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Item Code: IDH004
Publisher: Aravali Books International Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 1997
ISBN: 818688054
Pages: 316
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.7" X 5"
About The Book

Shambhala is the most sacred word of Asia. It means the great Advent or New Era, and represents the hope which pulsates throughout all Asia in a new Renaissance of the Spirit.

It is this spirit of Asia that professor Roerich reproduces in his new book. After prolonged travel in many parts of India and Tibet, he has gathered together what he has heard and seen and now interprets it for the modern reader. Not only admirers of Professor roerich but all who delight in beautiful, inspiring writing will want to read this book.

"Everything about Nicholas Roerich is extraordinary his versatility, his fecundity, his challenging energy, his mastery over obstacles and barriers, his magnificent achievements. He has been marching through life, a calm, creative conqueror, hoisting everywhere his triumphant banner, that of universal, all-unifying, all-ennobling beauty."

Shambhala, the Resplendent (Talai-pho-Brang, 1928)I
Treasure of the Snows (Talai-Pho-Brang, 1928)34
Buddhism In Tibet (Kampa Dzong, 1928)43
Tibetan Art (Shekar Dzong, 1928)65
The Veils of Death(Nagchu, 1927)78
Obsession(Ulan Bator Khoto, 1927)87
Chingiz-Khan (A Song)97
Lakshmi, the Victorious101
The Boundaries of the Kingdom106
Hidden Treasures109
Jalnik, the Site of Compassion116
The Desert Cities 133
Lyut, the Giant137
Star of the Mother of the world (Talai-Pho-Brang, 1924)140
Praise to the Enemies (Kashmir, 1925)150
A Letter (Ulan Bator Khoto, January, 1927)156
Urusvati (Naggar, 1929)170
Son of The King (Altai, 1926)192
Subterranean Dwellers (Tangoo, 1928)210
Light in the Desert (Gantok,1928)223
Gods of Kuluta (Naggar, 1929)259
King Solomon (Talai-Pho-Brang, 1928)272
The Great Mother (Talai-Pho-Brang, 1928)278
Joy of Creation (New York, 1929)288
Guru-The Teacher304

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