinema
    - Sanil V.
12. Exploring the Grammar of Emotion Words
    - G.P. Ramachandra
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