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Remedies on Problems Faced by Children

Remedies on Problems Faced by Children
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Remedies on Problems Faced by Children

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Item Code: NAS370
Author: H. H. Vasand B Athavale, Dr Mahesh Gandhi and Mrs Shraddha Gandhi
Publisher: Sanatan Sanstha
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9789385575617
Pages: 96
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.12 kg

Dear Parents, Medical Students and Doctors,

You might be wondering which child should be called a problem child. Every child misbehaves and all of us lose our temper several times. A child is termed problem child when parents, guardians or teachers fail in their efforts to correct his persistent or repetitive undesirable behaviour or conduct. Most of the children have some psychological problem at one time or another.

It is easier to correct behavioural problems in children as they are not as deeply rooted as in adults. The child's mind is easily amenable to suggestions. Very often it is the 'Problem Parents' who require treatment. Here, it is important to correct the faulty parental attitudes and provide for the basic psychological needs of the child and a warm and congenial atmosphere at home. It is also important to keep in mind that each child is unique and must be understood through his view point.

Psychiatry is a fast growing subject. Tremendous advance in the past few decades have brought to the forefront bio-logical aberrations. Specific drugs to treat anxiety, depression, psychosis, hyperkinesias and many other childhood disorders act as a prop along with psychotherapy, behaviour therapy and hypnotherapy.

All the childhood mental disorders have been dealt with enough detail without delving too much in to the controversies of the subject. Reading has been made lucid and comprehensible to enable parents to hand a majority of the behavioural problems with confidence. This book will be very useful to family physicians because of its clinical approach and practical suggestions. For the students of Psychological Medicine, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-Ill-Revised (DSM-IIIR) criteria for diagnosis have been given. This would make their concepts clearer and make diagnosis more specific.

Needless to say, the book gives factual information regarding the subject, but the application of this science is an art which needs to be mastered. A caution to parents is that no drug should be administered without consulting a Psychiatrist.

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