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Sangeet Aaradhana- Learn Music- Practical and Theory (Set of Six Volumes)

Sangeet Aaradhana- Learn Music- Practical and Theory (Set of Six Volumes)
Item Code: NAZ508
Author: Monica Hiten Shah
Publisher: Aradhana Sangeet Academy, Ahmedabad
Language: English
Edition: 2016
Pages: 687
Other Details: 9.50 X 7.00 inch
weight of the book: 1.27 kg
About the Author
Monica Shah is a founder and director of Aaradhana Sangeet Academy. She is a renowned classical vocalist of Kirana Gharana. She has obtained her preliminary training from Shri Laljibhai Chauhan of Agra Gharana. She is a prominent disciple of Dr. Smt Pradipta Ganguli With complete dedication and devation Dr. Shah has adopted melodious Gayaki (style) of late Pt. Shri Rasiklalji Andharia, a great maestro of Kirana Gharana. She is taking training under the Guidance of thumari queen Smt. Girijadevi. She has performed more than 1000 Concerts of classical music and Bhajans.

Her father was a Ceramic Industrialist and mother is a Sitarist She has secured gold medals in Ph.D. in music in 2000, in 1987, Sangeet Visharad in 1981.

She was decorated with many Awards like, the most prestigious Award of Gujarat Gaurav Puraskar (Government of Gujarat), Surmani Award, Navdip Pratisthan Award, Pt. Omkarnath Thakur Award, Sangeet Shiromani Award, GCCI Award, etc... She is a regular singer of radio and doordarshan.

She has performed at many famous festivals and places like Saptak Festival (Ahmedabad), Bajju Samaroh, Tanariri festival (Vadnagar), Kumbha Samaroh (Udaipur), Classical Female festival, Kankaria carnival festival (Gujarat), Sankalp festival, Sur singar, Swar Sadhana, Kala Gurjari, (Mumbai), Sangeet Academy. M.S. University (Baroda). S.R.A (Kolkata) gandharva maha vidhyalaya, Flame University (Pune), etc... She performs and also conducts work-shop at U.S.A. and Canada every year.

Her audio CD's of Classical vocal, Jain-stavans, Bhajans, Kirtans are highly appreciated by music-lovers.

With this auspicious feeling, I put forward `Sangeet Aaradhana' booklet to the world. It was a keen desire of my mind that worshiping music and as an outcome of it having abandoned anger, pride, infectuation, performing devotion of God people may acquire inner peace. There are many ways to reach the God, but I have experienced that there is no other way so easy as music is for that. You might be knowing the proverb: `Mahi padya to maha-sukh pame.' The same way you also worship music and experience divine ripples of precious joy.

My main aim for publishing this book Sangeet Aaradhana' is that from it any student can learn music easily. After having experience of `Sangeet Aaradhana Academy', I publish this book for the welfare of the students and music lovers so that the whole music world can take benefit of it. It is said, "The foundation of which house is strong, so strong will be that house.' The same way whose music worship of the beginning becomes strong he or she wins the life. I have made a humble effort to include brief, simple, point wise, complete information. Moreover famous, ancient and popular bandhishes (songs) are included in it. I have used Kan mind and Sparsh swara to clarify the form of raga. Unevitably keeping this in mind one should sing or play that Raga. At the same time one should not forget that classical music is knowledge - learning art, dependent on teacher. In the raga, if swara, comes on correct Shruti' interest arises. And then only expected effect is produced. Only Siddha Guru (Expert Teacher) can show it and guide properly.

Expert teachers of the field of music and arts, people having thirst of knowledge, respected elders, dear group of interested people, superior singers, musicians and actors, students eager to worship music and my very dear disciples having age of 5 years to 75 years…

I thank you all for giving the book Sangeet - Aradhana warm welcome never seen before and reward in short duration of time. You have increased my enthusiasm. Thank you very much for approving and accepting me as an artist and writter.

Vimochan - Lokarpan' of the book `Sangeet Aaradhana - Part-1 was complished by the pious hands of Swami Adhyatmanandji on Shivratri day in presence of thousands of devotees. I found as if my music worship became blissful. Having bowed down to Swamiji I thank him. It is my good luck that the inauguration of Aaradhana Sangeet Academy was done on Vasant Panchami by reverent Mahalakshmi Vahuji with her blessings.

At this time I can't resist myself mentioning one nice task. `Akita' is a popular and favourite evening newspaper of Rajkot in which I write articles in a column named 'Se re ga ma' every thursday. In this column, I cover many subjects like Sangeet worship and teaching, yoga, merriment of mind, music therapy, health, .concentration, inspirational incidents, kaku prayog, taal, biography of artists etc. For this I have to keep my mind incessantly engaged in music with reading, thinking and contemplating of this subject. For this reverent Shree Kiritbhai Ganatra, the founder of `Akita' and my disciple Mrs. Kinnariben Yatinbhai Oza have become my guide and milestone of musical carrer and its progress. I thank them for this.

