Role of Nakshtras in Astrology

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The stars or Nakshtras have fascinated most of us during our childhood. During hurly-burly of adulthood, they seemed to be put in background, but come back to centre stage again once we settle down in life an concept of Almighty/destiny downs on us. Nakshtras are said to be the abodes into which the fruits of our past labor or karma is transferred and stored. Thus, Nakshtras distribute the outgrowth of karma according to the theory of cause and effect. We should look more and more into them and try and identify ourselves with our own nakshtra to understand ourselves and people around us better. The deity, nature, working style, caste, sex, yoni, Gunas, Tatwa, Tribosh, body parts, lord of Nakshtra and it Pada, Muhurats, longevity, profession, diseases/health, marriage, children and relationships an dremdial measures for afflicted/ill placed Nakshtra are unique for each individual and his Nakshtra. This book takes us through a sojourn of cosmic path of 27 Nakshtras. I hope this journey is interesting, knowledgeable and satisfying.


About the Author

The author is a mining engineer form “Indian Scholl of Mines” now known as IIT Dhanbad. Has put in 28 Years of service in the Army as an Engineer officer. He is a Jyotish Acharya from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. For a long time, he has been pursuing astrological studies as a keen student. His researches reflect his analytical approach to go into the details as an engineer and then he put them across frankly as an Army officer.



Astrology is a science which reveals an individual’s environment, patterns of behavior, potentialities, propensities, fortunes and misfortunes, ups and downs of life, his past, presents and future. In short, it is a blue print of his destiny. Astrology is based on the relationship of all stellar bodies to the earth. It is primarily concerned with all the bodies in our solar system including the Nakshtras, planets, the Sun, the Moon, and their Upgrahs. The concept of Nakshtras is very ancient and dates back to thousands of years. Its reference is found in the ancient Vedic scriptures. Nakshtras are considered that backbone of Vedic astrology as they are known to give more accurate results throughout the astrological analysis. Nkshtras are the key to understanding celestial influences on the planets. According to the saints, Nakshtras represent the abodes into which the fruits of labour or Karma is transferred and stored. Thus, Nakshtras distribute the outgrowth of Karma according to Hindu scriptures.

The Nakshtras of the Indians, constellations/asterism of western countries, Manzils of the Arabs, and sieu of the Chinese are the same in essence and system of divisions. With the passage of time, astrologers from various parts of the world, according to their belief and expertise available to them, changed the ancient system of astrology. This establishes that the origin of Nakshtra is basically a unit of time and space. A sign represents about two hours time and a unit of time and space. A sign represent about two hours time and a space of 30 degrees; while a Nakshtra represents about 53 minutes and a space of 13, 20 and its Pada (which is same as a navamsha) represents a little over 13 minute and an arc of 3, 20’ only; thus progressively increasing their efficiency and accuracy.

In the original observations, the sages of yore divided the zodiac in to the Nakstras and not by the signs. The reason was simple. The moon was at a different segment of the zodiac every night. It returned to the same segment after 27 days. As the moon moves along the zodiac from one new moon to the next, the lunar vibratins change along the phases of the moon. These changes in the lunar vibrations are signinfied by the 27 Nakshtras. This promptedthem to divide the zodiac of 360 degree in 27 equal parts of 13, 20’ each. Each segment was given a name appropriate to its characteristics. As he Moon travels across the sky and around the earth through this pathway of Nakshtras, they are also called lunar mansion. Moon travels through one Nakshtra in a day. The Nakshtras define characteristcts and influence the planets placed in them. Each Nakshtra is defined as he had of a specific group of stars and overs an arc of 13, 20’ each. These Nakshtras are grouped into triads and each planet (including Nodes) is said to rule a tried/ set of three Nakshtras.

