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Raman Maharshi

Raman Maharshi
Item Code: IDC948
Author: B. K. Chaturvedi
Publisher: Books For All
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8173862249
Pages: 120
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7" x 4.9"
From the back of the Book

Raman Maharshi Perhaps the most logical thinker ever produced in the orient, Raman Maharshi, was the philosophers' philosopher. His concepts of destiny and free-will have drawn devotees from all parts of the world. Though a votary of non-dualism (advaita) he also advocated devotion as a definitive way to God-realisation. The book contains not only his life history but also the essence of the gem of thoughts that he disseminated apart from their independent scrutiny with a rational approach.

About the author

B. K. Chaturvedi, born in a village, Holipura (Agra, UP), on August 3, 1945 in a reputed family, had his education in Allahabad (M. Sc.) and Bangalore (Computer programming). Having served for a couple of years in HMT, he is now a free-lance author, journalist, poet and translator based in New Delhi for about a couple of decades.

He has many articles/poems and books published in both Hindi and English to his credit. Prominent among them are the metered-verse English translation of the famous epic of modern Hindi, KAMAYANI; original long-poem DEHA-DANSHA; English verse translation of Sahir Ludhyanvi's famous Nazm PARCHAAINYAN; the latest being a journalistic appraisal, KARGIL BETRAYAL. He has also rendered 'SRIMADBHAGWAT GITA' into Hindi & English, published a couple of years ago. His translation, both in Hindi and English, of 'SRI RAM CHARITA MANAS' is likely to be published soon. A profic writer ho often writes for TV and Radio.



Series' Editor's Note

1.  Raman Maharshi: A Great Contemporary Saint And Philosopher.

2.  Birth And Other Events

3.  Who am I?

4.  Destiny Versus Free-Will

5.  Silence Is Golden

6.  His Views On The World Vis-à-Vis God

7.  Must We Have A Guru?

8.  Is Renunciation Necessary
    For Self-Realisation

9.  The Realisation, Maya And Suffering

10. The General Impact Of 
    The Maharshi's Teachings

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