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Prem Purana (Mythological Love Stories)

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Prem Purana (Mythological Love Stories)
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Prem Purana (Mythological Love Stories)

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Item Code: NAN392
Author: Usha Narayanan
Publisher: Penguin Books
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9780143440086
Pages: 294
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.5 inch X 5.0 inch
weight of the book: 210 gms
Back of the Book

No one is untouched by love, not even devas and asuras, king and nymphs. And when they face life’s unexpected tribulations, their love too undergoes trials. Read how Ganesha took myriad forms to please Riddhi, Siddhi and Buddhi, how Ravana shared an unbreakable bond with his true love Mandodari and how Nala and Damayanti’s relationship was tasted till almost nothing remained.

Tomented by passion, tortured by betrayal and wracked by the agony of sepration, love in its many splendorous forms is the origin of these incredibly endearing stories.

It is that which sustains.


About the Author

Usha Narayanan had a successful career in advertising, radio and corporate communications before becoming a full-time author. She has written several books, including the suspense thriller The Madras Mangler and the fun office romance Love, Lies and Layoffs. Her books Pradyumna: Son of Krishna and The Secret of God's Son have been praised as 'Indian mythology at its fiercest and finest'.




I Ganesha's Brides  
1 The Parijata Forest 3
2 A Delightful Surprise 10
3 A Duel for Love 20
4 Nara Mukha 30
5 Fiery Durga 41
6 A Son Like Krishna 50
7 A Secret Revealed 58
8 The Chintamani 68
9 The Mute God 76
10 A Lost Cause? 84
11 A Wedding and a Dispute 92
12 Celebrating Love 100
II Mandodari  
1 Strange Beginnings 105
2 Lankeshwara 116
3 The Rapture 124
4 Folly 135
5 Cursed 145
6 Torment 153
7 Temptation 161
8 Beauteous Sita 169
9 Vayu's Son 181
10 Carnage 189
11 A Mother's Grief 201
12 The Secret 211
13 The Setting Sun 217
14 Will Love Triumph? 223
III Damayanti's Riddle  
1 The Swan from Heaven 231
2 A Clash with the Gods 238
3 Kali and Dwapara 247
4 The Roll of the Dice 253
5 In the Heart of the Fire 261
6 The Riddle of Love 271
7 The Nectar of Her Lips 283
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