In `Aaradhana Musical School' disciplined training is given with 'Guru-Shishya Parampara.'

Dear students, friends, teachers, artists, writers, mestroes and musicians....

I am very much thankful to all of you for giving warm and wide spread welcome to the book Sangeet Aaradhana - Part-1 and 2.

Someone says: 'This book has become a light pillar or lighthouse in the roaring sea of music.' Someone says: 'It has become very useful to learn classical music systematic and stepwise. Somebody says: 'Having acquired the book Sangeet Aaradhana' all the examination based complex questions are solved.' Someone says like this - 'In my library one book is added in form of a treasure that is giving knowledge of music.' I thank them all who have sent me good wishes through e-mail and blessed me through letters too. I am incomplete without all of you. You are the persons who have appreciated and approved my art and perseverance. That is why I am inspired to publish Sangeet Aaradhana Part-3 with such enthusiasm, zeal and willingness.

I thank you all from my inner core of heart.

In this book complete syllabus of `Madhyama - Pratham' means kriyatmak (practical) and shastra (theory) are covered. Bada Khayal is written in Bhatkhande style' so that the students may find it simple. If the method learnt from the beginning remains the same it becomes easy to comprehend it forever. If the students living very far from me and taking knowledge from internet learn from one method only they find it easy to grasp it easily.

I am writing this series of books 'Sangeet Aaradhana' Part 1 to 7 with a hope to share with all music lovers desirous to get knowledge of music and have happy and glorious life. Today on the publication of the fourth part of this series 'Sangeet Aaradhana Part-4' (in English) I feel joy and satisfaction.

It is truly a matter of great joy for me to have received unprecedented response to these books. I am grateful to each and everyone using this book and working for the spread and popularisation of music. All of you have added to my enthusiasm and spirit.

("I have my guru and God himself standing before me. Who should I bow to first? It is greatness of my guru who has shown me the God.")

My guru Dr. Pradiptaben Ganguli has played this role for me. How can I forget her contribution to my life? She has guided me while writing this book and I am heatily grateful to her.

I have used Bhatkhande Lipy (script) of notation in this book. But I have also included -brief explanation of the paluskar script and notations of one bandish. So that learners can understand both the styles and attain overall development.

These books 'Sangeet - Aaradhana' is the outcome of my long time experimentation and experience with my students and I pray to God that not only the students but everyone interested and involved with music benefit from this book and attain spiritual progress and reach higher plane of life and joy through music.

Thanks to you all once again. I pray to have your cooperation, good will and blessings from you all the time.

Music is the hidden language of our soul'

'Music is kirtan yoga. It is worth experiencing'. Once when I presented Ganapati Stuti in desh raag in a function our Prime Minister (then chief minister, Gujarat State) who was present there uttered these words.

We have inherited such an invaluable treasure friends come; let us take benefit from it.

Music is greatly beneficial and people not only enjoy it they even benefit in physical and mental illnesses through music therapy. I and many people associated with Aradhana music academy have been experiencing this for decades now.

Music is a treasure which no thief can steal, no robber can take away, it does not need a bank locker to preserve it, not even cupboards to store it. Once acquired it remains with us as unlocked, everopen treasure. It is a capital which does not need any account books. Why not use this godgiven treasure? Music is helpful in cultivating physical strength, mental capacity, concentration, memory, self confidence, breathing and digestive systems problems and above all it gives spiritual strength.

Here is my humble effort to propogate and popularize classical music through Aaradhana Sangeet Academy. `Sangeet Aaradhana' is a series of books to advance this effort. My efforts have been appreciated by Shri Narendrabhai Modi, scholars, music lovers, music teachers and students and it has been well received by all. I heartily thank you all.

I pray to Goddess Saraswati and God Almighty to extend their blessings and support me in these efforts. Thanking you all once again.

My greetings to all the readers’ music-lovers and well-wishers of `Sangeet Aradhana, Part-6 (Visharad)' in Gujarati and English language.

I would like to share with you all that I experienced while writing this series of books `Sangeet Aaradhana Part 1 to 6. I have felt close proximity with Mother Goddess Saraswati and God while writing, thinking or deliberating about these books. I was as if in a different world. I used to start writing notations, playing tanpura and singing at any moment, event night. I learnt sharing with the world. I have heard that classical music is an ocean and we are just drops is it. I realised that during this efforts.

Really, God has gifted me a good voice and it becomes blessing for me. This capability has been enhanced by my teachers, family members, society and world at large through their support and appreciation. This has made my life blissful.

I pray to God that I get constant support and company throughout my journey on the path of music.

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