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Sangeeta Bala Padam: Varnam (Part 2)

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Sangeeta Bala Padam: Varnam (Part 2)
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Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9788179505281
Pages: 256
Other Details: 9.50 X 7.50 inch
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About The Author

Any vocational course requires prescribed text books to guide the student or the aspirant in that stream of knowledge. The ideal text books prescribed to anyone pursuing Carnatic Music are" Sangeeta Bala Padam" Volumes 1 & 2.

Sangeeta Bala Padam- Vol I consists of the basics of Carnatic Music lessons beginning with Sarali Varisai followed by Jandai, Dhaattu, Melsthaayi varisais and Alankarams, Geetams and Swarajatis. Simple Gitams, Slokams etc in bold print along with Tala concept are presented in a pictorial pattern. The user-friendly instructions are designed in a manner to make the svaravali be rendered in the rhythmic pattern with ease. The inclusion of Sapta Tala Alankaras and list of Melakarta ragas which are not found otherwise in beginners manual make this a unique book for the starters.

The next step after Swarajati is "Varnam" which actually shapes and enhances the proficiency of the learner. When Varnams are practiced and perfected the student gains mastery over voice culture and articulation of swaras. The Book Sangeeta Bala Padam Vol II contains all the forms and classifications of Varnams such as Ata tala, Adi tala, Pancha nadai varnam etc., that are normally taught by every school or Teacher of Carnatic Music. Another highlight of this book is inclusion of Janyaraga kramas and meaning of each varnam along with the additional inputs regarding the appropriate time of its recital etc,. Aspiring musicians and music practitioners will find this book extremely useful as it has the choicest Varnams.


The basic indispensable study material required by any student persuing Carnatic Music as a beginner is Sarali varisai, Jantai varisai , Dhaattu varisai, Geetam, Swarajati, and Varnams. These contents can be termed as the essentials for both a student as well as a teacher.

The renowned GIRl house who have been publishing and selling Books on spirituality, religion, culture etc., for over the last five decades have already published the book titled "Sangeeta Bala Paadam" - which has the Sarafi, Jantai, Dhattu varisai etc including Geetams and Swarajatis as its content.

In continuation, They have brought out "Sangeeta Bala Paadam - Part II"- containing Varnams. This book contains all the forms and classification of Vamams such as Ata tala (including a Chathurasra Ata tata) and Adi tala Varnams, one Pancha Nadai Varnam and a handful of Pada Varnams. Other categories in this book are "Janyaraga kramas" ( raga scales of the Melakarta's offspring-ragas) and meaning of each 'Varnam.

Aspiring musicians and music practitioners will find this book extremely helpful as it contains the choicest of Varnams. It is essential for every student to have a strong foundation by way of knowledge and mastery over as many Varnams as possible which is amply provided in this intelligently conceived book "Sangeeta Bala Paadam - Part II".

The chapter providing meaning of Varnams is very useful for students to cultivate the "bhawa"(emotion) aspect which is one of the most important features of Carnatic Music.

The chapter consisting of carefully chosen "Janyaraga 'Kfamas" effectively guides the student towards enriching his/her musical repertoire.

This book is a must for Music Students who reach the second stage in the study of Carnatic Music.

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