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The Power of the Sacred Name

The Power of the Sacred Name
Item Code: IDH564
Author: William J. Jackson
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Edition: 1997
ISBN: 8170303854
Pages: 362 {10 Illustrations in B/W}
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.0" X 6.0"
From the Jacket

This book is about devotion to holy names-names such as Rama, Krishna or Devi-in India, especially in the Kaveri delta from 1650-1850 A.D. During that time leaders such as Venkatesa Ayyaval, Dodhendra, Sadasiva Brahmendra, Narayana Tirtha and Sadgurusvami sang, repeated and taught about the holy names as a Hindu way of religious life leading ultimately to the moksa. These Namasiddhanta leaders practised revolving the name in their minds and singing holy names aloud as ways to keep to hold on the ultimate amid an ever-changing world of disturbance and confusion. They saw the name as a simple direct way to taste bhakti, to plunge the individual into contact with the holy through evocative utterance.

V. Raghavan conducted in-depth research into the lives, documents, Sanskrit texts, history and cultural vitality of this fertile region, focusing on the Namasiddhanta saints and their background as one of his favorite areas of exploration. The author has brought together some of V. Raghavan's studies on Namasiddhanta and arranging them and discussing them in larger historical and comparative contexts and also updating them to take them to the present day scholars of world religions.

About the Author

William J. Jackson is presently at the Department of Religious Studies, Indiana University, USA.

Preface vii
I Introductory Essay on the name and Namasiddhanta Saints
Reading the Signs of the Times and Beyond: Kaveri Delta
Namasiddhanta Saints' Lives
II Cultural Overviews: V. Raghavan's Essays on the Name in Indian History and Culture
1. Indian Culture and Its Creative Revivers 47
2. Praise of the Name: Highlights from Rg Vedic Times to Tyagaraja 64
3 Perennialism and the name, V. Raghavan's Foreword to Frithj of Schuon's Languagee of the Self 90
III Leaders of Kaveri Delta Namasiddhanta
1. Bodhendra and Sadgurusvami 109
2. Sridhara Vendatesa Ayyaval 119
3. Sadasiva Brahmendra 131
4. Narayana Tritha Part One 142
Narayana Tritha Part Two 148
IV Creative Exponents of the Name and Related Studies
1. Vak Devata 155
2. Bhagavata purana 159
3. Encountering Tulasidas 166
4. Guru Nanak 169
5. Bhadracalam Ramadas 186
6. Upanisad Brahmayogin 200
7. Tyagaraja 217
8. Mahatma Gandhi 231
V V. Raghavan's Translation of Visnu Sahasranama 234
VI 1. Beads on Strings: Concluding Reflections on the Power of the Name 247
2. Passages in Praise of the Name 294
VII Appendices on V. Raghavan
1. Autobiographical Reflection by V. Raghavan 317
2. V. Raghavan, A Personal Reminiscence by Milton Singer 328
VIII Bibliography 345
Index 355
Map, Illustrations and Chart

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