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Sayings of Buddha

Sayings of Buddha

Sayings of Buddha

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Item Code: IDJ041
Author: Christopher N Burchett
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 9788177691481
Pages: 53 (Illustrated Throughout in B/W Illus.)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 6.0" X 4.0"
weight of the book: 50 gms

Introduction to the New Edition

The Buddha of whom it can be said had the greatest impact upon mankind during his lifetime. Thought almost lost in his country of origin he or rather his ideas have found universal acceptance throughout mankind. His ideas that revolutionized the thinking of humankind almost two and a half millennia ago still continue to have their impact wherever they are introduced.

They not only improve the quality of ones psyche but also inspire one to strive for the higher values of life. A life that to many of us today has lost any true relevance can once more be rejuvenated by the practice of his ideals. To live a life contented with ones achievements without the continual longing for something unreachable knowing that you have done good this is what he demands of you. It is a life so much in tune with the natural forces around you. Their practice provides you with a pleasurable and fruitful existence that allows you the freedom to exercise your thoughts and actions for the betterment of your environment.

This beautifully illustrated volume provides you with an anthology of some of most constructive and poignant thoughts of a being whose only wish was to improve the life of humankind. Simply to read and imbibe the peace that emanates from his thoughts is enough. It can do no harm to concentrate your thoughts for the improvement of a society that seems to have lost its bearings on its journey through life.

Simplicity in both life and thought is sufficient to give you purpose in your venture. No longer do you have to suffer the pain of tension and insecurity. You become secure in your existence as a being improving the quality of thought.

Back of the Book:

"Let a wise man blow off the impurities of his self, as a smith blows off the impurities of silver, one by one, little by little, and from time to time."

Buddha is not a god or a man carrying from heaven a supernatural revelation, to be accepted on faith. He does not speak of a God, a Creator. He does not tell why we live, but how to live. He teaches a way of life, a way to rise above the troubles of life, and finally a way to achieve the ultimate happiness of Nirvana, in which a state of blissful, untroubled peace accompanies the complete opening up of understanding.

This anthology of the Buddha's thoughts and sayings provides us with much food for thought. It gives us an opportunity to improve out minds, out lives and the thoughts and lives of those around us.

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