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ROMA (The Gypsy World)

ROMA (The Gypsy World)
Item Code: IDD795
Author: Dr. S.S. Shashi
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Edition: 1990
ISBN: 8185067449
Pages: 240 (B & W Illus: 32)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.8" X 5.6"
About the Book:

The first Gypso-Anthropological study of Roma - the Gypsies of the world - is the result of an extensive Socio-Anthropological Survey covering twenty five countries of Europe, America and USSR. This is a vivid, account of the Banjara and other nomadic communities of India and the world.

The scholar who is an eminent social scientist and a creative writer has not only applied successfully the traditional techniques of research of participant and non-participant observations, but also his own approach and methodology. The book is based on his 11-year long research centered on Roma - the Gypsies who have preserved and lead their nomadic or semi-nomadic life throughout the world even in advanced countries.

This is a study in depth in the context of Indian nomads who migrated from their motherland, wave after wave, to other parts of the world - carrying with them the culture of their times with the inter-mingling of local traditions and customs.

About the Author:

Dr. Shyam Singh Shashi, a renowned Gypso-Anthropologist, a well-known social scientist, a distinguished poet and a prolific writer has to his credit 95 books in English and Hindi - nearly the double of his age. There is a variety in his writings. He has published thirty-five books in English on Tribes' Culture and the Himalayan People, entitled "Nomads of the Himalayas", "Gaddi Tribe of Himachal Pradesh", "Shepherds of India", "Tribes Women of India", Night Life of Indian Tribes", "Himachal - Nature's Peaceful Paradise", and "Our Tribal Children" etc. including an Encyclopaedic study in 10 volumes, entitled "Encyclopaedia of World Women".

Dr. Shashi has also published fourteen poetic collections including one epic, two dozen books for children, two travelogues on foreign visits and a dictionary. He has been awarded by the Government of India, U.P. Government, Bihar and a number of national literary, academic and research organizations for his outstanding literary works.

Dr. Shashi has obtained Ph.D. and D. Litt. on nomadic communities and Gypso-Anthropological studies.

Associated with several research and literary organizations, viz., International Sociological Association, Indian Anthropological Association, Indian Institute of Romani Studies, Author's Guild of India etc. Dr. Shashi hails from Bahadurpur Jutt a village near Haridwar in U.P. and has traveled extensively in India and abroad several times. Currently working as the Media Head in the Ministry of I & B.



  1. In Search of New Man
  2. The Sociology of Nomads
  3. History of Gypsy Migration and Persecution
  4. Socio-Economic Structure
  5. Marriage
  6. Religion
  7. The Gypsy Law (KRIS)
  8. Roma Art and Culture
  9. Roma in Europe and America:
    1. Roma in Hungary
    2. Roma in Romania
    3. Roma in Italy
    4. Roma in Sweden
    5. Roma in Finland
    6. Roma in Greece
    7. Roma in Belgium
    8. Roma in Germany
    9. Roma in Yugoslavia
    10. Roma in USSR
    11. Roma in Britain
    12. Roma in America (USA)
  10. Roma, Today and Tomorrow
  11. Appendices
    Photo Section

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