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Pondering Views on Homoeopathy (Based on the Writings of Dr P N Varma)

Pondering Views on Homoeopathy (Based on the Writings of Dr P N Varma)
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Author: Dr. Nidhi Luthra Arora
Publisher: HFY Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788190586207
Pages: 252
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.32 kg

The book has an unusual title but is reflecting of what it contains. There is no philosophical thinking behind the views. Modernization & comforts are directly linked. Mind, body, diets, drugs, pollutants are all linked to disease process and our suffering. The on-going process called modernization has unfortunately created lots of problems for healthy human existence. Hardly any-one will disagree to the fact that scientific knowledge can be applied to the solution of problems of mankind. Pragmatism driven positivists within the larger ambits of "ifs" & "buts" of situational ethics have with them great things to deliver to the suffering humanity. I have tried to express my thinking.

I am grateful to Dr. Nidhi who has taken care to abstract & compile the book.


The basic content of this book might appear to be somewhat ambitious to a homoeopathic practitioner in general. Health, disease and homoeopathy especially in relation to fundamental questions of scientific explanation of homoeopathy are indeed deep and ponderous issues. Nevertheless there have been discoveries made in modern times, which shed new light on the basic principles and methods involved in such issues. This book is an endeavour to elucidate the relatively simple principles and methods involved in healing, not only for the professional but also for the general reader who wishes to enter the subject in depth. The working principles of homoeopathy and the action of homoeopathic medicines are not very clear; even then the therapeutic results given by homoeopathy are miraculous. There are many missing points and confusing issues, many unknown links in the theory of homoeopathy for which there are no explanations from the masters of time.

In this book an effort has been made to link the theory of homoeopathy to scientific grounds.

The book highlights the importance of alternative therapies in health care system. How modern science has led us away from the basic meaning of good health? Why homoeopathy is an important healing system in health care today? The book also goes on to explain the link between body and mind, which is acknowledged by homoeopathy and is now being accepted by the modern science.

Many common diseases and the efficacy of homoeopathic treatment for them are explained. Homoeopathy while taking care of immediate problem also strengthens the body's defense mechanism leading to long-term cure in many diseases.

Homoeopathy is among the most popular forms of traditional medicine globally. The book briefly describes the past, present and future of homoeopathy and the challenges faced by homoeopathy today. The book provokes us to think of our homoeopathic field and sees how far it is prepared to face the changing scenario and the challenges from its competition.

Homoeopathy at one time had less than hundred medicines. It went on increasing. The homoeopathic pharmacopoeia list compiled by the Government has over 2370 medicines. The book makes you ponder on whether updating of homoeopathic materia medica is needed? The action of homoeopathic medicines has been explained on scientific basis.

Many people have dropped homoeopathy because they could not see scientific rationale. One question is always asked - what is homoeopathic potentiating and does it contain anything? In this book an effort has been made to explain the scientific rationale of homoeopathy.

Homoeopaths have varied ways of prescription of medicines. The book goes on to explain these varying prescriptions of different homoeopaths, the controversy between high and low potencies and the increasing use of mother tinctures, which are not considered to be truly homoeopathic.

All the issues talked about in the book provoke the thought process and makes one ponder on them.

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