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The Power Of Homoeopathy: Spectacular Effects of Homoeopathic Combinations and Uncommon Diagnosis

The Power Of Homoeopathy: Spectacular Effects of Homoeopathic Combinations and Uncommon Diagnosis
Item Code: IDE763
Author: Compiled By: Dr. H.N. Mistry
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 817992131X
Pages: 235 (Color Illus: 48, B & W Figures: 42)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.3" X 5.3"
From the Jacket:

For many years, medical practitioners all around the world and specially in the EAST, used observation of Pulse, Iris and Tongue as very sensitive and dependable diagnostic tools. Due to unknown reasons, somewhere down the line, the medical fraternity failed to pay sufficient attention towards consistent use and the development of these invaluable techniques. As a result, the treasure was almost lost. This book skillfully derives the interest and explains at length. Medical practitioners belonging to any field of specialization would be highly benefited by these excellent diagnostic tools.

Another uncommon and unconventional method of diagnosis, discussed at length in this book is by using a pendulum. This is referred to as DOWSING. It gives amazing results. Also included are some ready to use CHARTS for the use of homoeopathic treatment, the book gives an exhaustive list of effective combination of Homoeopathic medicine, which have been listed in a variety of chronic as well as acute crisis. This list cold be used as a READY RECKONER for many common and uncommon ailments.

About the Author:

Dr. H.N. Mistry is well known as a firm believer and practitioner of Homoeopath, Alternative Medicines, Therapies and Allied Sciences. He has been rendering service to humanity at large for over 30 years now, and has to his credit a very high success rate.

His unstinted devotion and enthusiasm has made him one of the top Alternate Medicines and Therapy Practitioner in India, and believes in bringing the use of therapies to the many "have nots". He spends a substantial percentage of his time for charitable services as well.


Homage to Outstanding Practitioners of Alternative Medicines
(1) Dr. Benoytosh Bhattacharya
(2) Dr. A.K. Bhattacharya

- Homeopathic Laws3
- Miasms4
- Role of Bacteria in the Production of Disease8
- Homeopathy in Upanishads9
IIBiochemic Tissue Salts30-42
IIIAstrology and Diseases43-44
IVModern era and Homoeopathy45-51
VWhy Homoeopathic Combinations51-56
VISpectacular Effects of Homoeopathic Combinations57-90
- Biochemic Tissue Salts Combinations59
- Homoeopathic Remedies

IPulse Diagnosis91-103
- The Chinese Pulse104-110
- The Dug-Gsum Theory111-115
- Root of Diagnosis116-119
IITongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine120-136
IIIDowsing - The Cosmic Guru137-157
IVConstitution and Iris Examination158-178
VOld is Gold

1.Planets and Their Relation to Illnesses185
2.Biochemic Salt - Affected Planets in Relation to Probable Diseases186
3.Preventive Medicine as Per Sun Sign187-188
4.Characteristics of the Twelve Biochemic Tissue Salts189-191
5.Case History Record192
7.List of Remedies
Homoeopathic & Biochemic Remedies
Group "A" - Injury Potency194
Group "B" - Homoeo Remedies Potency194
Group "C" - Homoeo Mother Tinctures195
Group "D" - Biochemic Tissue Salts195
Group "E" - Indian Mother Tinctures195
8.Information Regarding Taking Medicines196-198
(A)Index Homoeopathic Combinations199-201
(B)Coloured Plates On199-201
(I) Tongue Diagnosis
(II) Iridology
(III) Medicinal Plants

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