Shri Ganapati (Vol-1)
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Shri Ganapati (Vol-1)

A Holy text that enhances devotion unto Shri Ganesh by elucidating the science in His worship
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Author: Jayant Athvale and Pujya Sandeep Alshi
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9789381342565
Pages: 94
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Knowledge of the spiritual science-based information pertaining to a Deity helps increase the faith in that Deity. Faith helps induce bhav in the ritualistic worship, and worship done with bhav is always more fruitful. Hence, in this Holy text, the following spiritual information has been included - implied meaning of the principal Names of Sri Ganapati; various functions and specialities of Ganapati such as the interpreter of language of light spoken by Deities into language of sound of the humans, the augmenter of vital energy in our body etc.; significance of Ganapati with the trunk curved towards the right and the left, why dūrva (A fragrant grass) and red flowers are offered to Ganapati; method of offering dürva and its length and number, Chaturthi (The fourth day of the bright fortnight of the Hindu lunar month) and its relation to the moon etc. At the same time, seeing the deplorable manner in which public Ganesh festivals are presently celebrated, there is also a brief on how the festival ought to be celebrated.

The devotees and those who perform sectarian sădhană (Spiritual practice) of Sri Ganapati will certainly benefit from the spiritual information given ahead; however, an average person should remember the following rule in this regard - When some people read Rāmāyaṇ they feel like worshipping Sriram and on reading the Shiva-lilámrut, Deity Shiva respectively. Similarly, after reading this text some might feel like worshipping Sri Ganapati. However, such people should keep in mind that worshipping in this manner will not enhance the spiritual practice of every person; it will benefit only those who need that worship to make spiritual progress. Otherwise, even if a lot of spiritual practice is performed, it will result in very little spiritual progress. A common man cannot decide whether worship of Sri Ganapati is essential for his spiritual progress; hence he should read this Holy text only for the sake of information. To obtain the spiritual experience of Sri Ganapati, as the first step in spiritual practice we should chant the Name of the Kuladěvata (Family Deity). (If the individual's Family Deity is Sri Ganapati, he should continue to worship Sri Ganapati.) Later, if the Guru advises us to chant Name of Sri Ganapati or if it is necessary to chant the Name of that Deity for our spiritual progress in the next stage of spiritual practice, then this information will help augment our faith in Sri Ganapati. Others who read this Holy text will realise that they have acquired new information on Sri Ganapati.

We pray at the Holy feet of Sri Guru that after reading this Holy text, let the faith of Sri Ganapati worshippers become more firm and let everyone be encouraged to do spiritual practice.

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