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Razia Sultan

Razia Sultan
Item Code: NAV478
Author: Rashmi Swarup Johri
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788123027340
Pages: 36
Other Details: 10.00 X 7.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.1 kg
About the Book

Razia Sultan was the first and the last woman ruler that ascended the throne of Delhi during the Sultanate era. With her capabilities and self-confidence she not only defended the Delhi Sultanate but also provided it stability.

She was a wise, mature, farsighted and competent ruler who was always concerned for the well being of her subjects. She challenged the age old customs and busted the false myths of inherent male superiority besides breaking the stereotype of a weak woman.

Narrated by a renowned children’s writer Rashmi Swarup Johri in a very simple and lucid style, the inspiring story of Razia Sultan will definitely enthrall our young readers.


Razia was the first and the only woman Sultan who ascended the throne of Delhi Sultanate. She was of Turkish origin and belonged to the slave or the Mamluk Dynasty. She ruled for a very brief period, i.e. from 1236 A.D. to 1240 A.D. But even in such a short span of time, she carved a niche for herself in Indian history.

Her accession to the throne was neither smooth, nor easy, but it was her capability and her popularity among masses that people accepted her as their Sultan. Being a woman, Razia had to face great difficulties. In a male dominated society of that time, few would accept a woman as their Sultan. But Razia ruled as a successful empress quelling rebellions against her.

She did not care for age old traditions and revolted against the social norms and customs that put barriers in the way of women. Nearly 750 years ago, she had raised her voice in favour of equal nghts for women, and ruled as any other male Sultan of the time. Razia opposed purdah and started attending the durbar as well as meeting the people of Delhi city without covering her face in veil, which was certainly a daring act in the conservative society of that time. Like her male counterparts, Razia Sultan also took part in battles and also commanded army.

Razia was a wise and an able ruler. She was a warrior, a far-sighted woman and well-wisher of her people. She fulfilled the wishes of her father by safeguarding ‘Delhi Sultanate’ and also by providing it stability.

Hope our young readers will find this book inspiring and interesting as it is based on the life of an important empress whose thoughts and ideas were far ahead of her times. I am grateful to all of those who helped me in writing this book.

All through the process of writing this book, the inspirations and blessings of my Amma-Babu (Late Ramesh Swarup and Late Radha Rani) was with me.

Iam especially grateful to the officials of the Rampur Raza Library, Ministry of Culture, Government of India, who not only made available the painting of Razia Sultan, but also allowed me to use it in the book. I got continuous help and support in writing, editing and publishing this book from my family members and friends along with the Archeological Survey of India, New Delhi and the Publications Division. I am grateful to all of them.

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