Saturn – The King Maker
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Saturn – The King Maker

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Item Code: IHL328
Author: Mridula Trivedi
Publisher: UBS Publishers’ Distributors
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788174766878
Pages: 235
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 Inch X 5.5 Inch
Weight 320 gm

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The worldly phenomena as well as mental states are at times quite complex and contradictor. A man suffers acute misery but harbours chances of excellent well being even. This is so because the causes of many complex and contradictory effects are the enigmatic behavior of Saturn, which dominates the native’s horoscope. While it cripples, it rejuvenates too. I makes one a pauper and yet makes him a king too. This king – making role of Saturn is he central theme of the book Saturn: The King Maker.

The specific position of Saturn in conjunction with certain other planets brings about a point, which eventually turns around the future graph of the native. But how to sense that the Saturn which has driven a man apparently to the point of no return can also with a master stroke usher in a turning point in life and catapult him to lead a life full of perpetual prosperity and happiness is the main theme.

In four chapters, the authors shed new light on the lesser – known characteristics of the role of Saturn as The King Maker. The book demystifies the commonly held view about Saturn’ mysterious and enigmatic character, and describes at length its constructive role in moulding the basic pattern of life.

Saturn: The King Maker is an eye opener, research oriented work which establishes that the placement of Saturn in the 10th house raises the native to dizzy heights but is does not bring steep fall from power as it is generally believed so far. The renowned authors present their well researched and analysed conclusions based on the study of horoscopes as also against the back drop of classical standpoint. Predictive astrology may be right in describing Saturn as a powerful malefic, but it is an incomplete truth. The book explores a novel perspective by considering Saturn as a harbringer of turning points, as a saviour of humanity, leaving behind sorrow and striding towards a bright tomorrow. It is a must read for those who are in the throes of Saturn’s dragnet, but need constructive support in life.

“Saturn placed in the 3rd house cause favour from authority, worldwide fame, healthy – handsome physique and ability to protect people.”

Saturn’s character is enigmatic and contradictory. On the one hand it ruthlessly ruins the native, while on the other hand, if favourable it catapults him to the status of a king.

The book Saturn: The King Maker unravels the King – Maker role of Saturn. The book attempts to present in the first chapter a multidimensional analysis of Saturn as the proper background against which later, the King – Maker role is developed. The author – duo provides a complete delineation of this mysterious planet in the very first chapter entitled Saturn: Multidimensional Analysis.

The second chapter provides a detailed description of Saturn’s placement in the twelve houses, which is necessary to be familiar with the various dimensions that confer several optional nomenclature.

The third chapter deals with Saturn in twelve signs and aspect of planets. The enigmatic Saturn renders a variety of results when placed in different signs or rashis. The impact of Saturn in the various signs is carefully studied. The enigmatic Saturn renders varied results when placed in various signs or rashis.

The forth chapter deals with the crux of the theme and is titled as Saturn: The King Maker. The author duo brought out earlier the “The Biography of Celebrities: An Astrological Explanation”, where it was observed that Saturn has a great prominence in the birth charts of many celebrities, statesmen and industrialists. It was this insight that triggered further research. The chapter contains detailed event – by – event analysis of the lives of great personalities such as Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler, Swami Vivekanand, etc.

The main aim behind bringing out the book is to make readers enlightened about Saturn in its entirely so that they take a holistic view and are not panicky if they come to know about the impact of Saturn in their horoscope, more especially about the so called dreadful spell of Saadhe Saati of Shani. What the book purports is a positive, well informed, practical and realistic view on the impact of this malefic planet so that people inculcate a sustainable attitude of turning around their otherwise depleted life by coming to terms with Saturn unbound and win over the dark period of life with grit and valour that are also symbolic of Saturn.

We are thankful to Shri Anshul Chawla of UBS Publishers distributors Pvt. Ltd. for bringing out the book in such a nice get – up and wide access associated with their name and image. We also thank Shri Rohit Misra for his unstinted help in preparing the manuscripts tin presentable from. Thanks are also due to Dr. Chandrashekhar Vyas, the Director Institute of Professional Studies and Research, Lucknow for his editing support.




  Chapter Page No.
1. Saturn Multidimensional Analysis 1-28
2. Saturn’s Placement in the Twelve Houses 29-100
3. Saturn in Twelve Signs & Aspects 101-116
4. Saturn The King Maker 117-229
5. Conclusion 229-230

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