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Sampoorna Ramayana the Divine Character of Man Supreme-Sri Rama (Based on the Srimad Ramcharitmanas)

Sampoorna Ramayana the Divine Character of Man Supreme-Sri Rama (Based on the Srimad Ramcharitmanas)
Item Code: IDH583
Author: Kunwar Anil Kumar
Publisher: Manoj Publications, Delhi
Edition: 2004
Pages: 200 {Illustrated throughout in Colour}
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 11.3" X 9.0"

Rama is incarnation of Provider Lord Vishnu. Sage Valmiki has described Rama as Man Supreme in his epic original, Ramayana. The epic has all the nine value dimensions of life but it is mainly compassion-centric. The original epic is in Sanskrita which requires a special education. So. Goswami Tulsidas wrote the story of Rama in common man's language titled 'Srimad Ramachritmanas. He used material from other sources as well. Hence, there are some variations in the narration of some episodes. Valmiki's Rama is Man Supreme whereas Goswami's Rama is godly divine character.

As Ramcharitmanas is popular and more read epic our edition 'Sampoorna Ramayana' is based on it. Thus the title and story is clear enough to leave no room for any confusion.

Generally, Ramayana is divided in seven episode-Chapters. For recitations in Rama functions the devotees adhere to these seven chapters. In Valmiki's Ramayana Lava-Kusha episode is merely an addenda. But in our book the episode makes a normal episode-chapter because it reveals the glorious valour of the sons of Rama besides adding new dimensions to the characters of Rama, Sita, Laxmana, and Hanuman etc.

We have tried to keep the narrative brief, to the point and simple so as not to burden the beautiful illustrations. At the same time we have taken great care to see that the written part does not leave any gap in narration.

We believe that this illustrated edition will attract the attention of the young generation to help them see the beauty of the source from which flows our great culture, thoughts and our golden past. It is the need of the hour.




Mangalacharana 3
Parvati's Question 4
Lord Shiva narrates the story of Lord Rama 5
King Dasharatha, Raghuvansha and Vasishtha 6
Yajna and the Heavenly Kheer 7
Kheer distributed among the queens 8
King Dasharatha Blessed with Sons 9
King Dasharatha Delhighted 10
Naming ceremony of the sons of Dasharatha 11
Parents enamoured of the pranks of children 12
Delight of Ayodhyaites 13
Education imparted to the sons of Dasharatha 14
Arms training to sons of Dasharatha 15
Return to Ayodhya 16
Entry into the Palace 17
Vishwamitra at the court of king Dasharatha 18
Vishwamitra discloses his purpose of visit 19
Vasishtha intercedes with Dasharatha 20
Rama and Lakshamana depart with Vishwamitra 21
Tadaka Slain 22
Protection of Yajna from Mareech and Subahu 23
Redemption of Ahalya by Lord Rama 24
Lord Rama and Lakshamana in Janakpuri 25
Lord Rama and Lakshamana introduced to King Janaka by sage Vishwamitra 26
Lord Rama's devotion toward sage Vishwamitra 27
Lord Rama and Sita meet in the royal garden 28
Sita Ji's prayer to Mother Parvati in the temple of Lord Shiva 29
Lord Rama and Lakshamana in Sita Swayamvara 30
King Janaka' Anger and his pungent comment 31
Lakshamana's Paroxysm of Anger 32
Sage Vishwamitra permits Lord Rama to break the bow 33
Lord Rama breaks the bow 34
Lord Rama garlanded by Sita Ji 35
Parashurama comes to the place of Swayamvara 36
Dialogue between Parashurama and Lakshamna 37
Parashurama's ego shattered by Lord Rama 38
Marriage ceremony 39
Departure of King Dasharatha to Ayodhya 40

Dasharatha Contemplates Making Lord Rama the Crown-Prince 43
King Dasharatha consults Sage Vasishtha 44
Uneasiness among gods 45
Manthara Turns Hostile 46
Manthara Successful in Her Venture 47
Kaikeyi in Kopa-Bhavana 48
Kaikeyi Asks to fulfill the Promises 49
Dasharatha Tries to Concilitate Kaikeyi 50
Sumantra's Message to Lord Rama 51
Lord Rama in the Palace of Kaikeyi 52
Lord Rama avows obedience 53
Woeful Ayodhya town 54
Lord Rama in the Chamber of Kaushalya 55
Sita Ji's Resolve to Accompany Lord Rama 56
Lakshamana too Seeks Permission to Leave 57
Lord Rama Bids Farewell to His Father 58
Lord Rama's Departure 59
Lord Rama leaves Quietly in the Night 60
Arrival into Shringaverpur 61
Sumantra Returns to Ayodhya 62
Dialogue between Lord Rama and Boatman 63
Lord Rama reaches across the Ganges 64
Bidding Farewell 65
Lord Rama meets sage Bharadwaj 66
The trio reaches Chitrakoot 67
Sumantra Returns to Ayodhya 68
Dasharatha's Consternation 69
King Dasharatha Narrates the Story 70
Cursed by the blind Parents 71
King Dasharatha Passes away 72
Bharata Arrival 73
Bharata Anger on Kaikeyi 74
King Dasharatha's Cremation 75
Bharata refuses to become a king 76
Lakshama roused to Anger 77
Bharata Meets Lord Rama 78
Libation by Lord Rama 79
Bharata takes the Sandals of Lord Rama 80

