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PURNANANDA'S Sritattvacintamani (Sanskrit Only)

PURNANANDA'S Sritattvacintamani (Sanskrit Only)
Item Code: IDD557
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd
Language: sanskrit
Edition: 1994
ISBN: 8120811844
Pages: 886
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.9" x 5.7"
About the Book:

Sritattvacintamani is a tantric treatise composed in Sanskrit verses by a sixteenth-century Sadbaka of Bengal, Paramahamsa Purnananda. The work contains as many as twenty-six chapters, called Prakasas, on almost all the subjects of tantric importance, the most important of which is the sixth known as Satcakranirupana and published several times as an independent book. The topics discussed in the book include: initiation for a religious ceremony, places etc. for initiation and other things the six mystical circles of the body, the kinds of mantras or incantations, the different tantric female deities, the deity named Sodasi, the nature of Sricakra after which the book is named, hymns to Tripurasundari, the Sacrifice called Jnanaduti, the hymns containing one thousand names of the great Tripurasundari, consecration of a mystical diagram used as an amulet etc.


Chapter I. Prefatory note regarding knowledge and its character.

Chapter II. A fuller account of consecration of initiation for a religious ceremony.

Chapter III. An account of places prescribed for initiation and other minor things.

Chapter IV. The preparing of a building consecrated to a deity.

Chapter V. The subsidiary duties connected with initiation, e.g., making a divinity assume its abode (in an image).

Chapter VI. The character of the six mystical circles of the body

Chapter VII. The definition of a pool, as well; especially one conserated to some deity or holy purpose

Chapter VIII. The rules of offering oblations to gods by throwing ghee into the consecrated fire

Chapter IX. Different results in offering oblations in accordance with differences of things.

Chapter X. The account of various differences in the mantras or incantations.

Chapter XI. Different tantric Saktis or female deities.

Chapter XII. An investigation into the different mantras, etc.

Chapter XIII. An account of the female deity, named Sodasa, the third of the ten tantric Mahavidyas.

Chapter XIV. Morning duties, etc.

Chapter XV. The order of ablutions.

Chapter XVI. The inner sacrifice, the process of creation etc.

Chapter XVII. The nature of Sricakra or the circle of Tripurasundari, etc., for which the book is so called.

Chapter XVIII. The worship of the deity in greater detail.

Chapter XIX. The Hymn addressed to Tripurasundari.

Chapter XX. An account of the repetition of the name of a deity accompanied with burnt offerings in relation to mantras.

Chapter XXI. An account of expiatory rites for killing a brahman, etc.

Chapter XXII. An account of the sacrifice, called Jnanaduti

Chapter XXIII. An account of the means of reviving the deity Tripurasundari

Chapter XXIV. An investigation into the reading of hymns to the deity.

Chapter XXV. The hymn containing one thousand names of the great Tripurasundari

Chapter XXVI. An account of the consecration of a mystical diagram used as an amulet.

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