वेदस्य व्यवहारिकत्वम: The Practically of the Vedas (An Old and Rare Book)
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वेदस्य व्यवहारिकत्वम: The Practically of the Vedas (An Old and Rare Book)

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Item Code: NZO826
Author: Dr. Jyotisna
Publisher: Eastern Book Linkers
Language: SANSKRIT
Edition: 1996
Pages: 244
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
Weight 340 gm
I have read ayumati Dr. Jyotsna's Vedasya Vyava-harflcatvam from cover to cover. I have admired it as it is written in Sanskrit. Generally scholars write their theses in English or Hindi. This thesis is one of those Ea: please us. Books in Sanskrit enrich the literature Saniait language. Books in English or Hindi or any Eier language proliferate the literature of their language. It is our resolution that Sanskrit speakers should caridi the literature of Sanskrit language.

The word 'Veda' which is derived from the root "Yid' which means knowledge conveys that column el knowledge which was obtained by the truth seeking seers and later handed to their juniors. Here not ask the subject of yajiias is treated but subjects spiritual, terrestrial and divine also. The author has Alisarard the terrestrial topics at length. She has taken 1, up a variety of subjects like Vedic medicine, education-mg management, scientific principles, social and polity-_ col airier etc. It proves that the Vedas are not only Ionia of religion but the fountain-head of various physic-al sciences also. Hence their practical value. Hence their acceptability. Hence their benefaction worth. This is a quite novel sequence.

The learned author writes this book on the critique of Veda. Her labor and keen insight show at every step. The entire thesis is supported by proofs. Subjects open to scholastic dispute include both shades of opinions. Both shades of opinion have been reproduced while discussing the question whether the 'caste-system' is determined by birth or aptitude. She has no insistence upon what is good and what is bad or what is good and what is better. This is the best course of a research-work and this course she has taken. Hoping that acceptance of her work by the bright scholars will give it a place of honor. I, Satyavrata Shastri, a servant of Sanskrit conclude with the blessing that JYOTSNA be true to her name and enlighten the mind of man.

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