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The Science and Essence of Srividya

The Science and Essence of Srividya
Item Code: NAC746
Author: Swami Nadananda Tirth
Publisher: Srividya Anusanthan Nyas, Panipat
Language: English
Edition: 2005
Pages: 550 (Illustrated Throughout In B/W & Color)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.9 Inch X 7.4 Inch
weight of the book: 1.22 kg
Back of the Book

‘Swami Nadananda Tirtha’ an authority in ‘Samaya Marga’ or ‘Srividya’ n ‘Keralacharam is born in a Traditional Saktha Namboodri Family and had ‘Poornabhisheka’ with Umanandanatha as Deekshanama. Swamiji, for his practices in ‘Srividya’ in both ‘Kaula’ and ‘Samaya’ margas of ‘Dakshinachara’ for a period of 45 years in conferred ‘Peedhathipathi’ of Kashmira Peedha of ‘Srividya’. Presently Swamiji is the Head of ‘Srividya Gyana Peedham’, Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir and ‘Srividya Anusanthan Nyas, ‘Panipa. Haryana. Swamiji is bestowed with the title Srividya Kulaagraja’ by High authorities of ‘Srividya’ tradition for his 12 years of research works on ‘Spandas of Sarvanandamaya Chakra (Vibrations on Bindu). Swamiji travelled extensively all over India especially in Himalayas, Nepal and Tibet to meet Rishis and Scholars of Srividya with regards to the Research work.


From the Book

CHITI. Red Circle is the Bindu of Sri Chakra. When the Bindu vibrates, first two vibrations make the form of a Shotkona, Upward yellow and Downward Red, which represents Shiva (Pure Consciousness) and Shakti (Awareness). It repeats 9 times. Shatkona repeats inward 9 times and end with the Bindu which is a symbol of 9 levels of consciousness and the final bindu is awareness or CHITI. 9 levels are closely related to 9 nadas and 9 rasas.

This CHITI yantra revelead to author in his “Savikalpa Samadhi” experienced during the research on the Divine Pulsations of Bindu.

Some yogis consider chiti as a synonym of mahat, but theosophic philosophy considers mahat the root and base as well as the germ of chiti. Chiti is manas functioning under the illumination of buddhi, and therefore becomes discriminative or intuitive understanding, on organic activity as contrasted with abstract or pure thought or consciousness.

This function when developed makes of the human intermediate nature an entity virtually identic with a manasaputra, and thus attracts by spiritual affinity guardian spirits or chitkalas, synonymous themselves with manasaputros.


From Outer Bindu to Inner Bindu

By churning the ocean devatas got the Necter (Amrut). To get the Essence and Science of Srividya, by his research the author was churning the ‘Srividya Maharnava” for a period of 16 years and got the inner bindu, the cause of the causes, the Brahmic stithi. It was of course, a strenuous task and the ‘Amrut’ of Srividya is ready to serve to the eligible. Author presents this full and final contemplative study on Srividya for the sake of Sadhakas. This study is based on ‘Kerolaacharam’ — Kadi Vidya —for Adi Sonkaracharyo is the exponent of this school of thought — the practical system of experiencing the Advaita. Namboodiri brahmans of Kerala (especially of Travancore — (South Kerala) belong to this lienage. Sadashiv to Avadhoota Dattatreya to Maharishi Prashuram to Sankaracharya to Namboodiris is the ‘Parampara’. This tradition exists in the present time too. Both ‘Kaula’ and ‘Samaya’ (external and internal) worship is one of the rare specialties of this parampara. This is a way of Practical Advaita (Brahmi stithi) by Antar Yoga (internal worship — Kundalini yoga) (Samaya marga). External rituals + Internal bhavana (Kaula + Samaya) + Yoga ± Bhakti is the another specialty of this tradition. This system is also being practiced by other Dravidas of South India. Parasuram Kalpa Sutra, Nityotsavo, Bhavonopanishad, Saundaryalahari are of few basic scriptures for this tradition. Chatur amnaya Muffs of Adi Shankara (Advaita) Sanyasis also follow this Keralacharam. Cheena, Vanga, Kashmira acharas of Srividya Kaula traditions also developed on the basis of this and being practiced with little differences. Under the guidance of a ‘Poornabhishikta’ Srividya guru, through ‘Kroma deeksha’ in Kalula or Samaya (external & internal) morgas an adept can reach the ‘Advaita Siddhi’ (SOHAM stage), which is ‘Nirvikolpa Samadhi’.

This is part II of author’s work ‘Secrets of Srichakra’ published by ‘Srividya Anusanthan Nyas’ n 2004. Part I deals with external understanding of Srichakra and the present work is on the ‘Science and Essence of Srividya. Author thanks to all his disciples and devotees who extended their ‘seva’ during the period of his research works. May the Maa, Lalitha para bhattrika srimat Mahatripura Sundari, shower her blessings to one and all.


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