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The Secret Path

The Secret Path
Item Code: IDI987
Author: Paul Brunton
Publisher: Book Faith India
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 8173031924
Pages: 295
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 4.5" X 2.9"
weight of the book: 128 gms
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Mental peace. Can it be found in our hectic, stress-filled modern world? And if so, what path do we take to find it? Author, Paul Brunton, convincingly shows how modern man is able to find inner peace by replacing materialistic approaches to life with the joys of the spiritual life.

"The Secret Path is an invaluable guide."- Norman Westler.


Today an interesting change has come over Western thought. We can discuss the fact of the soul without being considered either unduly religious or mildly unbalanced. We affirm or deny the existence of the self as freely as we discuss the atom or the sources of history. This is a significant step forward and indicates a growing sensitivity to that "mysterious Overself" referred to by our author.

Modern psychologists can be broadly divided into those who affirm the presence of a controlling integrating self within the body nature, and those who affirm only the existence of the mechanical form. Is there a self? Is there a subjective reality? Is there such a thing as spiritual consciousness? This is the problem before investigators today in the field of human awareness. Can the hidden self be proved and people be induced to tread the secret path to the holy place, where the self can be discovered?

The timeliness of this book is real. It expresses, with a beautiful clarity, truths which have been too often hidden under ponderous phrase, difficult Oriental symbolism, and mystical vagueness. It will be welcomed by those who are alive to the moment's urgency and to humanity's new readiness for spiritual: revelation. Man's deeply realized need has prepared him to thread the Secret path.

Humanity stands today at the gate or reality. Man is learning to recognize, and desire, the world of spiritual being. He is rapidly apprehending the significance of that deeper being which is hidden behind the mask of the personality. To find that deeper being, to reveal its nature, and to function consciously in the world of truth in which it dwells-this is man's immediate task and for this the years of modern distress have prepared him.

That the "Kingdom of God is within" is the message of the Ages and thousand are now seeking the Hidden way that leads to that Kingdom. On arriving there, we find the source of all inspirations: we discover the point where the intellect is transmuted into the intuition: we enter the realm of illumination. The reward given to those who enter the citadel of the soul is Transfiguraion-the radiance which pours through a rapidly changing personality.

In the secret place we join the ranks of the Great Intuitives, the inspired Companions of God. We find ourselves amongst those who must save the world, for that has ever been God's way of salvation. The appeal today is for those who know, have seen and who have understood. Understanding, they will welcome the message of this book and feed its progress. It carries the flame of inspiration, and will lead to that inspired action, practical spiritually, and dedicated service, which is the hallmark of the revealed Soul. Is anything more deeply needed today?-ALICE A. BAILEY


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