Shree Yantra Sadhana Vidhi
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Shree Yantra Sadhana Vidhi

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Item Code: NBZ374
Author: Narmadashankar Shastri
Publisher: Sahitya Sangam, Surat
Language: English
Edition: 2009
Pages: 96 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Other Details: 7.00 X 5.00 inch
Weight 100 gm
About The Book

'Shree Yantra' is an emblem which led to the creation of this entire universe. Within it resides total energy and total attainment. 'Shree Yantra' is as wonderful as this universe. It is also a yantra of all the wheels of energy residing within the human body. The structure of 'Shree Yantra' is divine and omnipotent.

Installation of 'Shree Yantra' and its attainment exposes all its power. The third chapter in the book explains in detail which energy expresses itself at which location.

Ancient temples have 'Shree Yantra' within their precinets, which keeps alive the divine power within the temple idols. Yogis can attain yoga through 'Shree Yantra.' Its first circle or wheel contains ten siddhis or attainments like Anima. The second circle has within it all the Matrikas or mother-energies which assure the wish-fulfilment of all desires. The third circle has within it ten Mudra Shaktis or signs, which destroy all vices and passions and lead human beings on to the path of progress. The sixteen-petalled lotus contains the power to fulfil one's all hopes. Since the eight petalled lotus contains fire power, it controls the five basic elements. So it bestows physical and mental brilliance. The fourteen triangles within it bestow on all souls all types of prosperities and good luck. The power within ten triangles within protects human beings from various dangers. The eight triangles further down have the power to keep human beings healthy by destroying all ailments. The main triangle at the centre and its focal point bestow on one fulfilment of desires, peace, joy and happiness, the opportunity to have a vision of God. The omniscient, omnipotent God and the Goddess known as Shiv-Shiva or Mahatripur Sundari or Vishnu Mahalaxmi is there itself.

The effect of this great miraculous 'Shree Yantra' establishes permanently within one's residence - happiness, peace and prosperity. No ghost or other supersatural evil powers and obstructions can stay in the household where 'Shree Yantra' is installed. The individual or area.

An humble effort has been made in this book to give maximum information related to 'Shree Yantra' and its propitiation. In case there is a default anywhere, may God almighty forgive us.

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