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The Secret of Happiness or Yogic Physical Culture (With CD)

The Secret of Happiness or Yogic Physical Culture (With CD)
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Item Code: NAI320
Author: Yogacharya Sundaram
Publisher: The Yoga Publishing House
Language: English
Edition: 2000
Pages: 162 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 290 gms

About the Author

Yogacharya S. Sundaram-His Holiness Swamy Sivanada Saraswathi; Founder - President, Divine Life Society, Hrishikesh, Himalayas, India.

“ ..... The great contribution .... In the field of Yoga will stand as a monument of the ancient science of Yoga expounded by our great Rishis of India. Yogacharya His Holiness Sri Sundaramji Maharaj is a great exponent of Yoga and his yeomen services to the world in this direction can never be adequately expressed .... Volumes can be written on his great work and contribution to Yoga .... Through his training and publications a large number of aspirants have taken to the path of yoga and received practical and unfailing guidance .... “

Father Lambert of Ghent - Beligium; Philosopher, yogi and Oriental Scholar

“ .... Philosophy and medical science, music and poetry. Duties of fatherhood and friendship, service of India and mankind, Yoga and hankering after union with God - what more is needed or desirable to make a life truly “Sundara” and deserving of honour and gratitude? .... Here again Sri Sundaram has been showing a comprehensive insight and leadership: he understands Yoga as one of the most valuable cultural treasurers of India which show ought to assimilate, first for herself, and then, too, as one of the most valuable potential contribution to world culture. Again I forego detailing the hygienic, therapeutic, pedagogical, and spiritualising virtues, leotinton.



l. What is it? 1
2 Advantages of Yoga Asanas 4
3 A few suggestions to beginners 10
4 Padmasana 13
5 Bhujangasana 16
6 Salabasana 19
7 Dhanurasana 21
8 Pachimothanasana 25
9 Halasana 30
10 Mayurasana 37
11 Sarvangasana 43
12 Matsyasana 51
13 Sirshasana 56
14 Vipareethakarani 60
15 Ardhamatsyendrasana 63
16 Yoga Mudra 66
17 Thrikonasana 69
18 Padahasthasana 70
19 Uddiyana 73
20 Nauli 77
21 Savasana 81
22 Breath control or Pranayam 87
23 Siddhasana 99
24 Pavana Mukthasana 100
25 Janu Sirasasana 102
26 Urdhva Padmasana 103
27 Utthitha Padmasana 104
28 Utthitha Hasta Padmasana 105
29 Akarshna Dhanurasana 107
30 Shat Kriya 108
3l. Bandas 118
32 Yogic Therapeutics 121
33 For women 135
34 Yogic and Muscular Exercises 142
35 Certain useful hints 144
36 Conclusion 148


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