Jayanta Tests the might of Lord Rama 83
Jayanta begs for his life 84
Lord Rama, Lakshamana and Sitaji Abandon Chitrakoota 85
Atri Muni Welcomes Lord Rama 86
Moral Teachings by Mahasati Ansooya to Sita Ji 87
Viradha Slain 88
Lord Rama Takes a Vow 89
Lord Rama in the hermitage of Maharshi Agastya 90
Lord Rama, Lakshamana and Sita Ji in Panchavati 91
Shoorpanakha's Entry into Panchavati 92
Shoorpanakha proposes to Lord Rama 93
Lakshamana Mutilates Shoorpanakha 94
Khara, Dooshana and Trishira Slain 95
Shoorpanakha approaches Ravana 96
Ravana Worried 97
Ravana Approaches Mareech 98
Sita Ji's Mirror-Image 99
Mareech in the form of Golden Deer 100
Mareech Slain 101
Sita Ji sends Lakshamana to rescue Lord Rama 102
Ravana approaches Sita Ji in the guise of a Sanyasin 103
Ravana abducts Sita Ji 104
Encounter with Jatayu 105
Jatayu Slain 106
Lord Rama meets wounded Jatayu 107
Demon Dabandha Slain 108
Lord Rama's Benevolence on Shabari 109
Lord Rama meets Hanuman 110
Hanuman Resumes his original form 111
Lord Rama meets Sugreeva 112
What caused the rancour 113
Sugreeva insulted by bali 114
Bali Slain 115
Lord Rama teaches Bali Righteousness 116
Sugreeva's Coronation and Lord Rama's Anger 117
Sugreeva Repents 118
Sampati Guides 119
Jambavan Reminds Hanuman of his might 120

Sursa tests the might of Hanuman 123
Hanuman's entry into Lanka 124
Hanuman meets Vibheeshana 125
Hanuman in Ashoka Vatika 126
Hanuman meets Sita Ji 127
Destruction of Ashoka Vatika 128
Hanuman at the court of Ravana 129
Hanuman sets fire to Lanka 130
Hanuman return to Lord Rama 131
Dialogue between Mandodari and Ravana 132
Vibheeshana meets Lord Rama 133
Lord Rama's Anger on the sea 134
Construction of Bridge and the founding of Rameshwaram 135
The Siege of Lanka 136
Angada at the court of Ravana 137
Might of Mighty Angada 138
Preparations for war 139
War begins 140
Lakshamana faints 141
Hanuman sent to fetch Sanjeevani Booti 142
Bharata shoots an Arrow on Hanuman 143
Hanuman arrives with Sanjeevani 144
Kumbhakarna awakened from his sleep 145
Kumbhakarna Slain 146
Ravana in a fury 147
Maghnad's demoniacal Yajna 148
Ravana launches an attack 149
Doubts of Vibheeshana cleared 150
Battle between Lord Rama and Ravana 151
Lord Rama protects Vibheeshana 152
Most Powerful demons slain 153
Strange powers of Ravana 154
Ravana slain 155
Coronation of Vibheeshana 156
Sita Ji return 157
Sita Ji fire ordeal 158
Return ssto Ayodhya 159
Lord Rama on his way 160

Message from Hanuman to Bharata 163
A word of praise for Ayodhya 164
Coronation of Lord Rama 165
Hanuman- the attendant of Lord Rama 166
Decision to repudiate Sita Ji 167
Lord Rama repudiates Sita Ji 168
Sita alone in the dense forest 169
Sita Ji in the Hermitage of Sage Valmiki 170
Mothers leave for their heavenly abode 171
Birth of Lava and Kusha 172
The Ashwamedha Yajna of King Rama 173
The horse of Ashwamedha Yajna 174
Lava and Kusha catch the horse 175
Combat between lava-kusha and Shatrughna 176
Shatrughna Defeated 177
Lakshamana and Lava-Kusha face to face 178
Combat between Lava-Kusha and Lakshamana 179
Lord Rama's order to Bharata 180
Bharata falls in a faint 181
Lord Rama on the battlefield 182
Lord Rama's disinclination to fight 183
War strategy of Lava and Kusha 184
Sita Ji's consternation 185
Arrival of sage Valmiki 186
Father and sons reunite 187
Lord Rama sends Lakshamana to Sita Ji 188
Sita Ji mental agony 189
Sita Ji returns to the nether region 190
Lakshamana returns with Lava and Kusha 191
Dharmaraja's arrival in Ayodhya 192
Sage Durvasa in a fury 193
Lakshamana leaves his body 194
Indication of departure 195
Coronation of Lava and Kusha 196
Ayodhyaites supplicate 197
Blessings to Hanuman 198
Baharata and Shatrughna go to their abodes 199
Lord Rama's Great Deparutre 200

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