Nakshtras define characteristics and influence the planets placed in them. Janma Nakshtra is the Nakshtra in which the Monn/ ascendant (stronger of the two) is placed at the time of birth. It plays a major role in shaping a person’s thinking patterns, inherent capabilities an destiny. The birth Nakshtra has a great significance for the traits of a native. The character and traits of an individual are read more through the birth star than by the Sun or Moon sign. The Nakshtra are used in Vedic astrology since without their inputs, astrological predictions cannot be correctly offered, as a planet acts under the sway of Nakshtra and its Pada in which a planets is posited at birth. When the lord of birth star or Nakshtra is powerfully situated in a birth chart, that holds sway over its occupants.

Each sign contains the combined influence or the Nakstras and their Padas falling within it. Compared to the signs, the Nakshtras possess a deeper effect. The sings are merely “a heap, mass or collection of influences as their Sanskrit name Rashi suggests. The planet radiates certain specialized energy patterns. The planets make their impact on the zodiacal field. This specialized circle divided by the signs. Nakshtra and its padas it the negative or passive fields of influences while the planets are the positive or the active forces. The signs and Nakstra create the nexessary milieu, the environment, while the planets are precipitating.

The personality of a Naakshtra is cloaked in so many different layers that it is quite a task to unravel it completely. The wise and perceptive have often said that for predictions, one must look, and look intently, at the nature of Nakshtra. In india, the Moon Nakshtra is the main indicator of personality types, much like the Sun sign is in western astrology. People who often ask, what is your sign? Should ask, what is your Nakshtra? Nakshtra types, like sun/Moon sign types are clearly delineated according to their temperament, characteristics, appearances, likes and dislikes. In fact vedic astrology has much more detail classifying Nakstra types than western astrology has with its Sun sign types.

Stars have fascinated me since child hood days. As I grew older and studies astrology, I realized their importance on human beings through astrology. The subject is very vast and difficult to contain in the realm of a book, I have venture to put it across in a summarized form without compromising their importance and applicability in various aspect of astrology. The book is covered in 11 chapters. The first chapter deals with the introduction of Nakstra, their classifications, general characteristics and significant. The second chapter covers general principles of applicability of Nakstra in astrology. The next nine chapter deals with role of Nakstra in astrology, like , Muhurat, KP system, sarvato-Bhadra chakra,longevity, profession, health, marriage and married life, children and relationship and remedial measures for afflicted Nakstras. These have been explained with the help of 33 tables and 47 horoscopes.

In preparation of the present work, the author does not claim originality. In fact I have borrowed the ideas, principles and explanations given in many classics and by some of the great astrologers. It is not possible to name all of them. However, I am indebted to the encouragement and blessings of Justice SN Kapoor, Shri AB Shukla and my teachers, it is also difficult to identify which ideas arose from whom, but the final form has an identity of its own. I have not eh least intention to offer any astrologer or the native of the illustrated charts. However inadvertently if it has occurred I offered my unconditional apology. I realize my personal limitations and alone am responsible for any shot comings, which may come to light.

I am thankful to Mr. Narinder Sagar for his suggestions and extra efforts to get it published on Priority. I am also thankful to my friends Mr. Krishna Kumar and Co. AK Singhal for their valuable suggestions/assistance at various stage of the work. I can never forget the contribution and inspiration of my ever enthusiastic granddaughters Monil and Ishita Singhal, who have encouraged and helped me in computer/internet related works for my astrological pursuits. I do hope this effort would be of interest and use to all those who find the subject engrossing. I would fail in my duties if I do not show my gratitude towards those who have appreciated my earlier works.




  Preface xi
  List of Horoscopes xv
  List of tables xix
1 Basic Features of Nakshtras 1
2 Nakshtra in Astrolgy 27
3 Nakshtra in Muhura 51
4 Nakshtra and KP System 70
5 Nakshtra and Sarvatobhadra Chakra 86
6 Nakstra and longevity 109
7 Nakshtra and profession 128
8 Nakshtra and Health 159
9 Nakshtra, Marriage and married life 179
10 Nakshtra, Children and Relationship 205
11 Nakshtra and Remedies 233
  Appendix 253

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